Your 2022 Horoscope: Career Edition

Your 2022 Horoscope: Career Edition

You hear it every January: New Year, New You. A phrase beloved by women’s magazines and  the self-help industrial complex. This year, we’re saying ‘no, thanks,’ to this tired old tagline and embracing a gentler outlook. Introducing Favorite You, Not Perfect You, a week-long special to help you reset and refresh realistically. Maybe your best, most perfect self wakes up at sunrise, limits her social media habits and kicks caffeine. But your favorite you? She’s kind to herself, and celebrates the small wins. She’s going to have a great year—and maybe even make her bed every morning. Or not!

Well, well, well, welcome to 2022. It’s a new year—so what better time to look ahead at the next 12 months to see what the stars have in store, particularly when it comes to your work? Sure, there are plenty of 2022 horoscopes out there that will tell you about your love life, or your friendships. But we asked Maisy Bristol (@tarotbymaisy on Instagram) to chart each sign’s professional zodiac. Bristol has been reading Tarot for 12 years, when she found an old Tarot deck in her house at the age of 15. She specializes in 1-on-1 astrology readings and birth charts with a positive perspective on transformative change. You might want to bookmark her predictions. 

Ready to read your 2022 horoscope? (Psst, don’t forget to share it with your BFF).

Aries 2022 Horoscope

For the first month of the year, Venus is still retrograde in Capricorn—traveling through your 10th House of work and career. Things in the work realm are bound to be slow until it turns direct on January 29. If you’re job hunting, don’t expect to land anything amazing this month. However, once Venus does turn direct, the perfect job—or opportunity for advancement at work—will open its arms up for you.

On February 14, Mercury enters Aquarius in your 11th House. What does that mean? Your words turn to gold in the workplace and via networking ventures. For the next few weeks, use this time to try to sell yourself, talk your way into a coveted position, or make new friends. People won’t be able to resist your charm!

A special day for you to remember will be February 17, because that’s the daydreams come true. Jupiter, in your healing 12th House, will sweetly connect to Uranus in your 2nd House of money. Basically, what that means is something money-related will finally see peace. A lawsuit will settle, a debt will be paid… some sort of weight will be taken off your back. 

From June 4 to October 22, Saturn will be retrograde in your 11th House of networking and career connections. Unfortunately, this might be a time when you find that your boss or higher-ups are extremely harsh. Tread carefully. 

Taurus 2022 Horoscope 

Guess what? All year long, Jupiter will be floating in Pisces, through your 11th House of business connections, networking, and office community. With Jupiter ruling luck and Pisces representing healing, it looks like you’ll be able to find a nice work-life balance over the year—until December 20 when Jupiter moves into Aries. 

On February 14, Mercury moves into Aquarius and your 10th House of business connections—making you very work-oriented over the month of February. Use this time to expand your mind, find new ways of doing things at work, and telling your coworkers exactly what you’re thinking. Trust us, they’ll listen now!

June 4 will make things a little difficult for you at work—since Saturn will turn retrograde in your 10th House of career. If you’re looking for a job, you may feel like it’s hard to connect with interviewers. If you have a steady job, this might be a time of boredom. 

You better think twice about buying an intense Halloween costume. When October 30 rolls around, Mars will turn retrograde in your finance zone—making money a difficult thing to work with during this time. Not only will you feel like finances are slow, but you may also feel less inclined to work hard to make that money. Don’t push yourself or get lost in “quick-fix schemes.”  

Gemini 2022 Horoscope 

The year starts off sweetly on January 17, when the full moon in Cancer illuminates your 2nd House of money. This could bring a bonus or some sort of “surprise” money. Hey, you may even find a $20 bill in your pocket!

A good day to remember for you will be April 12, when Jupiter connects to Neptune in your 10th House of career. This is the best time to share a new idea to coworkers or managers. Let them see what you’ve been working on, and they’re bound to love it! 

On May 15, the full moon lunar eclipse makes an appearance in Scorpio in your 6th House of work ethic and daily routines. After a full year of following through a certain career, you might come to the conclusion that you’re ready for the next step—whatever that may be. Don’t take action. What’s meant for you to receive will come to you in full force.

October 25 will bring a new moon solar eclipse in the same House—which means that you’ll be inspired to bring in a new routine at work or in your health. Maybe it’s time to rejoin that gym? 

