The Sentimental (But Low-Maintenance!) Way to Win Father’s Day
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The Sentimental (But Low-Maintenance!) Way to Win Father’s Day

This content was created by Girlboss in collaboration with Moonpig.

We know, we know: Dads are hard to shop for. What do you get a man who either already has everything or has such specific interests and hobbies (hello, building model airplanes) that the chances of getting the wrong thing are high. But while you may be stressing about which gift to get Dad this year, we’re here to remind you of a very important aspect of a good Father’s Day gift: the card.

If your mind immediately goes to a gift card—we’re here for it. If you pick the right retailer like, say, the store he visits every single weekend), then you’ve already won. 

But this is about another type of card—the humble greeting card. Think about it, when was the last time you took the time to write an actual card to tell your dad how much his love and support means to you? 

This year, instead of rushing into the nearest discount store to grab a generic card, we’re putting you onto a much more thoughtful option: Moonpig. Moonpig allows you to pick from dozens of unique greeting cards, and then—this is the best part—personalize them. You can add family photos, stickers and even audio messages and videos. Want the card to be written in your own handwriting? You can upload an example by simply taking a photo on your phone. Plus, it’s the perfect long-distance gift that’s guaranteed to show up on time (Moonpig will ship it out on the same day!).

With so many personalization options, the card might just be the best part of your gift. We know Dad will certainly think so. 

Here, some card ideas for every type of father out there. (Psst... get your first Moonpig card for FREE with code GIRLBOSSFREE. No strings attached!)

A Moonpig Father's Day card that says, "Happy Father's Day" and it's a drawing of a camping scene, with a tent, a fire pit and evergreen trees.

For the Outdoorsy Dad 

His Subaru Outback is always packed for an adventure. His dream vacations revolve around hiking, and he’ll happily tell you the best way to start a campfire.

The card: This charming illustrated card pairs perfectly with an AllTrails subscription or a new pair of hiking boots. Customize the card with treasured memories of childhood camping trips. And you can't go wrong with adding in a gift card from his favorite sporting goods store—REI, Columbia or Dicks, perhaps?


A Moonpig Father's Day card of a husky with a blue and a brown eye. It says "To The Dog Father" and "No. 1 Dog Dad" and "Happy Father's Day."

For the Dad Who’s Also a Dog Dad

His best friend in the entire world is a floppy-eared Golden Doodle named after Bill Murray, and he spends his free time on pet forums discussing the benefits of a raw-food diet. The off-leash park is essentially his second home. 

The card: This one says it all, really. Pair with a couple chew toys or a new water bowl (because ultimately, a gift for the pooch is really a gift for Dad).


A Moonpig Father's Day card with six beer glasses and it says, "Happy Father's Day. I've found your glasses."

For the Bartender Dad 

He collects cocktail bitters like some people collect stamps and his margarita recipe beats any restaurant. His retirement plan? Taking a mixology course. Cheers to the ever-cool bartender dad.

The card: A little humor is always welcome. Lean into his love of hazy IPAs with this art-print option, and don’t forget to pair it with some new glassware or a nice bottle of his go-to spirit. 


A Moonpig Father's Day card that's a picture of a golf course with a red flag in a hole. The flag says "Tee-rific dad. Best by par."

For the Golf Dad 

He has pet names for all of his clubs and can’t stop talking about Scottie Scheffler. He practices his golf swing in his sleep, and his dream is to play on the St Andrews Old Course in Scotland. 

The card: The Venn diagram between dads who love golf and dads who love puns is just a circle. Might we suggest pairing this gift with some customized golf balls? 


A Moonpig Father's Day card that's lime green with an illustrated toolbox. The copy says, "Dad you're a complete tool... expert. (I'd be lost without you)."

For the Handy Dad 

What would we do without the Handy Dad? Who would assemble the Ikea bed frame or build that custom shoe shelf? This dad is happiest in his workshop, surrounded by his woodworking supplies. Having him in your life means never having to hire a TaskRabbit. 

The card: Show your appreciation for all the household projects he’s helped you with over the years with this cheeky card. Even better? Teaming it with a Lowe’s gift card, which you can add directly into your Moonpig card.


Ready to win Father’s Day with this low-maintenance yet meaningful gift idea? Get your first Moonpig card for FREE with code GIRLBOSSFREE.