Your Full Moon In Cancer Horoscope Will Have You In Your Feelings

Your Full Moon In Cancer Horoscope Will Have You In Your Feelings

On December 22nd, we might have to have the handkerchiefs and tissues at the ready thanks to the arrival of a very emotional Full Moon in Cancer. With the moon at home in this tenderhearted sign, themes around family, community, and emotional nourishment are highlighted. As such, we might be moved to have some deep conversations around what we’re feeling as a means of clearing the air or strengthening the bonds that we share with others. Overall, this moon encourages us to honor our emotions (yes, all of them), to embrace others, and to release anything that doesn’t nurture or feed the soul. Ahead astrologer Mecca Woods shares this month’s full moon horoscope.


Patience is something that you struggle with, Aries, but this full moon asks that you slow down long enough to tune in with yourself and those that love you. Why? Because now’s the time for you to (emotionally) refuel your tank before embarking on your next adventure or checking off your next goal. Don’t worry, you’re not running a race. You’re reinforcing your foundation. When it comes to tradition and family history, take only what resonates for you and leave the rest on the shelf.


You have the power to make some big things happen with your words and ideas. And if you want more eyes and ears on something that you’ve been cooking up, now’s the time to spread the word, as news will travel far and wide. Just keep in mind that your unique voice and point of view are what’s needed now, so don’t second guess the impact you can make. It’s time to release your self-limiting beliefs and perceptions. You’ve got the world on a string.


With your career on the rise now, it’s possible that you could manifest an impressive offer that could be in the form of a promotion or a higher paying salary. Of course, the key to getting either will depend on how valuable of an asset you think you are. On a separate note, a financial matter could come to a head now, pushing you to be savvier with how you make and manage your cash. Either way, it’s time to heal your wounds around scarcity.


The attention is on you now, as you’re called to focus more on you and what you need. Perhaps this means an end to a stifling or stagnant relationship. Or maybe it means letting go of an old or negative self-image that doesn’t allow you to be the person you really are. No matter how you look at it, you’re due for a rebirth. Meanwhile, with all the attention you’re getting now, you could attract a promising opportunity or receive a lucky stroke of synchronicity.


You might find yourself feeling more emotional than you have in a while, and you know what, Leo? That’s not a bad thing. Giving yourself space and permission to feel your feelings (especially the uncomfortable ones) help you to release them and heal. At the same time, the moodiness you’re feeling could be a signal for you to slow down and rest. It’s time for you to put your well-being at the forefront, which may mean working to break unhealthy habits. You can do it.


Thanks to the reputation that you’ve been building for yourself, it’s no wonder that people want to work with you, or at the very least, get to know you. As such, you might be asking yourself, who’s on Team Virgo? You could find yourself connecting with the right people at the right time, which could help word travel about you and your talents. Soak up the attention. There could be an opportunity or two waiting. On another note, a lopsided friendship may need to end.


Congratulations may be in order for you, as you could hit a major milestone or goal when it comes to your career and aspirations. On a similar note, you could end up receiving some sort of buzz or widespread attention for work that you’ve done. However, when it comes to your accomplishments, try not to waste energy on comparing yourself to others or fretting over the areas you feel you fall short. Go ahead and celebrate. It took a lot for you to get here.


If you’ve been doing all you can to bring a dream or vision to fruition, you might finally be able to see the results of your labor. Though in order for you to get ahead now, you may need to leave behind old beliefs or ways of thinking that are keeping you stuck in place. If you want to see growth, then it’s time to open yourself up to new experiences and new ways of seeing the world. Traveling could bring you the wisdom you seek.


It might be hard for you to hide the intensity of your feelings now, but your feelings are bubbling up for reason. You usually like to take the moral high road when it comes to people that betray your trust or hurt your feelings, but this moon is pushing you to be brutally honest about what you feel with yourself and with them. If a relationship has been unhealthy for you, it’s time to move on. Financially, it’s time to get on top of unnecessary spending.


A partnership or the potential of one comes to center stage now. And as such, you could find yourself ready to embark on a new chapter with someone you love. Though if the relationship has been one that looks good on paper while giving you little emotional fulfillment, this moon will push you to pull the plug. If single, you’re being asked to think deeply about what you want while having faith that you can find it. A professional collaboration or business relationship could bring success.


How are you feeling, Aquarius? Emotionally? Physically? You might find yourself focused on the answers now as the full moon pushes you to take better care of yourself. If you’ve been feeling off-kilter, you could be moved to end an unhealthy habit or look to ways that you can bring more self-nourishment to your daily schedule. On another note, when it comes to the ways in which you help others, know that just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should.


Love and romance are highlighted as you could find yourself taking a romantic connection to a deeper level. On the flip side, if you and a love match haven’t been on the same page, you could decide to move on, especially if the connection hasn’t been providing you the emotional depth that you crave. Know that when it comes to love, you have a choice in terms of getting what you want. You don’t always have to go with the flow. Being clear and decisive brings results.