Cancer 2022 Horoscope 

One of the best days of the year for you will be on February 17, when Jupiter makes a sweet connection to Uranus in your House of work connections. This is the best day to attend a networking event, do an interview, or push out a job application. You’re extremely favorable right now and the universe is working hard to bring you gifts in work relationships!

What’s more, is that on April 30, the new moon solar eclipse is occurring in your 11th House of networking. A friend of a friend might connect you to someone important. Or you might randomly meet a highly renowned person in your industry around this time. It’ll be to your advantage!

On November 8, the full moon lunar eclipse in your 11th House will allow you and a coworker to present a big project. Work together, share the responsibility, and it will all come out fantastically. 

For most of the year, Jupiter will travel in Pisces. But starting December 20, Jupiter will be in Aries—in your 10th House of career. Jupiter is a planet of luck, abundance, and opportunities—so, wherever it’s at is where it’ll bring luck and excitement. 

Leo 2022 Horoscope 

It’s not like running errands, cleaning the house, or (*ahem*) doing your job was ever super “fun,” but it certainly won’t be during the month of January. Venus is retrograde from the beginning of January all the way until January 29. Since Venus represents pleasures and money, expect slowness at work… and in your bank account. You might be spending more than you really expect on that spin class or your morning juice. 

Good news comes on March 18 though, when the full moon in Virgo takes over your 2nd House of money. This is the moment you might receive a job raise you’ve been working toward or use the money you’ve been saving to buy something nice. 

On April 30, a solar eclipse will occur in Taurus in your 10th House of career. What’s that mean? A new job opportunity, baby! Whether you take matters into your own hands and finally quit, or you’re given a brand-new promotion, new opportunities are here. 

On December 7, the full moon in Gemini will highlight your 11th House of career connections. You might meet an investor, a new client, or someone who can help you land your next job. 

Virgo 2022 Horoscope 

With Venus retrograde traveling through your 5th House of connections, the past few weeks with coworkers may have felt awkward or tense. Disagreements may be common, but it won’t last! Venus turns direct again on January 29.

Thankfully, on February 14—Mercury—the planet of communication—will move into Aquarius in your 6th House of routine. You’ll find work to be extra enthusing from February all the way through March 8. It’s a great time to discover better ways to be efficient at work and in your day-to-day. 

As Saturn turns retrograde in that same house on June 4, you may find that an overbearing boss or coworker is getting on your nerves. They may be pulling some tyrannical mischief. Don’t let the haters get you down.

On August 20, Mars enters Gemini in your 10th House of career opportunities. This is the best opportunity for you to use your verbal skills to lock down deals and make connections. Word-of-mouth opportunities are more likely right now—so, make it happen!

But act quickly, because Mars will turn retrograde in Gemini on October 30… causing a standstill in opportunities at work. You may experience career blockages, lack of inspiration, or an inability to push out projects, all the way through the end of the year. 

Libra 2022 Horoscope 

Wherever Jupiter goes, luck and prosperity follows. And as you start off the year, from January 1 through May 22, Jupiter is moving through your work zone of day-to-day activities, health, and office cadence. Serendipitous situations can occur regarding your daily transits—like reaping the benefits of a newly added train. Or you may also find that health benefits arise at work. 

On April 12, Jupiter is making a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces that same work zone. Prepare to be blown away by a brilliant new idea around how to make your daily routines magical. This is the best transit for inspired moments and creativity. 

On May 15, the full moon lunar eclipse is occurring in Scorpio via your 2nd House of money. Since lunar eclipses are all about fated endings, something regarding your money situation will come to a close. (Think: paying off debts, loans, or mortgages.)

Now, this is the part that you’ve been waiting for. Finally, on October 25, the solar eclipse occurs in Scorpio in your House of money. New moons, and particularly the solar eclipse, brings fated new beginnings. Take that in your House of money, and you’re getting a raise before you can say “boss bitch.” 

Scorpio 2022 Horoscope 

You’re getting a lot of lunar attention this year, Scorpio. That means your emotions are getting heightened to the max, but it also means that you’re receiving some pretty great gifts as it relates to identity, personality, and personal “look” in the workplace.

On May 15, the full moon lunar eclipse is happening in your sign and 1st House of self. Eclipses bring about things that have always meant to happen, but instead, speeds up the timeline. So, you might have a realization about who you are during this time—and properly implement that in the office scene. 

