Your New Moon Horoscope For December Needs You To Loosen The Reins

Your New Moon Horoscope For December Needs You To Loosen The Reins

December 7’s Sagittarius new moon wants you to roll the dice and risk turning it loose to everything you can’t yet see— trusting that the ready road will rise to meet you.

Sagittarius season’s energy is unbridled and full of faith, reminding us that getting “lucky” means loosening the reins and opening ourselves wide to partner with everything bigger and stranger than ourselves. And this new moon pairs with powerhouse Mars in mystical Pisces, inviting us to soften and shape shift—getting comfy with an initiation into the in-between.

Where are hard limits and hard edges holding you back? What if you could swap your “either, or” for “yes,and”? With Mercury and Venus now traveling direct, it’s a moon for letting go of scarcity and scrambling, saysThe Numinous.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: Filling my own curious cup never tasted so sweet.

At work: While new moons are powerful forces of initiation, they also come directly from dark moon solitary magic. And though this moon is by all means bombastic and full of bonfire, you’re also asked to stoke this internally before turning it loose. How can you create a container at work that’s just for you? A kind of bubble you can travel through your day in, protecting yourself from energy saps and threats of burnout? Smooth and soften, Sag, trusting that the career goals unfolding inside of you can be treated like a little egg that’s still incubating.

Out of office: Replenishment is your guiding light during this lunation, Sag. Really feel into any area of your life that feels dry, parched, or like a “no-growth” zone. This lubrication process can start with your body. Maybe it’s swapping nuts for nut butter. A raw salad for cooked beets. Treat this process of literally warming yourself from the inside out as part of an ongoing mission to revitalize yourself in every sense. Find the magic elixirs that truly make you feel full, and drink up.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: Melting the edges doesn’t mean burning it to the ground.

At work: “Mutable” energy is not your cardinal factory setting, Cappy, and this moon may ignite some fears around losing career control. Get curious about what’s underneath this gripping, and start with sticking to the feelings rather than attempting to editorialize. If you find yourself spinning out on worst case scenarios, or scrambling to keep up standards of performance, commit to just sitting with these sensations and rising and falling towards your humanness. The ground is shifting underneath you right now, Cappy, and you’re being asked to work differently. Rather than threatening to swallow you whole, let it grant you the chance to dance on the fault lines.

Out of office: Let it come undone slowly and languidly, Capricorn. This could start with a willingness to leave one think unaccomplished on your to-do list. Or to sit with a friend and simply listen, rather than trying to solve or advise. You are initiating a new cycle of understanding action on a much subtler, less self-centric plain. And to do so, you need to, quite simply, stop “doing” in the usual way. Less sweat, and more spirit, Cappy. Let the balm be made from pure “being.”

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: I’m an irreplaceable piece of the vital whole.

At work: This is a moon for joyous, wild participation Aquarius, and you’re invited to celebrate the specialness of your skillset and its place in your career chorus. While you sometimes subsume your personal identity in favor of the unit, you’re also the zodiac’s premiere iconoclast, risking exile with out-there ideas that crack open new worlds. What piece of your selfhood have you stopped sharing at work? Remember the vitality and vibrancy of your participation, and trust that your tribe of trusty colleagues will synch up with your neon vision.

Out of office: Take cues from nature during this moon, and treat your life like a biodiverse, shimmery rainforest. What systems could just run on autopilot, as you trust into the elemental shifts that will bring sunlight and moisture? Where could you drop some of your defenses and just get dazzled by all of the diverse palettes? When you start from the assumption that your contribution to this ecosystem is unquestionable, there is no territory you need to guard.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: Waking dreams are made for living.

At work: While this moon is made of fire and water, its activates a force very deeply buried in the earth of your self worth, sweet Pisces. An underground source of sustenance, a wellspring that’s been forgotten. And this starts with your ability to acknowledge your solid gold worth and your right to be here, wherever you are. Are you operating from the fundamental assumption that you can’t actually do your job? That there’s some type of mistake when you’re praised, or that the rug is perpetually poised to get ripped from under you? This moon wants you to remember that you have a place at every table of power, Pisces.

