Your September New Moon Horoscope Wants You To Reclaim Your Time

Your September New Moon Horoscope Wants You To Reclaim Your Time

September 9’s new moon in Virgo invites us to recommit to a fierce inner code that never gives it away for free.Virgo season energies offer us the magic and mystery that is found when we look closely at the details of our daily lives. This moon is your ticket to sweet retreat solo explorations, says The Numinous.

With pleasure-seeker Venus entering the Scorpio underworld the very same day, it’s a cosmic moment for alchemizing the parts of ourselves we think of as “too much” or not enough, and transmuting “messiness” into pure gold.Gift yourself every precious moment of whatever season is right here, right now…

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra:Self-assessment leads to self-celebration.

At work: With this new moon igniting your fiery first house of arrivals and departures, this is a potent time to wipe some slates crystal clean. And this starts with the way you’ve been assessing your work and contribution, Virgo. Where are your self-directed reviews been actually holding you back from making leaps into unknown territories? Have you been keeping yourself small by going over the same “mistakes” in a project, instead of diving into the next one?

Out of office: Whether partnered or not, take this time to delight in the full range of human heart-centered experience, and love up on whatever form of amour is presenting itself to you. It’s also a perfect moment for diving deep and disappearing into a newfound hobby. Remember what it feels like to get obsessed with something that ignites your spirit instead of drags you down.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra:I can let what’s leaving simply swim away.

At work: With this new moon marking time in your Pisces-ruled zone of surrender, it’s time to allow some habits and responsibilities that have been holding you back simply drift out to see. Noticing exactly where you’re grippy and tense and take these signs as signals that an undoing is an order. That project that keeps your mind spinning all night long. A colleague that’s constantly getting under your skin. Slough it off and move on out, sweet Libra, and know that you can do so with your characteristic grace and ease.

Out of office: With Venus sliding into your Taurus-ruled zone of embodied pleasure, it’s a deeply sensual moon for feeding yourself on absolutely every level, Libra. While your idea of delight sometimes dances in your head, it’s time to bring it down into the body and get physical. Whether it’s sweat-drenched workouts or simply bread and cheese, follow the trail of what feels good and let this create new neural pathways that help you move towards the wants instead of the perennial shoulds.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra:Radical renovations start with responding to the rhythm.

At work: As the zodiac’s soul survivor, you are built for the professional and personal apocalypse, dear Scorpion. And as such, you’re in a lifelong learning with how to find greater ease when the moment doesn’t necessarily call for you to go hard or go home. This moon offers you one of these ways out of the trenches, as it drifts through your Aquarius-ruled zone of neon-lit innovations and electric slides. What professional 180s could you enact, right the hell now? Start by using your spidey-sense to divine the rhythm of the office culture around you. See what’s possible, Scorpio.

Out of office: With Venus entering your sign on this moon, it’s time to lean into what feels fully supportive. This is no mean feat for an intimately intense babe who double checks all motivations at the door. Just notice where you resist the honey. Where you turn away from the desert tray, or insist on doing it yourself when someone holds open the door. Grant yourself the gift of sweet gratitude.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra:Stepping into the spotlight means honing my glow.

At work: With this Virgo moon topping your chart, it’s a big juicy astro boss moment for you, Sag. And this begins with understanding exactly how you’d like to direct your energy, and which projects and people you need to say a powerful “no” to. As a mutable fire sign who loves to spill over the containers and burn through the walls, this moon is about developing a sense of limits. Trust that the professional routines and structures you build right now can only help your fire to burn even more brightly in concentrated form.

Out of office: With Venus in Scorpio starting its sojourn through your Pisces-ruled zone of dreaminess, you’re entering the deep watery lagoons of your soul right now, Sag. And while you’re not usually given over to emotional scuba diving, you can take this time as an invitation into the reaches of yourself that can’t be efforted, proven, or maybe even translated into words. Where is the place of the inexplicable and mysterious in your life, Sag?

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra:I am wide open and ready for the surprise ending.

At work: With this Virgo moon activating your Sagittarius-ruled sector of nomadic voyaging, you’re coming into powerful communion with your sense of professional faith. Where can you take a calculated risk right now, Cappy, and trust that all the lining it up that has come before will land you on your feet? Take some time to feel into your career mortality and let this liberate you. Where do you actually want to see yourself in 10 years, on an energetic level? What do you want that career country to look and smell and feel like? Let your notorious sense of time and its limits help you to unleash some surprising moves.

Out of office: As Venus in Scorpio enters your Aquarius-ruled zone of radical renovations, this is a prime moment to start getting some helicopter perspective on partnerships and patterns that are keeping you from the grand vision you’re here to explore. Lose the map, Cappy, and power up with the possibilities of “off-roading” in every area of your life.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra:Feeling my full humanness lets me find forgiveness.

At work: With this new moon activating your Scorpio-ruled sector of underground networks and hidden assets, it’s a professional moment for harnessing the power of the discarded, forgotten, and raw parts of yourself. Follow the adage that the place you think of as your “wound” is actually what you’re here to bring forward. How can empathy for these bits of yourself fuel your greatest acts of professional development? This is not the moment for smoothing things over, or faking your way through it. Speak directly about your professional fears, and let your full humanness pave the path to success.

Out of office: As Venus starts its chart-topping ballad through your Capricorn-ruled 10th house during this moon, it’s truly a moment to start putting your love on top. Where do you swallow your urges for sensual passions in favor of more rational pursuits, Aquarius? Know that whatever is fully igniting you is exactly where you should be putting your efforts. And in partnerships, this is a powerful moon for marking your territory and bringing energy leaking unions either to an end or into a new form.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra:My partnerships bloom when I tend my own oasis.

