Some No-Nonsense Tips for a Better Resume
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Some No-Nonsense Tips for a Better Resume

When it comes to resume writing tips, there’s a lot of outdated—and sometimes downright bad—info out there. And we’ve all been there: Second-guessing our executive summary or trying to cram as much info on one page as possible. So, we called in the experts for their advice for the best resume format for 2022 and beyond and distilled their intel into the ultimate checklist. Consider it your shortcut to a modern, evocative and effective resume.

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This 10-step guide is vetted by Christie Lohr, founder of fashion career site Style Nine to Five, TikTok’s HR straight-shooter, Emily The Recruiter and YouTuber, and founder of award-winning career channel Self Made Millennial, Madeline Mann. So yes, we did our homework. 

Resume Writing Tips

We asked our experts all the questions. Executive summary: Yay or nay? And how long is too long? Here, what to check off the list before you submit your CV to a recruiter. 

Link your profiles

Having your LinkedIn, portfolio or website linked “brings your resume to life,” according to Style Nine to Five’s Christine Lohr. “Hiring managers are definitely going to look at these things. And the easier you make their life by including direct links, the more favorably they’ll view you and your application,” Lohr adds. As for linking your Insta? Only do it if you want your (future) boss to see it.

Nix the objective

Save space and cut this section, otherwise known as the Professional Summary. Instead, write out your professional title: three words that tell the recruiter what you’re all about. Example: Public Relations Executive, Senior e-Commerce Specialist.

Ditch your mailing address

Yes, this is still common on resumes—but in a post WFH world, it shouldn’t be. “It takes up too much space, looks messy and it’s too personal—no one is sending you anything,” says Lohr.

Banish generic phrasing

Recruiters can spot a generic resume a mile away. Instead, “stop worrying about inserting buzzwords, ensure you call out the specific skills listed in the job description on your resume to clearly outline why you’re a fit,” says Emily Durham.

Quantify your achievements

“It’s all about Data,” says Durham, adding that there should be at least one data point per work experience listed. And if you can’t quantify your achievements? Try harder, says Madeline Mann. “I have worked with professionals of all industries and all levels who say that their experience isn’t quantifiable. Every role can be quantified, I have yet to be stumped!” So, dig deep and find the numbers.

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