Your Sign’s Mantra For This New Moon Will See You Through The Uphill Climb

Your Sign’s Mantra For This New Moon Will See You Through The Uphill Climb

Slip on your moon booties and get ready to savor the uphill climb. The new moon in Capricorn wants you to feel into the freedom of working for what you really, really want.

According to astrologers, Capricorn season asks us to examine worthiness in all its shapes and sizes, and to sweat it out for the stuff that’s built to last more than a lifetime. Think of this energy as a cosmic grape that takes years to ripen, just so. But once you drink from your own cup of careful cultivation, the flavor is perfect.

Just following this moon, the sun and Venus shift into neon-lit, eccentric Aquarius, and the moment is perfect for divining exactly what kind of kingdom is worth fighting for, and then reaching the peaks that look down upon it.

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: Dancing it out with my community takes me even higher.

At work: With the new moon kissing your power sector, this is serious magic time. It’s go time on anything you’ve been yellow lighting. You don’t even need to think about it for one more second. Forget regrets. Forget endless desires to refine and tweak and perfect. Take it. Seize it. Taste it. Let it be an experiential learning process and don’t be afraid of the hard parts. Pull an all nighter. Sweat it out at the desk. Work it for what’s completely worth it.

Out of office: This is prime friends and family time for you as Venus and the sun enter your zone of group festivities, and as a solo cardinal sign, this may fill you with fears of dependency. Notice any tenderness around group dynamics, and how much you think you need to bear all by your lonesome. There is truth in your tribe right now, so make sure the energies you’re surrounded by are reflective of your deepest soul work.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra:When I cleanse myself completely, my next adventure is revealed.

At work: This new moon slides into your zone of airplane rides and jet set perspectives, and it’s a majestic moment for seeking much wider horizons than you’ve allowed yourself to in the past. What does security really mean to you? Feel into where you’ve been keeping yourself smaller than you should at work, and where anxiety is holding back your creative force. This could take some scooping out, clearing out, and cleansing. Take a spa break mid work day, or cover your desk with some delicious crystals. There’s energy shifting for you right now, and it’s a magic moment to look for “signs.”

Out of office: Venus and the sun are entering the top of your chart, and there’s no more hiding from what you really want in partnership. Any dark corners where you’ve been repressing a bold declaration or trying to hide your heart are getting spotlit, and it’s time to come out from under the bed and ask for exactly what you want in the bed. Know that anything that gets shaken up is absolutely ready for it, and that the relationships and patterns that outlast the storm are those that were built to last.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: I am more than ready to claim my hard-won maturity.

At work: It’s time to put away the game boards Gemini, and savor some sweet serious labor. Though this may feel frightening at first, ultimately you’re going to experience the settled sensation of sinking fully into your prowess, and owning your authority completely. The new moon illuminates your zone of deep diving emotions, so don’t be afraid to go there at work. What’s been hiding from your vision? What have you been keeping from yourself that just doesn’t feel right in your gut? This is the moment to summon all of your willpower to align this wisdom with your work ethic.

Out of office: With Venus and the sun in Aquarius dancing into your adventure zone of philosophical truths, you are primed to see both yourself and your partners from a new perspective. Though this energy may have you craving some far-flung seeking, know that the big reveals will actually come from being your own guru. Though you’re one of the zodiac’s freshest, most curious cosmic cuties, this is a moment to claim all that you’ve been through and refine the innocence inside of enormous experience. You’ve come a long way in matters of the heart and self-expression, baby. Don’t be afraid to keep going.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: I believe in the bittersweet sensation of opening my heart all over again.

At work: Have you been wronged at work? Do you feel like someone is conspiring against you? Feel into the ways in which you “mirror” in your job, and trust that any sticky colleague stuff that surfaces is really just showing you a reflection of what you’re ready to learn and integrate within yourself. The new moon ignites your house of relating, and it takes two right now to make a career move. Pay extra special attention to how you receive others and how they receive you.

