The Best Holiday Gifts To Give Your Best Friend (And Thus Yourself)

The Best Holiday Gifts To Give Your Best Friend (And Thus Yourself)

That’s because there are few people in the world that know her taste, whims, and habits as well as you do. And what’s better than the look on her face when you gift her with the perfect something she never knew she needed? Nothing!

Below, we’ve compiled a mix of gifts and experiences that speak to everything that makes a best friendship so special, ranging from comical, to playful, to intimate, to a lil’ bit heady.  Brace yourself for that lookon her face *happy crying emoji*.

Bando x Realm Strong Female Lead t-shirt$58 at Bando

For the heroine in your life story. Also good for sending a low-key message to Hollywood that we’d like more, plz.

“Twiggy” Massage Ring$24 at Unbound Babes

This darling accessory is living the best kind of double life. A portable party if there ever was one.

Alessandra Borghese For Friends book$113 at Steidl Books

If your bestie is an artsy type with a penchant for traveling, this absolutely stunning box set of photography books.

“The Perfect Blend” winemaking experience$70 per person through Airbnb

Head out to one of California’s most prestigious winemaking regions, Sonoma County, to learn about the art and science of making that grape juice at Meadowcroft Wines. Come away with a custom bottle you blended yourself.

Maya J. Handwritten Message Necklace$480 at Ring Concierge

A step beyond any old custom necklace. Upload an image of your silly inside joke in your actual handwriting, and voila—super special friendship necklace.

“Summer Camp” candle$29.95 on sale at Homesick

Everybody loves a candle, sure. But these candles formulated to stoke your nostalgia strike just the right sentimental-yet-practical tone. Relive your sweet summer camp days, or throw it back to that epic road trip.

Simplestamp Jewelry “Nice As Fuck” skinny cuff bracelet$30 at Queen For Dinner

For your gal who is elegant, yet spicy.

“Craft a diamond ring with a jeweler” experience$150 per person through Airbnb

Diamonds aren’t actually a girl’s best friend. Your best friend is your best friend. And how fun would it be to make a pair of friendship rings with your own custom message stamped inside?

Plush Knit Onesie$34.99 at Old Navy

Because everybody low-key wants a onesie, but no one wants to buy themselves a onesie.

Ceramics class at POT LA$115 for two hours for two people

Just two besties, sitting side by side as they create beautiful pottery on a potter’s wheel at a lovely studio run by and created for women of color.

Inner Beauty Rose Extractapprox $60 at Cilk Rose Water

It’s the little things. A couple drops of this stuff in a glass of sparkling water makes for the most unexpected, lovely treat. Plus, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous.

Freaky Health Chocolate$8 per bar at Freaky Health Chocolate

While we’ve all heard that chocolate can be “good” for you, this chocolate is actually good for you. Formulated with adaptogenic herbs, the various bars promise “beauty,” “energy,” and “immunity.” But who cares, ’cause they’re delicious.

Delores’ Twist And Tie Top And Skirt, $45 each at Everybody.World

As versatile and chic as its designer, Dolores Kerr, the super badass octogenarian.