Your New Moon Mantra For May Wants You To Seek Solid Ground RN

Your New Moon Mantra For May Wants You To Seek Solid Ground RN

The new moon on May 15 joins forces with game-changer Uranus, who shifts gears from fire starter Aries to earthbound Taurus for the first time in seven years, and the energetic invitation is to really smoke out sources of security that no longer actually sustain us, and to start building our lives on solid gold ground.

With Mars entering future maven Aquarius, and Venus slipping into Cancer, it’s a moon for translating your wildest visions into your everyday groove. So want what feels good to want, bosses. You’re worthy of a star-kissed feast that’s made to last. Settle in and summon the courage to savor it, says The Numinous.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: Security comes from bold self expression.

At work: Who are you really, Taurus? This moon cycle marks an existential exploration, as lunar power lights up your zone of no-holds barred ego expression. Get super curious about this. Treat your career landscape like uncharted territory and wander through its rooms inquiring deeply about how you really feel here. You’ve got a mission, and this is the cycle to reconnect with it. Dig deeply into those file cabinet drawers and rediscover your own purpose.

Out of office: Let it shine, earth babe. This is the culmination of your birthday cycle, and you’re coming into your own like never before. Consider yourself to be an aged cheese or fine wine grape who has carefully cultivated your maturity over long, hard years. Now, it’s time to feast on all those labors. Lay out the picnic blankets, gather those who knew you when, and let yourself have a sweet sleep under your own hard-earned sunshine.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: Dream-weaving spins me towards solid ground.

At work: This is a deliciously dream-dusted cycle for you, Gemstone, as the new moon and Uranus power up your zone of sweet surrender and silken sheets. Let it simply come undone as much as you can. Discover ways of working that are more easeful and expansive. What’s become all too tight and constricted? There’s space where you least expect it right now; ask for assistance on a project, release any self-imposed deadlines. And take some extra long lunches while you’re at it. Recess and retreat are your keys to the castle.

Out of office: Start with a body skin to divine any places you’ve been holding tension, Gemmy. Chances are, this starts in your mind and nervous system. As a Mercury-ruled babe, you process through the brain, and this is a moon cycle for taking a serious mental vacay. Notice any areas of your life where you can simply soften the edges. Experiment with pastel palettes, smooth jazz, and efforting 50 percent less wherever you can. This is your yacht rock cruise cycle, Gemini. Drift away.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: The future is bright when I release into the rhythm.

At work: Changes are coming, crab cakes, and this word may spark some fear in your deeply emo heart. You’re someone with a penchant for the past, who loves building small memory museums wherever you travel. But fear not, Cancer. This moment offers you a path towards your future that doesn’t mean burning down the past. Simply follow the trail of new opportunities and keep flowering open in their glow. You have the chance to say yes, again and again in your career right now, and to just rise to meet the road that greets you like you a modern dancer responding to your environment.

Out of office: Carry this sense of rhythmic release into the rest of your life, as you feel into any area that’s calling for expansion. There are powerful new perspectives available to you right now and they literally start with the act of respiration. Breathe in the newness, sweet Cancer, and exhale a different approach. And let your magic word be “circulation.” Open the blinds and the windows. Take a dance class where you travel across the floor. Hike to a vista point. The world is wider and wilder than you’ve been letting yourself believe lately. Crack it open like a geode.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: My competence springs from my irreplaceable inner glow.

At work: You on top of the world this cycle, as the new moon and Uranus ignite your arena of self-sufficient boardroom boldness. Let this be sweet, little glitter kitten, and fully enjoy any form of success that arrives. This may not be wrapped in the packaging you expect, and you’re being asked to radically expand what you view as professional triumph. Have you become to fiercely attached to one version of making it? Let the release of this singular pathway lead you to your greatest finish line.

Out of office: Get gorgeous during this cycle, love cat. Consider the actual sound and feel of the word “gorgeousness” in your mouth. It is bursting at the seams and complete unto itself. Let yourself channel this ripe energy as you celebrate anything and everything that you can look upon as beautiful. Flower delivery services, new lippies, a sauna soak. Whatever makes you feel like breakfast in bed all day. The only makeover that’s needed is to remember the innate adoration and tender loving you can give to forgotten facets of yourself that are longing to be fêted in style.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: I am the space holder for my next great expansion.

