Space Invader: Amanda Chantal Bacon & Moon Juice

Space Invader: Amanda Chantal Bacon & Moon Juice

Hey there, queens of the universe. Nasty Galaxy drops on October 4; have you pre-ordered your copy of this linen-bound, full-color, brimming-with-advice, cocktail-party-in-your-lap? It picks up where#GIRLBOSSleft off and dives into all the inspirational, bizarre, funny, endearing, glamorous (and a few definitively unglamorous) nooks of Sophia’s life. It’s all in there, and we can’t wait for you to see it.

In the weeks leading up to the release, we’ll be taking you on a journey around L.A. to get to know some of the baddest mamajamas in the galaxy who inspire Sophia on the regular. Earlier this week, we popped by to visitNicole Katz and Paper Chase Press. Check back in the coming weeks to see where we’re headed next!

Amanda Chantal Bacon is the founder and CEO of Moon Juice, a company focused on plant-based alchemy that nourishes body, beauty, and consciousness. Not only do they concoct the most cosmically delicious, healthy juices in the biz, they also make plant-based supplements like Brain Dust and Sex Dust, plant protein powders, and snacks–everything you need to get that plant-tastic glow going (as evidenced by the above photo). With locations in Venice, Silverlake and Melrose, Amanda and Moon Juice have become the go-to resource for healthy, mindful eating in Los Angeles (though there are delivery and subscription options coming soon for non-Angelenos!) We stopped by her Melrose shop so Nasty Galaxy could refuel before making its debut in a few weeks; check it out!

To you, what is a Girlboss?
A girlboss is one that accepts the mission and throws every part of herself behind it. 

Tell us a little bit about your space. What inspired the aesthetic?
I love a functional, minimalistic space warmed with organic elements like copper, crystals, plants, and sunshine.

What role do you see your business playing in the galaxy of LA?
We’re elevating all of the girlbossiest Girlbosses out there!

Anything exciting on the horizon?
So much good stuff coming. My book comes out at the end of October, we are launching new Moon Dust products very soon! // @moonjuiceshop