This Yoga App Makes Getting Out Of Bed A Genuine Pleasure

This Yoga App Makes Getting Out Of Bed A Genuine Pleasure

Calling all sleepyheads: Our “App Of The Week,” is an alarm clock with meditation, yoga sequences, and breathing exercises you can do in bed.

Wakin’ up is hard to do. But damn, it’s worth it. Luckily, there is, in fact, an app for that. And it’s pretty much here to save your mornings.

Basically, Yoga Wake Up is an alarm clock. But it’s so much more! Instead of “Marimba,” it wakes you up with a 5-15 minute meditation, and a yoga sequence or breathing exercise of your choosing. Here’s how it works. You download the app, free in the App Store, and once it’s downloaded it gives you a little quiz.

It asks if you’re a yoga newbie or expert, if you want to stretch in bed or out, and whether you need a loud alarm or if you wake up easily. Then, you start choosing your preferences. There’s an option for zen meditations too. The music genre options can be overwhelming however, (I chose rock, rap, andrelaxing tunes.)

Then Yoga Wake Upautomatically customizes the best wakeups for you, immediately. You can buy a subscription plan for a month at $5.99, 6 months at $5.00, or a year at $3.92/month. Pro tip: If you choose the free download option, the app should offer you the first two wake ups free!

One of the best parts is that your wakeups are lead by real, renowned teachers around the country. There are wake ups for almost everyone, including kids and pre and postnatal women and parents.

The app is even conscientious of body type and ability. Not too shabby. Now go forth, and start your day all stretched out and relaxed-like.

Yoga Wake Up is free and available on the App Store.