The 10 Best Work From Home Jobs On LinkedIn Right Now

The 10 Best Work From Home Jobs On LinkedIn Right Now

2018 is nearly upon us — new year, same you…new job? If you’re looking to switch it up in your career, and potentially switch out of your pajamas less,here are the 10 best remote jobs on LinkedIn this week.

According to a report this year from FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, there’s been a 115 percent increase in people who work, at least partially, from home since 2005—jumping from 1.8 million to 3.9 million. That’s a veritable crap ton of people.

And as much as the debate rages on as to whether remote work is good or bad for companies’ bottom line, it appears the workplace flexibility is increasingly become a priority for American workers.

If you identify as a part of said demographic, check out some of the buzziest WFH opportunities that popped up on LinkedIn this week. (Spoiler alert: Software engineers and developers are in high demand.)

Technical Writer, Aha!

If you’ve got a way with words and you’re also very tech savvy, listen up: This innovative product roadmap software is looking for writers to who can take software and translate the ins-and-outs into user-friendly language and instructions. This fully-remote position comes with the benefits shebang: Salary, equity, benefits and profit-sharing.

Full Desk Recruiter, Talent Savant

Founded by a working single mom, this recruiting agency offers up a fully flexible schedule for its recruiters: Work from anywhere, any day of the week, any time you want. If you’ve got a knack for matchmaking when it comes to talented individuals and companies looking for the right person, this could be the flex job you’ve been waiting for.

Content Strategist, Toptal

Toptal — an entirely remote company — connects freelance software engineers, designers, and finances experts with companies. As they look to expand their internal content strategy, they’re looking to hire a writer/editor to oversee content across its platform and all programs. If you’re all about connect business strat with creative ideas, this may be your jam.

Compliance Manager, Flow Kana

In a few short weeks, recreational cannabis use will be fully legal in California. This is good news for Californians, but slightly stressful news for everyone in the cannabis biz, because you better believe government regulations are going to come in like an avalanche.

This sustainable, sun-grown cannabis distribution company is looking for someone to ensure all aspects of growth, production, distribution and every step in between is falling in line with new regulations. In other words: If you’re 420 friendly and can decipher complex legalese like a pro, inquire within.

Senior Software Engineer, Grubhub

One of the industry pioneers of food-delivery is looking for a top-notch software engineer to work on their payment services team, meaning you’ll work on the order-taking infrastructure. This 100 percent remote job also offers unlimited PTO; if you’ve got a bachelor’s degree and five-plus years of experience, that’s a pretty sweet combo.

Senior User Experience Designer, Robert Half

This staffing agency is seeking a designer for a 21-week project, during which you’ll iron out wrinkles in existing programs, especially related UX flaws in e-commerce platforms. Experience with mobile and apps is a big plus.

Online Instructor, VIP Kid

Teach English to students in China from the comfort of your own home and make up to $22 an hour. If you’ve gone through the American schooling system yourself and have at least one year of experience, you’re eligible to apply, and teaching curriculum is provided for you. A minimum commitment of 15 half-hour slots is preferred.

Community Manager,

Do you constantly find yourself falling down the rabbit holes of website comment sections? This is your chance to do that for a living, except you’ll be tasked with keeping users in line. Additionally, you’ll be in charge of organizing contests and events for this online and digital games platform, as well as generally improving users’ experiences within the community. Bonus points if you’re multilingual.

Senior Backend Developer, Mixtiles

This startup built a platform that enables users to take the photos on their smartphone and turn ’em into hangable canvas squares—IRL Instagram, in other words!

They’re looking for someone to oversee their entire backend dev operation, and the listing mentions that they’re willing to pay serious bucks for the right candidate, including an remote-office space of your own, if that’s more your speed.

Mobile Game Quality Assurance Lead, Fox Cub

This is your chance to literally play games for a living. And it’s especially relevant if you also happen to love slot machines, because Fox Cub specializes in slot machine games. You’ll be tasked with finding exploits and UX flaws, and communicating those to the development team in this fully remote position that offers PTO and medical benefits.