This Superfood-Based Hair Oil Will Give You That Lived-In Feel, Bar The Grime

This Superfood-Based Hair Oil Will Give You That Lived-In Feel, Bar The Grime

Verb’s Ghost Oil manages to give you texture, sleekness and shine without making you feel like a baby seal, which is why it’s this week’s “Chosen One.”

Every time a new study emerges about how showering too much may actually be bad for your health, a can of dry shampoo gets its wings.

There are incredibly robust online forums dedicated to various methods on how to not wash oneself with too much regularity, many of which cite reasons of killing “good” bacteria and messing up your microbiome.

Of course, one of the big driving factors behind finding that right hygiene routine is also a practical one: Being a person with skin and hair can be very time consuming, and for most of us, finding the right balance and frequency for cleaning is ~a journey.~

As someone with semi-wavy, yet super-fine hair, I start to acquire that slick seal-pup aesthetic circa day three of not washing, and will usually succumb to the allure of shampoo by day four.

After washing it, however, it’s inevitable that my efforts to undo that “lived-in” look results in an equal and opposite reaction: It doesn’t look lived-in enough.Thus goes the endless cycle of having hair that feels either too dirty or too clean, with precious little time in that just-right sweet spot.

Enter Ghost Oil from Verb—a moringa oil blend that boasts a “vanishing” formula that makes hair super shiny, smooth, and texturized, without weighing it down. Other oils that have emerged as hair-moisturizing miracles in recent years—like coconut, argan and avocado oil—can be something of a non-starter for those of us with super skinny strands.

But Verb’s light touch here makes for a product that lives up to its name—it’s so lightweight that it is, indeed, almost spooky.

It’s a particularly effective salve with summer-worn hair or ends that might’ve seen better days due to color treatments. Moringa has been utilized for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, and its leaves have long been prized for its high concentrations of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and amino acids.

And judging by the proliferation of moringa-based products in the beauty industry in recent years, as well as its emergence in the wellness scene as a superfood, it seems safe to assume that we’ll see more moringa, more of the time, in years to come.

Pick up a two-ounce bottle for $16 here.