Your Sign’s New Moon Mantra For December Is An Invitation To Live Loud

Your Sign’s New Moon Mantra For December Is An Invitation To Live Loud

Grab your carry-on luggage and break out the cocktail peanuts, astro babes. The December 18 new moon in Sagittarius is all about boss lady magic and adventures towards shinier ways of being.

This last lunation of 2017 is bolstered by Mercury stationing direct on December 22, with Saturn entering earthy empire-building Capricorn on Dec. 19, and the sun following suit on Dec. 22. Together, there’s nothing that nomadic flame thrower Sag and regal boardroom Cappy can’t do. This is the energy of impassioned mountain-moving, and Cheryl Strayed-style endurance that braves its body against the bedrock, to birth itself stronger and fuller.

So pour a hard-earned glass of your favorite holiday bubbly. The road is long and wide and wild. But baby, you were born to run. And The Numinous astrology is here to see you through.

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: With nothing more to hide, I step into the floodlights.

At work: With Saturn gracing the top of your chart, it’s empire-building “go time” for you, fire babe. Know that absolutely nothing can stop you if you’re willing to work it for what’s worth it. Let this feeling of no-holds barred career lube make even the challenging projects feel easeful. Sink your teeth into a long-term project. Speak out loud and proud about a brand new initiative. Let your creative confidence rally those you around you to believe in exactly the dreams you’re ready to birth.

Out of office: Bedazzle your off-duty life sweet Aries, and let it shine on and on. With the new moon igniting your far-flung voyaging sector, it’s the perfect moment to dream bigger and brighter. Whether that’s vacation or staycation, incorporate exotic flavors, scents, and color into your world. It’s a magic carpet moon for completely changing up what’s possible. Practice saying “yes” to absolutely every invitation and just seeing what unfolds. Let yourself leap and spin into the New Year with verve, vigor, and plenty of sequins and feathers.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: When I open myself to intimacy, the weather patterns shift.

At work: With Saturn activating your arena of epic adventures, this is a moon for taking enormous risks, for enormous payoff at work. And while you’re a fixed earth babe who generally likes to know exactly where her resources are at all times, you’re being asked to open up to a Vegas-style approach at work that will unearth treasures you didn’t even know you had. Notice wherever you’ve been holding back, and transform any sense of nervousness into excitement. And know that you don’t have to go it alone. It’s a perfect moment for professional partnerships of all flavors.

Out of office: This new moon sends love beams straight into your area of down and dirty relationship, and you’re being asked to leave the game face at home and come exactly as you are. Think of this is a night-blooming energy of desert flowers. Notice what sweetness opens up when you journey into the darker reaches of your consciousness and share the more carnal parts of your experience with others. Probe the limits of shame, and know that you don’t have to apologize one bit.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: When I let every part of myself live, I reign supreme.

At work: With Saturn stepping into your zone of serious underground power moves, it’s time to seize the throne quietly, but clearly. This might not be the “obvious” move at first, but see where you can contribute to a project in a way that feeds it from below ground and behind the scenes. You’ll have your place in the sun, soon enough. But for now, you’re being asked to develop a flavor of boundaried endurance that doesn’t always have to feed on recognition. Practice saying “no” and “yes” straightforwardly at work, and let this lead you to a clear-cut strength that can’t be shaken.

Out of office: The new moon lights up your zone of relating, and it’s a luscious moment for truly celebrating all of your relationship successes. You might not be exactly where you want to be in this arena right now, Gemmy, but let yourself be where you areand open up to all the unexpected sources of love around you. Smile at cats. Leave rose petals on public benches. Let yourself open up, Amélie style, to serendipitous encounters and creative coincidences. Simply listen in for the magic, dear Gemstone.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: Getting “real” releases me into my next adventure.

At work: With the new moon jazzing up your sector of nose-to-the-grindstone daily labors, you’ve got more than enough energy to go the distance right now. Know that you don’t have to have the grand plan or vision. All you have to do is stay in process, and develop sustainable systems for showing up each day. Figure out a routine that feels liberating rather than stifling. Tasty snacks to pack in your lunch. Clear moments of the day to shift your focus to the tasks that feel naturally aligned. Fine tune your systems and let this liberate your creative force.

