Our Definitive Guide To Saving Money This Summer
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Our Definitive Guide To Saving Money This Summer

It’s hard not to take a page out of the French workforce’s book, and dip for the entire summer to some countryside chateaux, which houses both limitless wine and a summer fling named Olivier. But, alas, most of our to-do lists and messy inboxes do not stop for wine and summer flings. In fact, it’s prime time to live simply and save your money—whether it’s for an end-of-summer vacation, to create a winter cushion, or simply because summer is the ultimate money temptress.

We’ve rounded up some of our best stories on summer saving, so you can be ready to take on the rest of these sweltering months feeling mentally prepared and a little more financially savvy. Go forth and save!

How to have a spendless summer and still live your life

1. ‘Tis the season of side-hustling

Name a better time of year to find a side project: You have more hours of daylight (so working after-hours feels way less depressing). Summer Fridays and long weekends are at your disposal. And, most importantly, you can make moves while your arch nemesis is at the beach.

2. Strategize when to save and when to spend

It’s time to set your priorities straight. Consider what you’re willing to throw cash at, and what you aren’t. If having a new summer wardrobe is essential, plan to forgo eating out every week. If you want to travel abroad, but aren’t willing to spend on experiences in your own city, research all the free events you can hit up. Be real with yourself about how you want to spend your days and dollars on.

3. Travel wisely

If you have the option to travel, do it. Even a few hundred dollars, if stretched and strategized with properly, can make for a sick summer adventure. Set flight alerts, set a budget, and and be flexible with your travel plans.

4. Set up a summer fun fund

It’s not too late to put some money aside, so you can enjoy a big summer event (think: concert, trip, dinner party) later on in the season. Establish a goal, set up automated savings, maybe download a saving app like Digit, go on a spending cleanse, and before you know it, you’ll be reaping the rewards.

5. Switch up how you socialize

Saving money can be stressful AF, but even small adjustments add up. Summer is undeniably one of the most social times of the year and we’re sure the invites have already started pouring in for BBQ’s, pool parties, weddings, after-work drinks on a glorious patio, and whatnot. Some no-nonsense approaches to maintaining a social life while still saving: host joint parties instead of solo ones, always opt for car-pooling or public transport, pool money for gifts, and add free events to your Google cal.

6. Step up your productivity during daylight hours

Use those beautiful summer nights as motivation to get your to-do list taken care of during the day. Batch your emails, outsource help when you need to, and take small breaks instead of one long one. That way, you can work more efficiently, make your $$, and still enjoy what summer is all about.