This Holiday Season, Shop Women-Owned with Our Gift Guide

This Holiday Season, Shop Women-Owned with Our Gift Guide

By Kelly McCabe

Get ready to hit “add to cart” with purpose. We've curated the crème de la crème of gift recommendations across beauty, fashion and wellness that we know you’re going to love. 

This isn't your average gift guide; it's a celebration of women-led businesses. From head-turning fashion pieces to beauty secrets that'll make your skin thank you and wellness wonders that redefine self-care, we've handpicked 16 brands that we know you’re going to fall in love with. 

The Calming and Restoring Body Oil 

A hand holding the Tonic body oil by Momotaro Apotheca.

Tonic, Momotaro Apotheca, $45,

This organic and vitamin-rich oil is a natural skincare lover's dream come true. Packed with ingredients to soothe irritation (like jojoba, tea tree and cedarwood oil), Tonic is formulated to ease symptoms of discomfort that range from general itchiness and razor burn, to candida and bacterial infections. Just to make you fall in love with this even more, Tonic is antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, and noncomedogenic. This might be my #1 favorite product discovery of 2023. There, I said it. 

The Compliment-Worthy Chunky Knit Sweater

A model wearing the Rose Colossal Knit Cardigan from Hope Macaulay, which is knitted with pink, purple and orange yarn with a bow.

Rose Colossal Knit Cardigan, Hope Macaulay, $320-$939,

The chokehold this cardigan from Hope Macaulay has on me is not letting go. It’s feminine, unique, vibrant, and in your face—in all the right ways. It features a stunning bow detail and would look absolutely darling paired with a classic white T-shirt and blue jeans. You know how it’s always more important to dress for the girls than for the boys? The girls want this sweater. And you should get it before I do. 

The #Fairycore Moonstone Ring

The Selena Slice Ring in Moonstone from Leah Alexandra with a 14-karat-gold vermeil ring and a light white-blue gemstone.

Selena Slice Ring in Moonstone, Leah Alexandra, $87,

There’s something about this ring that just feels special, like it's made from pixie dust and cosmic minerals. The Selena Slice Ring from Leah Alexandra is the perfect ethereal statement piece that can be worn solo, or paired with your already perfectly curated gold ring stack. It’s made with 14-karat-gold vermeil and features a beautifully cut moonstone that radiates preciousness and femininity. I am going to buy this for myself for Christmas this year—and you better believe I’ll be selecting “this is a gift” in the shipping option. 

The Calming and Uplifting Tincture

The Happier Holidays Tincture + Tinctails from KA! Empathogenics.

Happier Holidays Tincture + Tinctails, KA! Empathogenics, $99,

KA! Empathogenics is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and is truly revolutionizing the world of supplementation with their Kanna Tincture. The key ingredient, Kanna, has been around for thousands of years, and is clinically proven to activate an immediate sense of grounded energy. It supports cognitive function, immunity and your nervous system—plus, it’s a natural stress reliever. It’s also a heart opener and miracle worker for those who desire a lifted mood and deeper connection with themselves and others. 

The Elegant and Cozy Candle

The ORO candle from LOHN with pink peppercorn, amber and chamomile, with a hand lighting the wick with a match stick.

ORO, LOHN, $39,

Transport yourself to a mountainside wildflower garden with the ORO candle from LOHN. Notes of jasmine, pink pepper, amber and chamomile make this beauty a crowd-pleaser. I love that it’s hand-poured and made from sustainable coconut and soy wax for a clean, slow burn. 

The Collagen-Boosting Exfoliant With Only 5-Star Reviews

A model smiling and holding the Buff exfoliator by Radford on her cheek.

Buff, Radford, $58,

This is a powerhouse chemical exfoliator that noticeably brightens the skin and unclogs the pores. It features a medical-grade silicone scrubber that’s gentle and delivers deeper results than traditional hand scrubbing. With each use, it's like waving a magic wand over your face, revealing a gorgeous glow that lasts. Vitamins A, C, and E lead the charge in addressing sun damage, improving skin elasticity and reducing pigmentation issues. It’s also suitable for all skin types!

The Scandi-Girl Pants That Go With Everything

The pink LA Boxer Alta in Cotton Poplin and Spritz Stripe from Comme Si.

LA Boxer Alta in Cotton Poplin and Spritz Stripe, Comme Si, $170,

When I came across these pants from Comme Si for the first time, I audibly gasped. I’ve been looking for the perfect pajama-style, Scandi-influencer, wear-with-everything-pants for a while now, and these are it. They come in several different colorways (my favorites are Spritz Stripe and Grecian Blue), and the boxer-style detailing on the waistband effortlessly toes the line between casual and refined. They’re beautifully tailored, can be dressed up or down, and feature 100% Italian cotton poplin.

The Rip-Resist Stockings

Legs with the blackish grey Cornelia Shimmery Tights from Swedish Stockings.

