Your Zodiac Sign’s New Moon Mantra Will Help Catapult You Into A Bright Future

Your Zodiac Sign’s New Moon Mantra Will Help Catapult You Into A Bright Future

The new moon solar eclipse on February 15 is a radical reinventress, Aquarius, and it wants you to shake it up. Get ready to catapult yourself into the wildest, widest future you could even imagine.

With the sun poised to enter touchy-feely Pisces this coming weekend, it’s prime time for megawatt healing energy, says The Numinous. But know that wherever you are in the process of making peace with your past is absolutely perfect. You don’t have to “get over it” or “move on.” You simply have to move alongside, and underneath.

This moon marks the glorious moment of seeing every last flavor of our experience as absolutely worth it: Pain, pleasure, and everything in between. Bless it all, drink it down like sweet, saltwater, and prepare to beam yourself up for an awakening.

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: The further out I travel, the more I find my people.

At work: Get your freak on, Aries! With this new moon activating your strangest visions, channel the inner Burning Man attendee in you and build boldly and bizarrely. That strategy you thought was simply too weird and wild? Implement it! That radical break for freedom to expand your side hustle? Do it now. This energy is all about deciding exactly what you want your future to look and feel like. Know that the more “out there” you get, the more your partners in crime will truly reveal themselves.

Out of office: Think of this month as your opportunity to drill a real or metaphorical skylight in your living space. Be an emotional aerialist. Adopt unexpected perspectives on the same-old emo stories. You’re on an outer space mission to re-approach what you think you knew everything about. Let yourself fly higher than you ever have by cultivating some healthy emotional detachment when necessary. Change your mind. Give yourself the freedom to try a totally new approach.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: Getting on top never felt so good.

At work: With this new moon magnifying your zone of self-sufficient power moves, this is the moment to seize your throne. Any place where you’ve been holding back or keeping yourself small is ready to get blown out of the water. Speak up and out at every chance you get, and notice the exhilarating feeling in your body that happens when you make these leaps. This energy doesn’t have to feel defensively aggressive. Let these power plays be your birthright.

Out of office: Ride that mechanical bull like you mean it, Taurus. This moon is all about sensual self-empowerment, whether that looks like a deep roll in the sheets, or a solo wander through the wilderness where you can fully celebrate your own resources and capabilities. Build something. Prepare something from scratch. And then let yourself feast at that table like you were born to be there. Big hair, don’t care, should be your motto this month, bovine babe.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: I get lucky when I find faith in the adventure.

At work: This new moon taps into your zone of open roads and freewheeling, top down riding, and it’s a magical moment to really investigate your professional beliefs. Been itching to take a new course that would expand your skill set? Dive in. Tired of the story you keep telling yourself about your financial situation? Find a way to take a risk. They say luck comes to those who simply believe that life is on their side, and this is the time to fortify your sense of faith.

Out of office: Weekend getaways, parachute pants — anything that liberates your mind and spirit to roam more freely. Feel into where you’ve been keeping your ponies penned in and set ’em loose on the world. Let Madonna’s “Holiday” be your theme song and hit the pavement with a wide open vacay spirit. Your deepest lessons and biggest leaps in growth are happening when you lose the map.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: Letting my beast live unleashes my deepest desires.

At work: As the new moon slides into your primal zone of hard-rocking intensity, you’re asked to truly travel way beyond the superficial water cooler chat. Examine your motivations and your work relationships, and purge any elements of duplicity or double speak. And know that there is some seriously powerful energy available to you right now to endure more than you have in the past, and to come out swinging. But it’s got to be aligned with your passion. Pull an all-nighter for what truly lights you up.

Out of office: Slip into some vegan leather and lace and get in touch with the animal inside you, Cancer. This moon is smoking hot and pulsating with desire for you. Whether attached or single, really dive into your turn ons and let your carnal urges lead the way in every area of your life. You are becoming a beastly badass before our eyes, Cancer. Relish this new, even more natural way of showing up.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: When I reach out for another, I see myself oh so clearly.

