Your New Moon Mantra For July Says Try A Little Tenderness

Your New Moon Mantra For July Says Try A Little Tenderness

The total solar eclipse occurs in sweet Cancer on July 2, and that means an action-packed New Moon of intense cosmic proportions. Known as “the Great South American Eclipse,” this luminary will expose unexpected and unforeseen sentiments. Our sense of security will be tested—but, that’s a good thing! We will be able to let go of people, situations, and projects that are no longer serving us in the ways we need right now. While there’s always hesitancy and fear in letting go, think about what will come into our lives once we create space for the new. This eclipse is a celestial seasonal cleaning and clearing. But, instead of donating clothing and deleting old files from our computer, we are packing up our outdated beliefs and views in order to make room for our contemporary dreams.


You’re finally ready to let your hair down and step back into the world.

Although your nerves may seem to work against you, don’t crawl away from the personal hype you are experiencing. Do the opposite of your norm—embrace the public glare. Enjoy the boost in social media followers. Rock your popularity!

All eyes are on you! Strike a pose! After all, you are fabulous!


Burning the candle at both ends has caused exhaustion. You’re in desperate need of some QT to calm your nerves and to chill from the endless stresses in your life. Taking a step away from the limelight and drama will be challenging for your theatrical flair, but necessary for your emotional and mental well being. Disconnect for a day in order to reset your spirit.


Be prepared for a “frenemy” to creep back into your life. While you may be inclined to have a quick chat with your “BFF,” you will see that they do not have your best intentions at heart. It may be hard for you to come to terms with their unsupportive demeanor. However, take refuge in knowing that they are projecting their issues onto you.


There’s a promotion coming your way, which may seem unattainable. However, things are shifting. You will be granted all the fame and acclaim you deserve for your hard work, even if it feels as though it won’t happen. Keep the faith! You’re due to receive recognition for your efforts (also, a pay bump for your new professional status). Cheers to you! The sky’s the limit!


It’s time to hit the road! Plan an exciting girls trip with your crew. Head to wine tasting or hang by the beach to beat the hot summer weather. Take a personal day off from the office (we won’t tell if you don’t tell) and head out of town to have some laughs with your crew. You need a little R & R to revive yourself from your workaholic tendencies.


This eclipse takes you on a magical mystery tour and exploration of your deepest desires. We’re talking about coming to terms with the next phase of your life. Right now, you’re at a crossroads (professional, personal, and relationship wise) and under this eclipse, you will make decisions that will affect the rest of your life. Be sure you weigh all your options carefully. Choose wisely.


Partnerships are a tad rocky at the moment, mostly due to your reluctance to commit 100% to another. Arguments may cause disruptions within your somewhat quiet existence, primarily due to resentment of being taken for granted. Share your inner feelings and ask yourself, “What have they done for me lately?” before you surrender in an effort to make the relationship work. Stand your ground.


It’s that time of the year again—when all your work piles up on your to-do list. While it may seem daunting and stressful at first, you will be able to bang out all the projects your office mates have piled on your Slack account. Remember, you can say “no” to helping out your colleagues if the work strain becomes too much for you to handle.


Don’t be shy expressing your feelings when it comes to love, Pisces. Your new Tinder crush will make you bashful and beaming with glee. While being extra flirty may be a tad awkward, use your creative mind to spell out your sentiments with a stellar artistic emoji choice—that way you will be able to effortlessly able to enjoy the playfulness this luminary offers you.


Who do you love? The answer is simple: YOU! This solar eclipse allows you to mend your insecurities and have a restored relationship with the most important and wonderful person in your life—YOU. You’re now beginning to acknowledge and own your awesome qualities, which in return is allowing your confidence to shine. Nurture and care for yourself to be the ram of your most passionate dreams.


You’re well aware that actions have consequences. But, do you know how much power your words have? Expressing your feelings to others may prove challenging, as you are protecting your tender self from heartbreak. However, sometimes you have to take a risk—no matter the outcome. While you may have reservations at the moment, you will come to see that you won big by not silencing yourself.


Money is no laughing matter for you. Your new raise has allowed you to make decisive plans regarding finances. You’re interested in diversifying your assets and investing in your 401 (k). The real conflict you are facing is whether to dive into cryptocurrency. After all these years of living paycheck to paycheck, you’re ready to make major “adult” decisions to save your pennies for the future.