The 5 Nugs of Wisdom You *Need* To Help Get Your Life Sorted Right Now

The 5 Nugs of Wisdom You *Need* To Help Get Your Life Sorted Right Now

ICYMI, the Girlboss Radio network recently released a brand new podcast in partnership with our friends at TUMI, called In Progress: An Imperfect Journey, Navigated. It’s ten episodes of inspirational, inner-fire-lighting goodness from some of the best and brightest female entrepreneurs, creatives, and founders in the game right now, hosted by journalist and documentarian Noor Tagouri.

Over the course of the series, these women bring all the candor, wit, and actionable advice you need when it comes to navigating this bustling, always-on world we’re living in. Whether it’s identifying a sense of purpose in your day-to-day, productivity hacks, taking care of relationships, changing careers, or cultivating a greater sense of self-love, this podcast is an unmissable toolkit for the on-the-go individual in search of a happier, more fulfilling life.

Catch a sneak peek at some of the wisdom nuggets being dropped on In Progress, and catch up on all of the episodes here.

Luvvie Ajayi, best-selling author and digital strategist, on the importance of setting boundaries:

“It’s OK to be selfish. It’s your time and your space and your energy. How are you going to be the best version of yourself if you have nothing left for yourself?”

Lalah Delia, wellness educator and founder of Vibrate Higher Daily, on finding your sense of purpose and taking the plunge when it comes to pursuing your dream:

“Focus on the journey, because it’s the best part. If you’re not paying attention to the journey, when you get to the goal, it’s going to feel less satisfying because you’re not reflecting on the process.”

Cassandra Grey, founder of Violet Grey, on cultivating the confidence to start over:

“Whenever I feel vulnerable, I know I’m doing the right thing. It’s where everything happens; it’s where you learn.”

Candice Kumai, best-selling author and wellness influencer, on developing a greater sense of self-love for yourself:

“When you fall in love with your work and you work for the people versus profit, it might take a little bit longer. But in the end, we can fill our cup full of character and grace and integrity instead of money and power.”

Zarna Surti, founder of Tonal Journal, on staying productive in a non-stop world:

“Prioritize aggressively. And be honest with yourself within those priorities. There are always going to be things that you want to do more and things that you have to do more.”