Out of office: With Venus and the sun stepping into your house of hardcore heart healing, there’s a precious opportunity for you to make enormous strides in purging the past right now. Let it assimilate. Let yourself feel into the tenderness of having risked your heart and the perception of what you may have “lost.” And trust that nothing is ever truly lost, little mermaid. Out on the other side of all this healing, the colors are getting brighter and juicier.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: My boundaries can bring out even more beauty.

At work: Notice the constrictions this week, Leo. The parts of your work life that feel like a haiku poem in their structure. How do you respond to this feeling of containment or regulation? With the new moon illuminating your zone of humility and daily maneuvers, it’s time to really lubricate your systems. Make sure that you have all the backend support that you need to shine it up. Make a smoothie the night before. Dress the part. Don’t be afraid to put healthy boundaries in place that will propel you to even greater heights.

Out of office: Venus and the sun are entering your house of relationship, and this is the moon cycle to really focus on how you show up in all of your partnerships. Balance along this tightrope of self-hood and self sacrifice and know that you can truly have it all if you’re willing to sample both ends of the spectrum. And pay special attention not only to what you express to others, but also to what you don’t express. Notice the concept of cause and effect. There’s refinement and tenderness is some healthy restraint, Leo.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: I am exactly where I was born to be.

At work:You’ve got all the proverbial ducks in a row this moon cycle, sweet Virgo. Now all you have to do is trust that you’re precisely where you are meant to be. With the new moon activating your house of passion, play, and the present moment, this is the time to really sink into things exactly as they are. Whatever is unfolding at work is emblematic of your soul purpose right now. Notice what just feels damn good to do and then take on more of that. This isn’t about any kind of agitating demands. All you have to do is line yourself up just so, so that you can catch the crest of your next career wave.

Out of office: As Venus and the sun enter your arena of self care and daily structures, you’re being asked to savor the step-by-step unfolding of your life. Build tiny alters to the beauty of the everyday. Invest in scents and fabrics that make you feel truly held. Think of this cycle as your chance to start a love affair with yourself and pay attention to every part of this romance. From the colors you surround yourself with to the flavors that are on your dinner plate. You don’t need to figure out the grand plan right now. Just stay low to the ground and look for pavement rainbows.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: Knowing precisely when to tuck inside births my next big expansion.

At work: With the new moon activating your rootsy house of emotional security, this is a boundary moment for you to step deeply into your integrity, Libra. Notice where you’ve been leaking energy or overextending yourself to others. Your career is calling for some radical self-care right now, and this starts with the word “no.” Exercise your capacity to refuse freely. Let it feel like an exercise in strength building. Seal up the windows and doors if you need to for a while. Take a sick day. And know that absolutely nothing is lost from your claims to this space. In fact, taking this time and distance right now is integral to your next career move.

Out of office: As Venus and the sun enter your house of passionate playtime, you’re being called back into the immediacy of what just feels good. And this may mean spending quite a bit of solo time reconnecting to your original desires. Remember what used to light you up and sink your teeth into those sensations first and foremost. Let it be simple. You don’t have to sign up for a million new courses or put yourself “out there” to discover this feeling. Go inward.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: When I turn my perspective upside down, every happening becomes a teacher.

At work: The new moon enters your Gemini-ruled house of prismatic perspectives and curious reversals, and this is a brilliant moment for you to examine where your brain chemistry has been holding you back at work. What kinds of stories do you tell yourself about your abilities or about the way things are? This isn’t about stepping into entirely new roles, or abandoning old projects for brighter, shinier objects. This is actually about your capacity to hang out with some discomfort, and to see it from a new angle. What can be birthed if you keep sticking to it, but simply tell yourself a different tale about the experience you’re undergoing? Ask around, observe others’ points of view.