At work: It’s a metaphorical Monte Carlo mini vacay for you during this moon cycle, sweet Virgo, and you’re being invited to start the work party by rolling the dice. As an earth babe, risk is not always your go-to, but this cycle signals major expansion in your relationship to the concept of luck. Look around you to the colleagues you admire for their fierce creativity, and observe how they push at the edges of comfort, and may have a fundamentally optimistic worldview. You can soothe any career anxieties by looking at the long game, too. Consider how far you’ve traveled Virgo, and don’t be afraid to shoot that pathway straight into the unknown future.

Out of office: Shake it up and let your locks blow in the wind, Virgo. This is your roadtripping moon cycle and whether or not you’re able to literally hit the open highway, you can invite this energy of expansion into every corner of your world. New palettes, wardrobe cleanses, and deep dives into renovated philosophies are all favored. Let your everyday life feel like a scavenger hunt where opportunities for serendipitous signals and signs await you around every corner. Let yourself be a poet of the everyday, and infuse romance into even the most seemingly mundane acts.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: No feeling is final, and I’m ready to feel them all.

At work: With the new moon and Uranus gliding into your underground zone of power partnerships, transformation, and shadowlands, this is moon cycle for wielding your lightsaber to meet professional challenges. This is more than turning a blind eye, or creating false optimism though Libra. It first springs from staring down what is, head on. Treat this cycle like a professional juice cleanse. Get crystal clear on what needs to go, what’s fortifying you, and where you can forgive yourself and others for any past transgressions. Facing up to career realities will give you the undeniable to change them.

Out of office: While you’re one of the more cerebral signs, this cycle cracks you open to the full range of your feelings like never before. And it gives you the courage to feel them all and bear witness to the notion that everything changes. There’s a levity and liberation in this notion, and when you commit to not pushing anything that arises away, you’re truly able to sit with it all and see yourself as a container for complex lifeworlds. Let some of the effort you exert trying to keep it together or manage your emotions simply fall away. As you dance with some darkness from time to time, Libra, you’ll learn to revel in all the shades of the rainbow.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: Traveling two by two leads me back home.

At work: With the new moon and Uranus igniting your axis of partnership and relating, this is a red-hot cycle for collaborations and soul collisions. Don’t be afraid to brush up against anything and everything that you think of as “other.” You’re clarifying your professional values right now, Scorpio, and this means excavating some of the goals and ways of working that are no longer aligned with the boss you’re becoming. You’re creating a sense of solid core beliefs that’s settled rather than rigid, and to do so, you’ve first got to sample other styles and approaches. Get curious about becoming part of a power work couple, and using pairings as a mirror for everything you’re longing to birth into being.

Out of office: With your Libra-ruled zone activated during this cycle, you’re asked to let some light into the darker corners and open yourself up to the notion of aspiration. The word hope may sound hokey to the zodiac’s underground badass who’s more than comfy with the most intense carnal impulses that fuel human nature, but you’re being invited to practice putting more of your life on a pedestal right now. Let yourself grow your hope like complex crystals or a treasured plant. Tend to your tenderness and incubate anything that inspires you like a precious egg.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: When I exercise the art of the pause, I can come back into alignment.

At work: It’s a slow and steady cycle for you, Sagittarius, as new moon and Uranian energy renovate the part of your chart that attends to divine detail. Tap into the glory of ant life in your work world. This may sound confusing for someone who loves over the top triumphs and bombastic expansion, but there’s an ease available to you right now when you embrace the everyday. And this process of simply staying out of your own way and keeping on with your daily duties can help you to fully trust in the energetic riches that are coming your way. You’re learning that nothing comes from scrambling or agitation, wild pony. Munch on some flowers and believe that more will grow in their place.

Out of office: It’s a body-con moment for you, Sag, and you can find the liberation you usually seek on the open road inside of your own walls right now. Apply your deep desire for discovery to your inner world, and start by developing a sense of daily mysticism. Your body is your channel—your vessel for contacting everything “out there.” And it’s time that you treated it like a full-on deity. There’s magic in the fuel you give it and the way that you use it to move through your world. Glide, saunter, and two-step towards your own majesty.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: Showing up for the “now” is my most important job.