Out of office: With Saturn settling into your zone of partnership, it’s a moment for exploring what emotional work and endurance means to you. And while this is absolutely not a mess-around energy, can you let the sense of getting clear on where you want to go the distance in love feel lighter? Let it be like a coming home to yourself — your values and limits and the kind of gravity that takes life seriously and enjoys it even more for this seriousness. You’re packing all the tools you need to build the emotional life you want, Cancer. Start laying down the floorboards and picking out your paint.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: Consciously channeled creativity heals my tender-est places.

At work: With Saturn settling into your zone of daily labors and humble self-work, it could feel like some clouds have come between you and your beloved golden sun. But don’t let this change in the weather bring you down, kitten. This is a super sweet moment for really aligning your action in the world with what the world, and you, need right now. It’s a kind of medicine moment for you, where you can travel into the cracks and fissures in your work process and workplace, and do some much needed repair. Being able to identify the places where you could use some improvement doesn’t have to feel like an arduous performance review. It can actually be a vital gateway to having much needed conversations with colleagues about your limits, your potentials, and how you can better align with one another.

Out of office: With the new moon in your oh-so-natural zone of glorious present-ism and creative romance, let your life outside of the office be a much needed balm for your overtaxed soul. Liberate yourself here from any “shoulds” and let “off-duty you” be exactly that. No infringement from work life during play time. Release fully into the sweet sensation of nothing more to do, nowhere to go. Whatever innocence means to you, head straight towards it like a pleasure-driven playground visit. Sing loudly. Bite into the juiciest tomatoes. Order seconds and thirds. Let yourself spill over the top.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: Constructing a clear safety net lets me come on home.

At work: With taskmaster Saturn entering your zone of play and joyful abundance, you could feel a sense of emptiness in the work arena. Trust that this is a mental perception rather than a physical reality, and let yourself feel curious about where you’ve held back from fully taking credit. Instead, just choose to trust that you’ll get what you deserve. This is a lifelong theme for you, Virgo, and this moon cycle lets you feel into it tenderly and unmask it for what it actually is: a sweet longing to be seen, recognized, and appreciated.

Out of office: As the new moon sidles into your home zone of emotional security building, it’s a perfect moment to trick out your bedroom with the softest, sweetest fabrics, and climb on into the covers. This doesn’t have to feel like escape or avoidance. Instead, let it be a celebration of your root structures, and your ability to support yourself in moments of flux. Silk it up, lace it up, and lay it down, lady. Know that first and foremost, you’re being asked to fall in love with your inner landscape and give yourself permission to feel whatever arises.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: Partnering with the past lets me reimagine my future.

At work: With Saturn headed into your zone of past narratives and emotional security, this could be a touchy-feely moon for coming face-to-face with the results of decisions you’ve made at work, and roles you’ve slipped too deeply into. But know that you can be the tenderest of Ghostbusters this week, Libra, by really deciding which of those narratives is ready for an upgrade, and voicing exactly who you are in this moment and plan to be. Practice asking for new responsibilities. Or asking to be released from tasks and duties that don’t feel aligned with your soul goals. Your work life should feel more like home right now.

Out of office: With the new moon igniting your arena of shifting perceptions and ombré opportunities, it’s time to break out the tapas platters and sample the wares. Let yourself mix and match perspectives, and know that a street smart sense of curiosity and an open backpack is all you need for this voyage. This moon is all about your message, and while you don’t have to refine it just yet, know that you can share whatever wants to come up and out as you’re sorting it. Gather more information. Call up all your friends. Sing karaoke. Try on mission statements like you’re trying on dresses, and just let yourself feel the joy of not having to know everything just yet.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: When I become an open channel, sweet inspiration rains down.

At work: With Saturn heading into your zone of shifting, rainbow perspectives, it’s time to “unlearn” some skill sets at work. While you absolutely love to feel fully empowered, notice when this verges towards scrambling for control. What’s asked of you right now is something a little bit scary, but also creatively liberating. Let the process of not knowing, asking for help, and cultivating a beginner’s mind feel wildly fresh. Break some eggs at work. Ask around for more input than you usually would before making a decision. The more you admit to not knowing, the less you have to staunchly defend and try to lock down.

Out of office: With the new moon hitting your zone of holiday cornucopias and endless feasts, it’s a moment for liberating the light and trusting that you can be fully satiated. Just reach out for what’s already yours and let it rain down upon you like the contents of an overstuffed piñata. Your deservedness is already written in the stars. All that remains is your own willingness to receive. And while this is no easy feat for a sign that’s inclined to probe beneath the surface of the beautiful, to expose the infrastructure, you’ve never been more ready to open your lips and catch some snowflakes. Screw cynicism (at least for a moment).