Out of office: What is your bedrock Pisces? What is your life resting on? This is a potent moment for excavating your root systems, and also for leaning into the fine art of receiving. Notice your emotional responses when you get a gift of assistance. When someone or something wants to lift you up and hold you dear. Could it really be possible that you don’t have to do anything at all to be worthy of this receiving? Let the petals rain down on your precious head.

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: Movement is made from both mojo and magic.

At work: With lots of 2018 lessons about how to take emotionally aligned action under your belt, this year’s final new moon finds you ready to push forward without having to push at all. Consider all of the career possibilities that could crack open if you didn’t envision straight lines. Could your goals be accomplished with one part intention, and two parts swirling collaboration with whatever surprising shapes cross your path? Connecting to your creative force stems from surrendering your timelines and through lines, Aries. Let erasing the straight lines clear the way for some professional electric slides.

Out of office: Challenge any hardened sense of timelines by taking note of how often you rail against the pull of what you perceive to be the “void.” Knowing that all things come from no-thingness, and that there isn’t a cause and effect, a before and after, can liberate you from harsh narratives about where you think you should be, or what you think you should be getting “over” by now. This moon wants to remind you that every sensation is a self-contained creative world fit for a wild romp. Slip down the rabbit hole, Aries.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: Real love comes in every shade of the rainbow.

At work: This last New Moon of 2018 offers you a masterclass in the concept of possession, Taurus. And after all of the shocks to your usual security systems this year, you’re more than ready for the challenge. But this particular flavor of letting go stems from your willingness to see all of the sources of wild, liberatory support that already surround you. Who are your ride or dies at work Taurus? What forces are unequivocally standing in your corner? It’s a Moon for gathering around the water cooler cauldron and cooking up new plans and projects that are injected with unmistakable passion. Anything less than pulsating, color-saturated career goals simply won’t do.

Out of office: Where is a sense of romantic ideals actually getting in the way of hot-blooded passion, Taurus? This moon wants to remind you that love is truly all around you, and that it is trying desperately to remind you by any means possible. Whether it’s a birdsong, a new lipstick shade, or a relationship you’ve taken for granted, there are a million tiny messengers vying for your attention each day. Treat the world like your Valentine and open the mailbox, Taurus.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New Moon Mantra: Committing to a course unleashes real change.

At work: The phrase “nothing changes if nothing changes” is a potent one for you right now, Gemstone, as you’re invited into lasting transformation that stems from your ability to make some tough and tender choices. You are the zodiac’s queen of respiration, carefully calibrating what comes in and what goes out, and this is a moment to interrupt the career recon to make some calls. Juggling multiple projects and roles is proving to be more of a distraction than proof of your prowess. What if dropping a ball could give birth to a brand new act?

Out of office: Explore the concept of aperture during this moon, Gemini. How do you regulate what comes in to your fore field? You’re one of the most highly sensitive creatures in the cosmos, a veritable weather vein of facts and feelings gleaned from the collective. This is a moon for remembering to care for your own nervous system in this process, and to curate your energy just a little bit more, drawing clear lines between your own experience, and what you’re gleaning from others. Both can be tended to and celebrated if you first draw the boundary.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: Slow and sensuous unfolding is the only way to bloom.

At work: While this moon is made from fire, it’s activating a part of you that’s deeply connected to your physical body, and asking you to expand your notions of time and agendas. Step-by-step movements are key, and these start with excavating narratives around speed and scarcity. What do you feel like you have to learn in an instant and why? For fear that you’ll be exposed as incompetent? Remembering that you’re a tiny piece of whatever larger apparatus you’re working within, whether it’s a company or a creative field, can be surprisingly liberating. Tiny bits lead to professional sustenance.