Out of the office:As Venus and the sun in Aquarius enter your zone of emotional security and past patterning, you’re being invited to shake up your sense of perspective about your own life story as well. Trust that this process is going to open you up to even deeper heart connects with partners. What have you inherited from your family or origin? Do you still want to believe all of those stories? But know that you don’t have to go “hard” to force them to fall away. Just hang out with these inheritances and treat them like you would a flea market or museum. Observe them. Get curious. And then simply notice which no longer match the house you’d like to live in.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra:Nothing juicy comes from scrambling.

At work: Slow your roll and settle into the feeling of the goods that are already on their way. With the new moon entering your zone of worthiness and value, issues are firing for you right now around deservedness and material security. How will you handle the time of waiting for what’s already on its way? Notice where financial panic, or a sense that you won’t get what you so desperately want, live in your body. Stay with those sensations and than simply watch them dissolve. You may even want to practice faking it to make it. What if you already claimed what was yours instead of waiting for it?

Out of office: With Aquarius planets sliding into your zone of communication and perspective, it’s time to completely shake up your viewfinder and speak in brand new tongues. What’s been waiting to come up and out in your personal life? How can a panned out perspective lead to emotional sharing that opens up the landscape for you and a partner? This is your moment to come out of the trenches with anything you’ve been holding onto emotionally and to trust that sharing this message with lead to healing for both you and others.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: A leap of faith reveals my support system.

At work: This new moon is built just for you. Igniting your first house of identity and no-holds-barred expression, this is the moment to light your fire and make that change. Green-light the hell out of yourself at work and don’t worry about things not being fully formed just yet. You are learning to transform your usual 10-year planning strategy into a trust in your self-sufficiency that can just take the leap when necessary. Let these leaps reveal all of the support you have around you and within you. Get comfy with not knowing the new structure or your next role, but trusting that there will always be solid ground beneath your feet that’s built from all that you’ve learned.

Out of office: With Venus and the sun in Aquarius shifting into your house of embodied pleasure and feasting, this is a juicy moon cycle for you to make radical leaps in your own worthiness. Ask directly for what you want, and listen in to your body’s feedback to guide the way. And make sure to stay open to desires that don’t necessarily line up with “traditional” ways of being, or how you’ve viewed yourself in the past. Your pleasure center is changing, Capricorn.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra:I am an intrepid explorer of my own interior

At work:With the new moon dancing into your underground zone of deep dreaming and sweet surrender, get as quiet as you can in the office this month. Practice slipping into the background if possible, taking extra long lunches, meditating at your desk. There are subtle signals available to you in these realms that will help guide the way towards your next big career move. But for now, just practice listening in and know that you don’t have to execute any strategies right now or even action any items. Clear your to-do list and practice just “being.”

Out of office: Just follow the new moon, Venus and the sun’s shift into your sign and it’s game on for celebrating your wild eccentricities and off-the-beaten-path visions. Really investigate what the concept of “freedom” means to you. It’s an overused term, but you’re being asked to dive deeply into it this cycle. Does it come from surrounding yourself with people whom you don’t have to “edit” with? Or dancing wildly till the break of dawn? Maybe it’s the ability to arrange your day just the way you like it. Pay close attention to anything that creates space in your world and then push against those walls and create even more of it.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: Composting the past births luscious new blooms.

At work:As the new moon lights up your house of future visions, you’re being asked to turn your face towards the sun of a new creative career dawn. Trust that everything you’ve already built and experienced is propelling you forward, and then inject a sense of freshness into your day. Maybe it’s taking on a brand new role at work that you didn’t think you were built for. Or changing your strategy on a project completely. Recapture a sense of innocent exuberance in the workplace, however possible. And stay super attuned to exactly what scares you; it’s precisely where the excitement lives.

Out of the office: With Venus and the sun shifting into your deep down zone of touchy feely past patterning, this is serious compost time for you, sweet Pisces. Notice any attachments to old stories and ways of being, and be tender but firm with them. You are growing towards a new way of showing up for yourself and others, but first the detritus has to be composted so you can grow some roses. Grieve what needs to be grieved, tie up loose ends, and then get on with it. Your life awaits you on the other side.

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