When the new moon solar eclipse happens in your sign later in the year (October 25), something different will take place. You may find yourself feeling like a whole new person around this time—which can create uber confidence and magnetism when you turn in the resume.

Finally, on December 20, Jupiter enters your 6th House of daily routines, work, and health. Jupiter is the planet that seems to make everything better—because it brings luck, excitement, and new beginnings. So, you might find that the best way to pump yourself for work every day is to switch up your daily cup of matcha to a daily cup of soy latte. Whatever it may be, you’ll feel re-inspired to take on anything that’s thrown at you for the next couple months.

Sagittarius 2022 Horoscope 

The year starts slow with Venus retrograde transiting your 2nd House of money and finances. Expect the money flow to be slow (or even nonexistent) until it turns direct again on January 29. You may find that making money feels difficult or that your need for retail therapy is a bit stronger now (whoops). Good news though! Once it turns direct, all your money woes will change. 

More good luck comes your way on March 18, when the full moon in Virgo lights up your 10th House of career. This could suggest a promotion that you’ve been working hard for or signing the papers for a brand-new job. 

On April 30, the new moon solar eclipse in Taurus occurs in your productive and work-oriented 6th House. Since new moons bring new beginnings, this could arrange a brand-new outlook on routine or workdays. Use this time to come up with a better work-life balance or process of production in your day.

On November 8, the full moon lunar eclipse rises in Taurus in that same House.  It’s during this time that you may actually find joy in your work and excitement to be doing what you’re doing. You might also finish a work project or feel that you’re getting a well-deserved break. 

Capricorn 2022 Horoscope

Things at work will seem normal—nothing new to report. That is, until Mercury enters Aquarius in your 2nd House of money on February 14. Your silver tongue will come in handy here, as you’ll be able to convince anyone to give you the amount of money you want. Push for a promotion, ask for a raise, or demand a certain salary. You’ll get it.

And that’s perfect because on April 16, the full moon in Libra will shine a light on your 10th House of career and work endeavors. After you get that salary boost, this is the time when you’ll put your money where your mouth is with a badass project or presentation. 

On October 25, the solar eclipse hits your 11th House of friendships—which brings you an awesome networking connection or coworker buddy. You know that office bestie that you bitch about everything with? You’ll get a new one this month.

On October 30, something intense is happening in your House of work ethic and daily routines. Mars, the planet of passion and energy, is turning retrograde in Gemini. Unfortunately, this means that your energy for day-to-day tasks and motivation to get through the day isn’t going to be as powerful as normal. Down the coffee and get through it for the next couple weeks!

Aquarius 2022 Horoscope 

Good news, Aquarius! Jupiter just turned direct before 2022 started, and now it’s direct in Pisces in your 2nd House of money. Get ready for some good fortune hitting your bank account. For half the year, until May 10, you’ll have big dreams and exciting opportunities for growth in the money realm.

On February 14, Mercury enters your sign—making you feel indestructible and ready to handle anything at work. Use this time to communicate to your bosses and coworkers about what needs to be done. You’re magnetic right now.

It’s on May 15 that things finally elevate to a new level with your career goals. The full moon solar eclipse in Scorpio is hitting your 10th House of career—bringing a close to a major project you’ve been working on all year. (Think: finishing a manuscript or pushing out a new feature for your business.) Finally, you’ve accomplished it!

Now that you’ve accomplished some major feats this year, October 25 brings a welcome new change—thanks to the new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio. Here’s where you’ll start a brand-new project for next year or you’ll receive the funds to invest in something new at work.

Pisces 2022 Horoscope 

The past couple weeks have likely been difficult at work with coworkers. Venus, the planet of money and connections, will be retrograde in your 11th House of business connections until January 29. This will be a time of misfires, tension, and petty arguments in the office. You may also find that networking is difficult now. Don’t worry though—once Venus turns direct again, people will be easier to deal with.

A magical day for you to remember will be April 12—when both Jupiter, the planet of luck, and Neptune, the planet of transformation and dreams, conjoin to create major creative expansion. This is the moment when everything will click. Be mindful of your dreams or sparks of inspiration today because they could send you on your way to a badass project. 

Right now, and until December 20, Jupiter is in your sign. That means you’ll be completely magnetic for the rest of the year. Investors and bosses will gravitate toward you and believe in what you have to say. 

But it gets even better! On December 20, Jupiter will enter Aries in your 2nd House of money—where it will bring luck to your finances and grand opportunities for growth in your bank account.

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