Out of office: Grant yourself permission to find divinity in every last detail, Cancer. Set your breakfast to a soundtrack and remember that the world is your scavenger hunt. Leave a love letter to your city on public transportation. What’s have you been passing by? What’s calling for your attention? Look at passing strangers like the secret keys to the universe. Your faith can be found through a magic microscope right now. Let anthills become castles.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: New forms are hidden amidst the glittering shells.

At work: What professional pattern or mode of working has already left you, Glitter Kitten? It doesn’t matter how you’re choosing to grapple with this death, just turn your attention to what’s coming in on the other side of this sloughing off and give as much presence as possible to this horizon. And consider how every step of your career development has been built from embers. Revisit your greatest triumphs and identify what you had to let go of in order to truly snack on the fullness of those moments. Being present for what’s arriving first demands some expansive emptiness. Don’t fear the reaper, Leo.

Out of office: This moon adds fire to your fire, but in a form that might not be entirely recognizable. The key, dear Leo, is to ungrip from your need to recognize or be recognized. In fact, you can toss any usual sense of cognition out the window, and focus on pure sensation. What if you were just a pulsating, sensate being, content to move between differently colored zones of your life’s heat map, testing temperatures? Just go where the warmth is right now, and bask in whatever feels like summer.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: Every last feeling is a chance to relate.

At work: This moon finds you moving far beyond the land of right/wrong, good/bad, as you continue your mastery with softening the edges of categorization in favor of some compassion, Virgo. Notice how you manage your reactions at work, or assess the reactions of others. How can loosening the grips on colleagues’ performance help you to become more risk tolerant yourself, knowing that there are truly no “mistakes” to be made, just a perpetual process that calls for your presence and participation? Whatever your line of work, it’s a creatively explosive moon for remembering that everything magical comes out of a mess.

Out of office: It’s a birthing moon for you, Virgo, and you’re being invited to look at whatever is begging to come through you right now. There’s something already gaining momentum and just like actual childbirth, once it is on its way, life will find a way out. You are a channel, Virgo. A witch who’s poised to blend equal parts self-directed action with elemental alignment. Gather your resources, identify what wants to come forward, and then simply await the rush of new life and be ready to claim it.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: Clear seeing leads to compassion.

At work: You are the zodiac’s light beam, wielding the sword of justice, Libra. Yet where has all this light working left you feeling parched and burnt, rather than toasty? This moon wants you to remember to use your sharp intellect in the service of compassionate action, rather than harsh judgement. You don’t need to stifle your urge to tell it like it is to a colleague, or assess performance or efficiency, but notice how you can create collaborative expansion through these insights. Noticing the holes doesn’t mean immediately repairing them. Perhaps, you can dive on through them and discover new professional landscapes.

Out of office: It’s a prismatic moon for celebrating your curiosity and simply gathering information, Libra. Where in your life can you find a sense of new legs and fresh sprouts? Where has maturity lead to a feeling of staleness rather than stability? Treat this moon like a kaleidoscope and shake up the beads to make new color combos, even if it starts in the smallest recesses of your mind by swapping out a word you usually use to describe a feeling, or finding a different route home. Trust that the tiniest turns make the world spin.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: Disarming my heart can feel deliciously decadent.

At work: Though it’s a “new” moon, this lunation wants you to start from a place of complete and total fullness, Scorpio. A professional place of nothing to lose and everything to give. An aspirational work world that’s about sharing the milk and honey of fresh ideas and ambitious glory without a trace of grabbing or portioning or wondering whether you’ll “get” what you deserve. Where have you been subconsciously operating from this place of lack? Where are you still waiting to be bitten or burnt? It’s a moment to shine your light in spite of, and even because, of any professional fears.

Out of office: You’ve been in a dance with softness and vulnerability this year Scorpio, and 2018’s final new moon want you to fully commit to this risky rawness. Know that you don’t have to push or effort this one bit. It springs first and foremost from your capacity to create a larger container for your feelings to roam within. A wilder jungle where beasts are beauties in disguise if you’d only reach out to them. Lay down your weapons, and be the first to offer some sweetness, Scorpio.

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