Cornelia Shimmery Tights, Swedish Stockings, $45,

Upgrade your standard black tights with these unique, sustainably made stockings from Swedish Stockings. The Cornelia Shimmering Tights are the perfect holiday/New Year’s Eve additions to your favorite little black dress or sequined skirt. The sheer, sparkling material is exquisite and enchanting, and the reinforced-toe detailing and soft waistband mean you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for comfort. These are a must-buy this season!

The Architectural Digest-Worthy Fitness Equipment

Cloud Collection Free Weight Sets from Lifted Movement.

Cloud Collection Free Weight Sets, Lifted Movement, $100+,

Created by the founders of iconic wellness brand Saje, Lifted Movement revolutionizes at-home workout equipment, boasting stunningly designed free weights, resistance bands, kettlebells and a luxurious movement cart. Their products are top-of-the-line, created by elite fitness experts and manufacturers, and they’re beautiful enough to showcase in your living room. This is the perfect gift for your high-end fitness bestie who loves movement, from pilates to strength training. 

The Perfect Robe For Your Nighttime Routine

A model wearing the Alice Midi Kimono Robe in Diamond, Orange and Pink from Piyama.

Alice Midi Kimono Robe in Diamond, Orange and Pink, Piyama, $72,

Get ready to light a candle, turn on an episode of The Real Housewives and whip out your gua sha with this knockout robe from Piyama. The diamond orange and pink hand-printed design is eye-catching and fun, and totally unique from your standard fluffy white robe. I also love how the deep V-neck leaves tons of room for extra self-care rituals (skincare starts at your nipples). This robe is for the girlies who love to revel in  their downtime.

The Cute Cloud Mug 

Four bubble mugs and one clear bubble glass from Blume.

Cloud Mug, Blume, $19.80 each,

Whether you're a seasoned mug collector or just someone looking to inject a bit of joy into your daily routine, the Cloud Mug by Blume is an instant mood lifter. It’s the perfect statement piece for your mug collection that will fit all of your TikTok aesthetic dreams. I have this mug in two different colors (white and pink), and every time I pull it out, one of my girlfriends asks me “WHERE is that mug from?”

The Rose Statement Necklace

The Kiss From A Rose Necklace from Hey Maeve with a black rose and gold chain.

Kiss From A Rose Necklace, Hey Maeve, $211, 

Picture this: At your upcoming holiday party, you’re wearing a low-cut black lace top, with your hair in a high pony or low bun, parted in the middle, and you have this glamorous rose necklace on from Hey Maeve. HELL YES! I’m obsessed with this stunning choker for so many reasons. It’s classy, made with 18-karat gold, and features a unique design(an onyx enamel rosette surrounded by sparkling CZ stones). This is a forever piece. 

The Brightening Ayurvedic Serum for All Skin Types

The Brightening Saffron Serum from RANAVAT.

Brightening Saffron Serum, RANAVAT, $135, 

With so many Vitamin C serums on the market, it can feel overwhelming to know which one is the right one for you, and which one will actually work. Let me introduce you to the Brightening Saffron Serum by RANAVAT that is loved by celebrities, great for all skin types and made in India using an 18-day Ayurvedic infusion process. P.S. Their annual sale features a 20% off discount across all of their products. 

The Ceremonial Superfood Matcha

A pouch of Pure Matcha from Golde.

Pure Matcha, Golde, $48,

Golde’s Pure Matcha is one of my absolute faves. The beautiful green powder strikes a perfect balance between a robust earthy flavor and a subtly sweet undertone, making it the perfect option for matcha lovers and newcomers to the green tea scene. It’s perfect for supporting energy, focus and cellular health, and opts as a great substitute for coffee. This matcha is freshly shade-grown and cold-processed in Uji, Japan, for maximum antioxidant and amino acid content.

The Glossy Lip Butter

A model wearing and holding the Lip Butter Balm in Vanilla Beige from Summer Fridays.

Lip Butter Balm, Vanilla Beige, Summer Fridays, $24,

This is the stocking stuffer I will be purchasing for all of my besties. Summer Fridays always nails it, and this Lip Butter Balm is no exception. It gives a beautiful subtle color with a gorgeous shine, and will leave your lips feeling hydrated and plump. I love how it’s glossy but not sticky, and comes in a variety of shades. My favorite is Vanilla Beige, but I also love Cherry as a pop of color for the holidays. 

The Concentrated Sustainable Laundry Strips

Three packages of Laundry Detergent Strips from Good Juju in a basket.

Laundry Detergent Strips, Good Juju, $14.99,

Raise your hand if you want to find more ways to be sustainable at home, but don’t want to sacrifice effectiveness when it comes to cleaning? (I think we’ve all tried a few cleaning products that just didn’t feel like they did the job). Introducing Good Juju’s effective, luxurious, zero-waste and affordable Laundry Detergent Strips. These detergent strips have made me actually excited to do my laundry! They’re super-concentrated, they smell divine, and they dissolve completely in hot or cold water loads. This is a thoughtful gift that will definitely have your bestie repurchasing once finished. 

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