The Best Jobs For Bleeding Hearts On LinkedIn Right Now

The Best Jobs For Bleeding Hearts On LinkedIn Right Now

Whether you’ve got a bleeding heart for animal rights, want to do your part to help out crime victims, or have an interest in making the publishing and media industry more intersectional and diverse, opportunities to get involved with an organization that is working towards making the world a better place abound. And we all know this generation is pretty into that whole do-right-by-your-fellow-humans schtick.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting options on LinkedIn right now, including a number of options with awesome bennies and telecommuting setups.

Event Coordinator Intern, The Dream Builders Project

The Dream Builders Project covers a bunch of worthy causes: Helping out the homeless, serving underprivileged schools in LA and organizing volunteer events as a way of strengthening community ties. This two-day-a-week volunteer gig is open to anyone who sees themselves as highly organized, with strong communication skills.

Assistant Editorial Image Editor, WhoWhatWhy

Eager to support the free press right about now? WhoWhatWhy is a publicly supported non-partisan news organization producing investigative journalism pieces and they’re looking for someone to help source and design assets based off of images in the public domain. A bachelor’s degree in photography or the graphic arts, plus one year of experience with Photoshop, Google Docs and Creative Commons is required for this part-time telecommuting position.

Digital Managing Editor, Educause

This non-profit dedicated to promoting higher education is looking for someone with five-plus years of editorial experience to lead the charge of online editorial content that corresponds with their magazine, EDUCAUSE Review. Experience with a CMS, managerial skills and SEO knowledge are a must for this full-time job in Lousville, CO.

Proposal Writer and Coordinator, HopSkipDrive

HopSkipDrive is kinda like Uber for kids; the platform arranges pick-up and drop-off for busy parents who need help getting their kids to school and various activities. The company, founded by three working mothers, received $20 million in backing, and right now, they’re looking for someone to help communicate HopSkipDrive’s mission to schools, government agencies, etc.

If you have three-plus years of experience in the education or nonprofit sector and are looking for full-time job with some great bennies (including unlimited vacation!) inquire with this downtown LA position.

Assistant Editor, Last Chance For Animals

Does the Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercial still get you every time? Here’s a chance to do work for another excellent org dedicated to saving animals. They’re looking for someone with video editing experience to assist in the production and archiving of their video assets. This is a entry-level temp job located in West Hollywood.

Editor, Asian American Writers’ Workshop

AAWW, located in NYC, is an “alternative arts space dedicated to literature at the intersection of race, migration, and social justice,” and they’re looking for an editor with two to three years of experience, who’s passionate about transforming the literary landscape into a more inclusive and intersectional one.

Even though the job is only three days a week, it comes with health benefits—in other words, for you writerly NYC types, this job offers flexibility andsome additional security.

Campaign Assistant, Lady Freethinker

This non-profit media group is dedicated to promoting animal rights, human rights, and the environment. This is a part-time telecommuting job in which the right candidate will be writing letters, conducting outreach, and doing research. Strong writing skills and blogging experience is a plus.

Bookkeeper, Seventh Generation

This non-profit, earth-friendly cleaning and personal care company is looking for someone to mind their numbers in their LA offices. You should have a bachelor’s degree, as well as accounting and bookkeeping experience, and experience with non-profits is a plus.

Technical Writer, National Center for Victims of Crime

This NGO is doing the important work of advocating for victims of crime, and they’re looking for a writer to help produce informational materials. The idea candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, communications or marketing; long-form experience; and excellent editing and proofreading skills. This Washington, DC-based position allows for up the three days a week of telecommuting.