The Best Remote Jobs To Apply For If You’re The WFH Type

The Best Remote Jobs To Apply For If You’re The WFH Type

Dorothy gets it: There’s no place like home. As office rents climb and employees increasingly value job flexibility, remote jobs are on the rise. 64% of millennials are working from home for at least part of their week.

The benefits of allowing employees flexibility in the workplace include cutting commute time and increasing morale. Not only is working from home better for the environment, it’s also better for you. According to a 2016 study published in the American Sociological Review, WFH options make for more satisfied employees who are also more likely to produce high-quality work. Get ready to be on your A-game with these remote jobs — bunny slippers optional.

Partner Operations Manager, GrubHub

You’ll never go hungry with this gig at GrubHub. If you’re already in Chicago, you’re welcome to work in the office (and enjoy perks like karaoke and wine tasting), but this mid-level position offers the flexibility to work remotely. Travel is required, so while you don’t have to punch in, you will have to hit the road.

Writer, Student Loan Hero

Are you ready to translate the confusing world of student loans into layman’s terms? Student Loan Hero is looking for a writer to provide digestible advice around personal finance. If you’re a wordsmith with at least two years experience publishing online, this is a chance to flex your writing and research skills and contribute content to publications like ForbesHuffington Post, and Entrepreneur.

Account Executive, etouches

If you have the gift of gab and consider yourself a networking whiz who loves sparking new relationships, this senior-level role could be a fit. This international meeting, conference, and event company is searching for an account executive to attract new business within the computer software industry.

Vertical Account Manager, Zebra Technologies

Whether you prefer a beachside office or the corner of your fave coffee shop, this mid-level sales gig allows you to dial in from wherever you work best. This information technology company handles grocery tracking and logistics.

Enterprise Account Executive, The Neach Group

This is a client-facing role for a sales superstar with at least five years experience. While you can work from home when you, errr, are at home, you’ll also be doing a ton of travel.

Office 365 Consultant, AG Consulting Partners

This fast-growing team is looking for a conversationalist with awesome customer service skills and fluency in Portuguese. If you’re willing to become certified in Microsoft 365 and comfortable engaging with customers in a foreign language, this remote opportunity is a fit.

Manager, Swish Appeal

Are you a hoops fan with social media and editing skills? If so, Swish Appeal, the SB Nation blog covering the WNBA and women’s college basketball, is looking for a new manager. This job involves keeping a billion (metaphorical) balls in the air at the same time — not for the faint of heart.

Global Digital Marketing Manager, Mammotome

If you’re up to date on the latest trends in SEO and know your way around an email marketing campaign, this role is an opportunity to combine your passion for digital marketing with purpose. This medical device company is committed to providing technology that improves the diagnostics and treatment of cancer patients worldwide. It’s also a path to internationalize your experience, as Mammotome is a global company that’s expanding in Europe and Asia.

Senior Project Manager, 1E

This project management role requires a strong grasp of accounting and finance, as your projects will require budgeting the big bucks (think millions). This senior-level role will keep you on your toes and in transit, as client travel is required.

Marketing Coordinator, ML Jordan

This company’s virtual marketing department is hiring a marketing coordinator with design experience. If you have a creative flair, this commercial real estate marketing role might be for you; you can create, design, and manage all while enjoying the comforts of home.