At work: It’s a moon cycle for transforming your office into a playground, Cappy, as new moon energy smooches your house of passion and presence straight on the lips. This is no easy feat for an astro boss babe who likes to execute complex managerial strategies and work it to the bone, after hours. But giving yourself over to some juicy fun that collapses the work/life divide is the key to your next professional expansion. And this can begin, very simply, by looking around you to see what’s running smoothly rather than what needs fixing. Notice how your brain wants to dive beneath the surface to discover the potential problem, and then let it simply rest on the delicious top layer of the cake instead.

Out of office: Your magic word this month is “innocence,” Cappy. Go on a treasure hunt for the opportunities to access joy that lurk around every corner. Treat your life like a summertime boardwalk afternoon with nothing that “should” happen, and the languid, lazy feeling of everything unfolding according to its own rhythm. While this may bring up many of your fears around loss of control, there’s an easy, breezy ungripping that’s available to you right now, and it starts with just focusing on one thing that lights you up: a shade, a sound, a taste. Rest inside of its goodness. You don’t have to meddle or maneuver one bit right now. Just show up and catch some rays.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: When I listen to the force of my feelings, I am always safe.

At work: With new moon and Uranus energy firing up the base of your chart, it’s a touchy-feely moon cycle for marrying emotional IG with professional sagesse. There are systems, projects, and collaborations up and running that may not be built fully on solid ground, and you’re being invited to tear them down willingly right now so they don’t have to come down of their own accord. As the zodiac’s radical re-shaper, you’re distinctively primed to do this work, but you’ve got to start at a soul level rather than a heady one. What are you instincts telling you professionally right now? Drop into the non-rational. What can be gleaned without needing to make a list? Go off script to discover your next power move.

Out of office: It’s a tropical island moon cycle for you, electric Aquarius, and you’re being invited to tuck in and find some retreat wherever you can. Consider how to invite the feelings of tree houses, childhood closets, and the insides of shells into your everyday. What makes you feel emotionally safe? Where have you maybe not been prioritizing your interior life? Don’t be afraid to turn the ringer off, and dive into these deeper, off the grid waters. There is important information that lies in the spaces in-between, the moments when you feel like you’re doing “nothing.” Be an intrepid explorer of these quieter beats.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: When I choose them clearly, my words become spells.

At work: As the new moon and Uranus step into your zone of voice and perception, it’s a dazzling cycle for feeling into your professional message. Take time to gather as much information as you need before you make any emboldened statements, and use the act of listening to refine your own mission statement. Curious collaborations, training in new fields, and a beginner’s mind are your gateways to career growth right now, and you can sample different work styles just like you would a tapas platter. Figure out your particular flavor and approach, and when you’ve sorted these ingredients carefully, you’ll be ready to cook up your own dish. Notice any tight spots where something has been left unsaid, or where you’ve made your voice too small, and don’t be afraid to voice your carefully researched opinion clearly and directly.

Out of office: You are becoming an expert about your own desires right now, water babe, and it’s all about balancing between your notoriously fusional flow, and the willingness to stand your ground for what it is you want. Don’t worry if you’re still in rainbow mode, tasting all the shades, but also notice when this endless seeking is actually an avoidance of staking your claim to what’s yours and standing your ground. You deserve to love exactly what you love, Pisces. Release from any sense of external judgement about whatever it is you’re craving.

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: I am courageous enough to let it be.

At work: You’ve had many master-level classes in “flow” lately Aries, and Uranus’ departure from your sign and entry into earthbound Taurus is graduation day for your relationship to allowing. As the new moon enters your zone of undeniable value and zero proving, you’re being asked to rest on your professional laurels like a little lamb, and notice every sticky spot where you’re continuing to go hard when the call is for softening. You can adopt a soft approach even as you stand your ground, Aries, and this comes from the belief that your career is exactly where it needs to be, and that you have the star-studded skill set you need to complete the job. Inherit what is already yours.

Out of office: This cycle is all about remembering the solid contours of your world. What are your irrefutable truths? The things you’ve always known about yourself and what you love that have accompanied you since birth. This isn’t about an attachment to hard edges and rigid beliefs, but is instead about rediscovering your relationship to your core. So much of your journey, Aries, is about using your deep dives into self expression and identity in order to show the rest of us that it’s possible to be ourselves completely. Remember that mission during this moon cycle.

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