At work: In a lifelong mastery with boundaries, this new moon offers you even more magical opportunities for marking your turf and deciding exactly how, and with whom, you spend your professional time. This isn’t about having to create an either/or situation where you either collab and disappear into the union, or completely fly solo to claim your proper credit. It’s a constant, moment-by-moment negotiation of your limits in career collabs. Commit to assessing your micro-movements do figure out exactly when someone has stepped over your line.

Out of office: As Venus in Scorpio starts its dance through your Sagittarius-ruled chart territory of Vegas gambles, it’s a wildly expansive moon for personal pleasure of all rainbow stripes. What does wildness mean to you, Pisces? Is it the ability to take time for yourself without checking with anyone else first? Is it dancing in the streets, sweaty, and alive?

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra:I am available to get shaped by my own seasonal shifts.

At work: As this new moon marks time in your zone of vitamin-packed routines, you’re being called to fine-tune the details of your daily grind, Aries. And for a fierce, fiery babe, this might feel like that dreaded back-to-school vibration after a summer of freewheeling and tree climbing. But why does it have to be a wild, extreme swing? Can you find moments of triumph in this tiny choices you’re making to support your professional unfolding? Apply your characteristic sense of courageous feats to a different scale, and let your “battle” be one of becoming deeply connected to what the moment is asking of you.

Out of office: As Venus starts its deep dive into your underworld zone of obsessions, compulsions, and the capacity for forgiveness, you’re being invited to refine your relationship to gripping in all forms, fire-starter. And after your ruler, Mars’ summer-long retrograde medicine, you’re more primed than ever to let it go and flow, Aries. Take the summertime lessons and remember when you caught little lifts of air from not having to be the one to push it forward, decide, or even go first. Take a leap of faith by not needing to leap anywhere right now at all.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra:Savoring what’s here powers me up for what’s coming.

At work: With the Virgo new moon making magic in your Leo-ruled zone, there’s a powerful opportunity for professional acceptance that’s available to you right now. This isn’t the same thing as being stuck or overly comfy comfort zones, Taurus. Instead, just notice where you’ve been pushing and railing against a situation or colleague, when you could choose to soften and see what’s really presenting itself so you then have the power to change it. It’s colder when we steel ourselves against the wind, Taurus. Generate some professional warmth by leaning into the current office temp forecast.

Out of office: With Venus entering your opposing sign of Scorpio on this New Moon, you’re invited to integrate the medicine of this phoenix-like love warrior. While you often tend to sometimes rest on the surface of whatever is most deliciously petaled, Scorpio dives into the root systems and overturns the earth to make new blossoms. Notice where you could unleash more of your animalism, Taurus. What are you craving at a soul deep level right now? By starting to feed yourself more primal partnerships and experiences, you are saying a powerful yes to all of yourself, without having to weed out the so-called “messy” parts.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra:Information comes from listening to every surface.

At work: With this new moon ruled by fellow Mercury babe, Virgo, you’re being invited to sample new forms of communication and analysis. See how you can open up your antennae to all forms of info in the office right now. What are the silences speaking? How does a colleague’s gesture reveal what’s happening beyond the veil? Listen more than you talk right now, Gemini, and be available to potent intuitive hits about your professional next steps.

Out of office: As Venus in Scorpio starts its journey through your Virgo-ruled sector during this new moon, there’s an opportunity to soften self-critique without losing the nuggets of self-realization that have been mined from your more difficult life experiences, Gemini. Feel into where you divide the dark from the light, favoring one or the other at the expense of their integration. While you love to flit from blossom to blossom, feeding on whatever partnerships and projects fit your current fancy, Scorpio sticks to and sticks with, until the bottom of the well is reached.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra:Playing with the possibilities might just be the endgame.

At work: As the Virgo new moon makes magic in your Gemini-ruled zone of endless color combos and curious collisions, your relationship to professional change is up for review, Cancer. Where have your entrenched viewpoints and stale habits started to block your colleagues’ viewpoints? This moon invites you to ask more questions and let the delight be in the asking rather than in the answer’s endgame. Loosen up rigid boardroom roles, and find release from the way you think things have always been, and always will be. Every second offers you the chance for micro-innovations, Cancer.

Out of office: With Venus in Scorpio starting its travels through your Leo-ruled zone of fluffed and buffed creative force, you’re being asked to come into communion with your precious essence. The elixir of your being that doesn’t need words to explain it, and never needs to be tweaked or altered to be more than enough. Give yourself the gift of glamour during this Moon, Cancer. Whatever you think of as too decadent is exactly what you deserve.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra:Coming down to earth doesn’t have to feel harsh.

At work: This is notoriously challenging time of the year for you, glitter kitten, as the transition out of your birthday month and into the back-to-school groove can feel startlingly sobering. But this new moon makes magic in your Taurus-ruled zone, and has a thing or two to teach you about your relationship to “reality.” In the office, commit to injecting your characteristic flair where things feel to oppressively real.

Out of office: With Venus in Scorpio starting its staycation in your Cancer-ruled zone of emo secret diaries, this is a powerful moment to consider what is only for your own heart, Leo. While you love to generously spill your emotions and translate them immediately into seismic vibrations that the whole world can feel, what if you explored a private dance this time around? This could feel scary or lonely at first, but know that you’re simply filling your own cup and diving back into the humid jungles of your own interior. Step into the wilds with your perpetually tender heart.

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