A Smart Spring Reading List That Won’t Feel Like Homework

A Smart Spring Reading List That Won’t Feel Like Homework

If you set out to read more in 2019, and ahem, haven’t cracked open any books yet, don’t be too hard on yourself. For one, there’s plenty of time left to make good on your goal, and two, there’s a whole host of spring book releases ready to light a fire under you.

In fact, so many great reads have infiltrated Girlboss HQ that we thought we’d open our library to you. Our favorite debuts this month run the gamut from aesthetically pleasing coffee table tomes like Lonny Magazine‘s interior design treat, The Lonny Home,to Erin Lowry’s latest dose of brilliant money advice in Broke Millennial Takes On Investing.

Our spring reading list also features highly-anticipated fiction drops, memoirs, travel guides, and other page-turners. Keep scrolling for more details on this season’s must-reads.

Put down your phone and pick up one of these great spring reads

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Ever since Sally Rooney’s dynamite debut novel, Conversations with Friends, a follow-up has been long anticipated. Fortunately for us, just two years later she’s bestowed a second novel that is sure to be as wonderful and well-received as her first. Normal People follows the complicated relationship between Connell and Marianne, two students drawn to one another in Dublin. Embedded in this story are sharp observations of class differences, family dynamics, and an authentic depiction of electric young love that’ll keep you turning the page ’til the very end.

Travel Anywhere (And Avoid Being A Tourist) by Jeralyn Gerba and Pavia Rosati

Plot out your next vacation with the help of this handy travel guide. Inside you’ll find the next wave of buzzy destinations, pointers around unplugging on vacation, and escapes broken out by theme (i.e. where you should go if you’re a foodie or looking to be fully off-the-grid). The wanderlust-inducing photos don’t hurt, either.

Broke Millennial Takes On Investing by Erin Lowry

Erin Lowry’s approachable tone turns tricky finance concepts into easily digestible nuggets no matter your financial literacy level. Her sophomore effort challenges the notion that investing is only for the super rich with a smart guide for novice, millennial investors. She balances the hard-hitting money talk with personal anecdotes and resourceful checklists—making Broke Millennial Takes On Investing a finance book you’ll actually want on your bookshelf.

Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan

Venture to an alternative 1980s London in Ian McEwan’s latest, where lovers Charlie and Miranda buy Adam, one of the first synthetic humans. When Charlie and Miranda fall into a triangle of sorts with the machine, a moral dilemma arises. Machines Like Me delivers an intriguing, albeit cautionary tale of artificial intelligence in the modern age.

The Moment Of Lift by Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates’ life mission is based on the idea that when you invest in women, you lift up humanity. In her first book, Gates details the lessons she’s learned over her 20-year journey to promote an equal society, along with personal stories about what the road to equality in her own marriage looked like. It’s been heralded as part memoir, part call-to-action that’ll leave an impression long after reading.

Sissy: A Coming-Of-Gender Story by Jacob Tobia

From the front lines of the gender revolution, Jacob Tobia delivers a brave memoir challenging the notion that people can be easily sorted into two categories: men and women. Tobia urgently calls for an end to gender-shaming and uses Sissy to revisit a southern childhood that was rife with gender stereotypes to encourage us all to rethink what we know about gender.

Getting There by Mari Andrew

Fans of Mari Andrew’s whimsical, resonate illustrations on Instagram will love her companion workbook to The New York Times bestseller Am I There Yet?If you struggle with journaling, this fill-in-the-blank guide will help you capture and record your own journey to adulthood and work through your creative and professional aspirations one doodle or note at a time.

Finding My Voice: My Journey to the West Wing and the Path Forward by Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett knows a thing or two about being the only woman (particularly the only black woman) in the room. Her poignant memoir reveals remarkable details from her life including her childhood in Iran to what it was like joining President Obama as his trusted senior advisor and family confidante. If you need a little nudge to find your own voice, pick up this insightful and inspiring read.

The Power Of Sprinkles by Amirah Kassem

Calling all sweet tooths, do yourself a favor and add this cookbook to your cart, stat. In addition to dishing the top-secret recipes Amirah Kassem has perfected at her New York cake operation, Flour Shop, The Power Of Sprinkles shares Kassem’s journey from solopreneur to running a food business with dozens of employees. Plus, it’s just plain fun to flip through (because yep, there are plenty of closeups of her famous rainbow cake)!

The Lonny Home by Sean Santiago

If your home aesthetic could use a little zhushing, pick up a copy of Lonny Magazine‘s new design book: The Lonny Home. Instead of urging you to subscribe to a specific home style and buy all new wares to match, it approaches design from a far more meditative approach to give you the tools you need to craft a truly authentic space you love to be in. It’s also chock full of great styling advice for common house challenges like lighting issues or clutter.

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