Why Conferences Like Girlboss Rally Belong On Your Resume
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Why Conferences Like Girlboss Rally Belong On Your Resume

Don’t let the fun and games that transpire at the Girlboss Rally fool you into thinking it isn’t the ultimate professional tool for your resume. Between the self-care zones, shopping, and selfie stations, there’s a vast world of networking opportunities and educational panels that can dish out more knowledge than a semester in school.

But don’t just take our word for it. T-Mobile’s social correspondent Kokutona Kaijage had an all-access pass to our New York rally for 2018. Ahead, she breaks down the game-changing advice she gleaned from the panel workshops, plus the inspired encounters she had with other rally-goers—proving why the Girlboss Rally should kinda be at the top of your list for your next work conference.

A behind the scenes dispatch from the Girlboss Rally NYC 2018:

The journey to get there:

“I’m from Brooklyn, so the rally was only a short Uber away. I knew based on the speaker schedule that I would need to take plenty of notes, and that there would be a lot of valuable information to take in and share with my team.”

The venue and atmosphere:

The venue was beautiful. It was a very large space with multiple rooms for engaging discussions. The programming followed a set schedule, and I was able to see all of the speakers I was looking forward figto. The atmosphere was so warm and friendly. I met women from all over the world, many of whom had attended for their own professional development and inspiration.”

Best speaker takeaways:

“I loved [Ellevest founder] Sallie Krawcheck’s approach to investment, where she highlighted that 50 percent of your income should go to your needs, 30 percent to fun, and 20 percent to you. She also told us we should also have a “Grandma-inspired” stage name as investors (I chose Eunice). She helped highlight the urgency in preparing for our futures, without making us feel preached to. It was a welcome wake up call for those living completely in the moment.

“Bozoma Saint John [chief marketing office of Endeavor] has such a big personality, and what stood out to me the most was that she maintains a network of senior level friends that she came up with. She said, ‘The connection with those at your side is more important than anyone who is above you.’ This resonated with me, as we’re traditionally taught to level up regardless of consequence, but she emphasized maintaining strong relationships with your peers. Many of her peers are also leaders, so this was a HUGE ‘a-ha!’ moment.”

“And I of course loved the panel our EVP of T-Mobile Customer Care, Callie Field, spoke on. She continues to be a strong leader for the women at our company, and it was great to see her supporting the event.”

The attendees:

“I met a wealth of interesting people from all walks. One woman is an accountant in Grand Rapids who’d pitched the program as part of her professional development. I met a PR entrepreneur from DC who attended the event to re-energize herself. There was another woman who worked in healthcare and wanted to know what leadership looked like in different channels. Every conversation was meaningful, and I’d never been surrounded by so many women open to share their strengths, opportunities, challenges, and insight.

“I felt so invigorated meeting the T-Mobile Game Changers scholarship winners, too. All of the women had a genuine drive and spark, and I wish I’d had access to these opportunities years ago. Girlboss and T-Mobile aren’t just talking the talk—they’re running full speed!”

Overall experience:

“I would describe the rally, in simple terms, with the words: inspirational, heartwarming, inclusive, diverse, meaningful.

“I’d definitely recommend a Girlboss Rally to anyone who has found themselves at a professional crossroads, or who wants to meet, and listen to, inspiring individuals who can help them best actualize their dreams and goals. Go for it!”