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: Moving to the rhythm of the “way it is” liberates my sense of confidence.

At work: With Saturn inhabiting your zone of self-worth, it’s a moment to reap the rewards that come from finally releasing the creative controls. Trust that you’ve done all of the conscious labor you can on a project and turn it loose to the world. See where you can cultivate a sense of surrender that doesn’t feel like laziness or defeat, but instead taps into your trust that your greatest career leaps are already unfolding in their own time. You’ve lined it up, Sag. You’ve bet on the right horses. Now let the world do its work.

Out of office: This new moon is for you. As it ignites your zone of confident vitality and explosive self-expression, step into the light and let yourself be fully seen. Know that there’s absolutely nothing you have to do to prepare for this moment because it’s simply the effortless climax of your entire story — everything it took you to get right here, right now, scars and all. Let it feel like getting caught in a wildly authentic dance move by the flash of a camera, before you’ve even prepared your perfect picture face. Throw your head back and shake it all the way down to the ground. Let yourself get lost in the motion of living, Sag.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: I’m lusciously irreplaceable and ready to claim my throne.

At work: With Saturn entering your sign, it’s a solid gold moment for really settling into a hard-won sense of security, earth Goddess. Look upon your kingdom. All of the battles you’ve fought for through sweat and tears. And actually celebrate this sense of difficulty. More than any other sign, you know the value of a challenge and that when you apply yourself completely, you get to claim credit for all that you’ve created. Name it, claim it, Capricorn. Anywhere you’ve been holding back at work from telling it like it is, from asking for what you want. Smoke this resistance out and let yourself burn and burn in all your glory.

Out of the office: With the new moon partying in your dreamy zone of surrender and magic, let it come undone Cappy. Get gauzy and ethereal with your style. Don some fairy wings. And if this seems too over the top for your pragmatic self, start small with some everyday poetics. Buy yourself roses. Release into the sweet smells of essential oils. Let someone else prepare a delicious meal for you. Any way that you can find to soften yourself, move towards this.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: When I free my mind, the rest will most certainly follow.

At work: With hard-working Saturn sliding into your zone of radical release, it’s a work moment to simply float on. Notice where you can effort less. Remove yourself from any projects that don’t fully ignite your sense of creative expansion. Strip it down. Leave the laborious behind. Screw the shoulds. And notice any tender places where you shy away from believing in your ability to be the boss. There is a new flavor of power that’s available to you right now that transcends any need to prove it. You were born to be boss, Aquarius. Slip into the role seamlessly with the greatest sense of ease.

Out of office: As the new moon hangs out in your zone of eccentric futurism and coalition building, draw your besties close and shake it up, to wake it up. Whatever the phrase “get out” means to you, break out of the container and do it. Travel. Mind voyage. Open a window to open to the world. You’re the most electrical of all the signs, Aquarius, and sometimes you have to struggle to know exactly when to renovate and when to maintain form. But right now this rhythm is quite natural, and all you have to do is put on your favorite playlist, strap on some sneakers, and follow your groove.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: With a little give and take, there’s more than enough to go around.

At work: With Saturn in your zone of group labors and futuristic visions, this is a serious career moment for envisioning your goals and mercilessly evaluating what no longer holds any weight. For such a magical daydream believer, this can feel a bit like crashing down to earth. But the sense of stability that’s available to you right now isn’t one bit stifling. There’s a kind of self-sufficiency that lets you fully be your own authority, while also balancing into supportive relationships of give and take. Notice where you’ve resisted coming in from the cold into coalition building at work, for fear that your ideas are too “out there,” or won’t be appreciated. You have the power to build a supportive environment right now, but first you’ve got to get real about exactly who you want on your team, and reach out to them

Out of office: With the new moon gracing the power zone in your chart, it’s an alchemical moment for fusing your badassery with your tenderness, and not seeing them as polar opposites. You can release and give without being taken advantage of, and you can also know exactly when it’s the moment to get yours. Let this be like the feeling of really good sex, Pisces, where everyone’s needs are met because all partners involved are good, giving, and game. There’s an unprecedented amount of pleasure that’s available to your right now. Open to receiving it.

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Words: The Numinous