At work: This new moon activates your zone of mirroring and relating, and it’s a perfect moment for partnerships and creative collaborations of all kinds. You are one of the most generous spirits in the zodiac when you’re not too busy primping before your own compact, and this moon really allows you to expand this sense of generosity, without fearing that you won’t get the credit that you deserve. Experiment with losing yourself a little bit in a collaboration. Truly feel into the other person’s skill set and let them lead part of the way.

Out of office: This Moon activates romance and relating of all stripes. Mix it up and sample the other side. Is there a style you think of as not yours? An opinion? Try them all on for size without any fears that you’ll lose what’s truly yours. And show up fully to hold loving space for others without a trace of judgement. Let this judgement-free loving lead the way to your own heart healing.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: Taking care of the tiniest pieces can feel like a full celebration.

At work: With the new moon activating your natural zone of contribution, service, and careful refinement, this is a moment to actually celebrate your sense of divine detail. Notice when taking care of all the behind-the-scenes magic feels deliciously healing. Put all of the parts in place. Carefully attend to the pieces of a project without having to fully understand how they add up to a whole. And know that behind the scenes work doesn’t mean you can’t claim credit. Feel into the moments when it’s right to stand up and seize what’s yours.

Out of office:Though your sign is traditionally ruled by Mercury, and sometimes thought of as “honorary” air energy, you’re a harvest earth babe at heart and this moon is built for honoring your beautiful bod. Invest in anything that makes you feel gorgeous from the inside out. Cultivate a super old school sense of toilette. Take luxurious baths. Stare at yourself in the vanity mirror as you carefully apply creams and potions. Let this process extend into every aspect of your life as you let the process unfold — purify and ritualize each moment of your day.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: Chasing the truest rainbows leads me to pure gold.

At work: As the new moon energizes your zone of purely passionate play, it’s a delicious moment to strip it down to the beautiful basics, Libra. Don’t be afraid of sumptuous simplicity in the workplace. What just feels good to take on right now? Can you let yourself be lighter and more lustrous amidst deadlines and to-do lists? Schedule less if you have to. Face your fears about it “falling apart” and realize that trying to keep it all together is not the answer right now. Recapture the joy about what you’re doing. And if you can’t find the joy, you may want to contemplate switching it up completely.

Out of office: This is a shimmering moon for you that can feel like a “perfect day” if you let it. And letting all this goodness in means not having to grip too tightly. Just like a summer beach afternoon, treat this time in your life as precious because you know it won’t last. And then show up for it completely and fully. There are plenty of rainbows up ahead, too, Libra. But for the moment, settle in to the right here, right now. There’s nowhere else you should be.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: Knowing when to retreat re-ups my emotional resources.

At work: This is a tucked-in moon that occurs in your home zone, Scorpio, and you may just feel like taking some sick days and diving beneath the sheets. What if you actually gave yourself permission to do this? So often, you adopt a “go hard or go home” philosophy in the workplace, and this moment actually calls for you to know when to go home. What just isn’t sitting right in your heart anymore? Scrap those projects and roles. There’s absolutely no proving needed right now. You’ve just got to prove to yourself that you have a right to pure tenderness.

Out of office: Hibernate, sweet Scorpio. In satin or flannel or inside a treehouse. Create a safe container for yourself to really dive in and spend ample time in stillness and solitude and sweet surrender to the quieter rhythms that live deep inside you. We’re starting to move towards spring, but for now, let yourself fully inhabit the season of bear medicine and spend as much time underground as you need to. You are building a relationship to your own heart right now. Settle in for that long winter’s nap.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: Learning how to choose helps chart my course.

