Your March 2022 Career Horoscope: Luck and Good Vibes Abound

Your March 2022 Career Horoscope: Luck and Good Vibes Abound

Maisy Bristol (@tarotbymaisy on Instagram) is back to impart her astrological wisdom and chart each sign’s professional zodiac for the month of March. You should definitely bookmark her predictions. No, seriously.


Overview of the Month

March is about to bring a whole new vibe! You’ll not only see progress in your personal goals and day-to-day living, but also experience plenty of luck as well—perfect for St. Patrick’s Day month!

There are two things happening all month long, that will make March extra smooth: 1) Venus (planet of money and love) and Mars (planet of sex) will continue to ride along the sky together in a tight conjunction, and 2) all the planets in the sky are finally direct (huzzah!). 

Venus also rules money. So, this could be the perfect opportunity to find a business partner or receive a supporting investment.

After the past few months, we’ve been pretty accustomed to seeing more than one planet retrograde at a time—which may have caused hold-ups and also asked us to slow down, think, and re-evaluate what’s happening in our life. So, now that they’re all direct, the universe will just flow more rapidly and easily. Opportunities abound, projects begin, and “next steps” are taken in all areas of life. 

On March 2, the new moon in Pisces entices us to open up, show empathy, or help someone heal.

On March 5, Jupiter and the sun connect in the sky, bringing an extra dose of luck to all—especially wherever Pisces lands in your chart.

On March 18, the full moon in Virgo entices us to work hard… but there may be some hold-ups, since Neptune will be conjunct the sun.



The sun makes a sweet sextile to Uranus in Taurus in your 2nd House on March 1, spurring a surprising idea around money and healing or enticing you to be more charitable. 

Brace yourself for March 3, when both Mars and Venus connect to Pluto (planet of power). This could create power struggles rising between coworkers or higher-ups and may even entice you to break free from a toxic work environment.

The full moon in Virgo on March 18 occurs in your 6th House of career and grind! You may receive a bonus or recognition for all your hard work. 

Finally, March 20 sees the sun moving into your sign! It’s the best time to be unapologetically yourself.



On March 5, not only are Venus and Mars now gracing your 10th House of career, but Jupiter and the sun are conjoined in your 11th House of network. Today, you may meet the perfect connection to help you take the next step in your career.

March 19 brings all eyes on you—and not in a good way. Venus in Aquarius is making a square to Uranus in Taurus in your 10th House of career and 1st House of self. This is challenging you to step up to the plate and prove yourself at work.

Finally, on March 28, Venus and Saturn make a conjunction in your 10th House—bringing a work or contract relationship to the next level.



March 3 brings Venus, Mars, and Pluto conjunct in your 8th House of loans, legal affairs, and outside money. That is a lot of energy regarding money (Venus), anger or passion (Mars), and power (Pluto). Someone might be holding money over your head… or maybe you’re the one holding money over theirs!

The void moon on March 13 occurs in your 2nd House and isn’t a good time to sign contracts or send contracts via technology.

Finally, March 18 sees the sun and Pluto making a sextile in your 8th and 10th Houses. This can be a really successful day if you go for it!



On March 18, the Virgo full moon lights up your 3rd House of communication—so, it’s the best time to present a project you’ve been working on. If you’re using your artistic or creative side, it’ll be even better—since Neptune is conjunct the sun on this day.

As the sun enters Aries on March 20, it’s also entering your 10th House of career! Soon, your priorities will shift to how to make your career even more fulfilling.

On March 31, the Aries new moon occurs in your 10th House as well—marking the best time to start a new work project!



This month, you’ll be less inclined to focus on work as Venus and Mars move into your 7th House of relationships on March 5. However, it does mean that you’ll be intensely focused on all types of relationships—including work connections.

On March 18, the full moon in Virgo occurs in your 2nd House of money. Be prepared for a sweet raise or maybe even a tax refund to go through around this day.

On March 22, a square between Mars and Uranus in your 7th and 10th House could cause complications between work and your romantic relationship. It could also signify tension with coworkers.



When Mars and Venus enter Aquarius on March 5, they will be dancing through your 6th House of work and “the grind”—all month long. That means you’re going to be super-charged to get down to business. This is good, but beware of overworking!

On March 18, the Virgo full moon illuminates your 1st House of ego and identity. It’s all about you! Believe that, and everyone at work will follow your lead today.

Things at work could become tense with Uranus makes squares to Venus and Mars—on March 19 and March 22, respectively. Hold your ground and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.



On March 2, the Pisces new moon could very well bring a new job opportunity or responsibility for you—as it highlights your 6th House of work. 

That “lucky day,” March 5, is hitting your 6th House of work, duty, and daily routines. Something new will grace the day that makes the grind so much easier—whether that’s landing a new job or just getting your morning coffee for free.

Finally, on March 13, the void moon occurs in your 6th House—so don’t expect to be productive that day. Just sit back and let things happen (*ahem* liquid lunch?).



Once the sun enters Aries on March 20, you’ll be firing away at work like you’ve had 3 cold brews. Moving through your 6th House, you’ll have a whole new mindset around working hard and getting sh*t done. Honestly, you’ll start to enjoy going to work.

On March 24, the void moon is lighting up your 6th House of work and grind—so, it might be best to take this day off. Play hookey.

Finally, the Pisces new moon on March 31 brings a brand-new opportunity to add to your schedule. You may receive an uplifting message at work or responsibility for a big-time assignment.



On March 3, Mars and Venus are making a conjunction to Pluto (planet of power) in your 2nd House of money and values. It’s time to rid yourself of toxic ideas around personal values or money. Marie Kondo those thoughts!

The Virgo full moon on March 18 is lighting up your 10th House! Get ready for exciting career boosts around this time.

Finally, March 22 cautions you to stop and think before you speak—which is not always your strong suit, Sag. Mars (planet of action) and Uranus (planet of risks) are making a tense link in your Houses of communication and work. You could say something that compromises the flow of the office. 



Wherever Mars and Venus go, passion and drive follow. On March 5, these two planets move into your 2nd House of money and values—which sparks a whole new conversation around what you think you’re worth at work, and what you plan to do to make it happen. 

Since Jupiter and the sun are connected on this day in your 3rd House of communication, and March 6 sees Mars and Venus in an exact conjunction, it could be a good time to tell a boss what you want.

March 23 isn’t a great day to give a presentation. Mercury (planet of communication) and Neptune (planet of haziness) connect in your 3rd House of communication—causing misspellings, and lack of directness.



As Mars and Venus enter Aquarius on March 5, they’ll be traveling through your 1st House. This means you’ll have the strength to tell others exactly what you’re worth—both in and outside the office!

March 13 could bring a really great money-making idea via a daydream or random thought. The sun and Neptune are conjunct in your 2nd House of finances. Roll with it!

The sun is making a sweet connection to Pluto (planet of power) on March 18 in your 2nd House of money and 12th House of spirituality. It’s a good time to invest in metaphysical projects or it could signify that money comes your way when you’re in need.



March 5 is one of the luckiest days of the year for you—as the sun and Jupiter connect in your 1st House of self. Expect something exciting today!

Money flow might be a little lost this month, since all the action is happening in Aquarius via your 12th House of unknown and healing. But come March 20, when the sun moves into your 2nd House of finances, money flow will come a whole lot easier. 

The sun will be followed by Mercury entering your 2nd House on March 27.

And finally, March 31 sees a new moon in your 2nd House as well! Use this time to plot out new money-making ventures or business goals.


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