This App Can Make You Put Your Phone Down

This App Can Make You Put Your Phone Down

Escape that perma-connected life with our “App of the Month,” lilspace. Lilspace rewards you for taking breaks from your phone and serves as a much-needed reminder that being present IRL might actually be fun.

Cell phones are an integral part of our daily existence and a socially-acceptable security blanket for all ages, but checking our phones on an average of 80 times per day is slightly cause for alarm. (For perspective, that’s once every 12 waking minutes.) Kim Anenberg Cavallo, founder and CEO of lilspace slash our unofficial interpersonal guru, designed the app to address our phone separation anxiety and incentivize real life interactions.

You may ask, “what could possibly be more satisfying than scrolling through my IG feed for a couple of minutes or maybe an hour?” I completely get it, but stay with me here: there are handsome rewards. By participating in lilspace’s collective campaign, you can help a worthy non-profit receive essential resources from a corporate sponsor.

If you’re feeling a little more self-indulgent, lilspace also gives you the option to bank your unplugged time toward earning rewards from local businesses or accessing mindfulness (aka. maintain your sanity) practices like meditation and yoga.

The app even provides notification adjustments for those beloved, incessant messages. Feeling like you’re the only one unplugged? Guess again; lilspace includes a feature that shows other people in your community who are unplugged so you never feel alone.