At work: You’re the astro babe most likely to spend serious time at the buffet table, and there’s a deep need inside you to view your career as an endlessly unfolding adventure. It can be and it is, Sag, but this moment calls for a little healthy discernment as the moon sidles into your house of yes, no, and the in-between. What if you could make a choice without having to suffer from a sense of losing the other option? It’s prime time professionally to really feel into the pros and cons, the cause and effect. And to notice how you’re spending your time and where you might be leaking energy.

Out of office: Get curious about your options, Sag, investigate them fully, and then hone in on what’s really inside your heart. This is a glorious moment for really learning again. Grow down instead of growing up and act like a fresh visitor to your own life, who’s just encountering your emotional patterns, pleasures, and relationships as if for the first time. You’ve got springtime energy available to you right now. Head out into the world and collide with all of the choices. Call your friends. Crowdsource the solutions. Revel in the process of learning how to decide what’s bringing you most fully alive in this moment.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: I am ready to radicalize my sense of self worth.

At work: With the new moon rocking your zone of foundations, tasty treats, and value in all senses of the word, it’s time to ask for what your truly worth. Actually, don’t even ask for it Capricorn. Already inhabit that raise. Walk through the office like you own the place with nothing to prove. Because you already do. There are natural wellsprings of empowerment available to you right now that don’t take any effort at all. In fact, experiment with dialing back the sweat and tears by more than half. The more that you cultivate a sense of ease at work, the more you’re actually able to work it.

Out of office: Pure pleasure is your magic motto of the month, Capricorn. Delight in all forms of sustenance and sensuality. Let your physical environment, your sartorial choices, and the dishes you eat be reflections of how you want to feel. This is a languid moon cycle for settling into your solidity, reaching for all of the resources you’ve already amassed, and feasting on everything you’ve already created. This sense of security doesn’t have to feel the least bit like scrambling. Really settle into the sensation of not even having to want anything you don’t already have.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: I am ready to channel electric change.

At work: This is your moon, outer space operator! Anything you’ve been sitting on, waiting on, wondering about with regards to your career trajectory, can be revealed right now. But you’ve got to be willing to make the radical leap. And if anyone in the zodiac is up for some skyrocketing, it’s you. You out beyond where you think you can be right now. Place your bets high, but know that this is also a moment for deeply checking in to make sure that your professional pursuits match your inner contents. You stand on the precipice of some major career alignments. Trust that the more you bring what’s deep in your soul out into the world, the more workplace mountains you’ll be able to climb.

Out of office: This is a major makeover moon for you, Aquarius. But this particular style of overhaul is actually about stripping down and getting even closer to the core of your selfhood. Notice any area where you’ve been “veiling” yourself. Where you’ve been sporting physical or emotional masks because you believe that the world isn’t ready for the full range of your realness. And then, bit by bit, practice sloughing off those layers. Exfoliate back down to your original creative force. We’re 100 percent ready for you, Aquarius. Show yourself completely.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: My future way is paved when I commit to healing the past.

At work: With this moon activating your super-charged emotional zone of release and surrender, it’s a perfect moment to notice where you can take your foot off the professional pedal just a touch, Pisces. While you’re not usually an aggressive operator in the workplace, you can sometimes go into overdrive just because of the sheer amount of emotional information you’re receiving from your environment. Notice where you’re taking on other people’s burdens, or extending yourself too much for a project your heart doesn’t even feel warm in. This moon is all about letting your soul work and your professional work come into even deeper alignment. Then releasing what doesn’t work.

Out of office: You’re in your beloved dream zone during this moon, sweet Pisces. But before you drift completely out to sea, tap into anything you’ve been emotionally avoiding. This moment is perfect for really healing past pain by just cultivating the ability to stay with it all. Even the sticky stuff. Especially the sticky stuff, because this is where you’re getting “stuck.” Give yourself extra love and attention around the memories you feel like you just can’t shake. Get woo woo about it. Ask for revelations through dreams and the cracks in the sidewalks. There are signs everywhere for you right now, Pisces. Reach out to receive them.

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