What Does Your Zodiac Sign Actually Say About Your Career?

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Actually Say About Your Career?

If you’re like anything like us, you’re into horoscopes at least as much as you are your career. And in the immortal words of the Old El Paso girl meme: “Why not both?” So ahead, you’ll get an astrologer’s take on how each sun sign approaches work. And what they need to thrive. Astrologer Mecca Woods breaks it down.

Behold! Your zodiac sign’s work attitude, defined. Sound familiar?


As one of the biggest go-getters of the zodiac, you pursue your ambitions and career goals with a dogged determination and focus, refusing to take no for an answer. This is why you may find yourself at the helm of a company or in a managerial position, leading and inspiring your team.

Even if you’re not in a position of leadership, there still needs to be an element of autonomy to what you do, as you’re the kind of person who needs to be in charge. Careers that offer you a bit of danger and adventure (think professional race car driver Danica Patrick), are also appealing to you, as every Aries has a bit of a daredevil within. No matter what kind of work you choose to pursue, your career has to be something that stokes your fire.


Your loyalty, generosity, and strength are true gifts when it comes to the people you love, and it may surprise you to learn that those same gifts will benefit you in other parts of your life, such as the workplace. As the sign associated with financial abundance, you aren’t truly happy in your career unless it offers you two things: 1. long-term security, and 2. the chance to make a difference in the lives of others.

Your hard work, persistence, and skill help you turn whatever you do into gold. Because of how much of yourself you’re willing to put into your work, you need a career where you feel like a valued member of the team. You not only want to be seen as a thought leader, creator, or trendsetter in your field, you want to know that the work you’re doing is making an impact.


As a hub of communication and innovation, it’s no surprise that you are drawn to careers that span the communication and tech fields, such as journalism, advertising, start-ups, and software engineering. Because of your gift for words and creative thinking, you may also find yourself in a career involving music or comedy.

The fields you gravitate toward tend to be just as diverse and multifaceted as you are, calling on the multiple skills and interests you’ve developed along the way. You might even find yourself holding down more than one job at a time in very different industries. If you can travel or work remotely, you’ll enjoy the job a lot more than if you were glued to a desk all day.


Contrary to popular belief, you can be quite the go-getter. As a cardinal sign of the zodiac (cardinal means self-motivated), you’re at your best when you’re initiating ideas and actions, following through on a hunch, or calling the shots in a position that allows you to run the show—especially if the position is behind the scenes. Because of your connection to home and family and helping others, you’re also drawn to fields like hospitality, social work, and education.

Overall, you need a career that not only inspires and motivates you but also fills an emotional need to better the lives of others. As a sensitive and empathic water sign, you need a work environment that feels warm and welcoming, even if the work you do is challenging.


Choosing jobs where following your heart is a prerequisite, you need a career that offers you the platform to show off your creative talents while providing you with plenty of autonomy as well (after all, a sign associated with the top of the food chain doesn’t fancy being told what to do). Of course, a lion’s share of money is always a draw too—you need to be able to fund those big-ticket purchases you love, like that three-week vacation to Dubai or that fourth pair of Louboutin shoes.

This is why you can be found in supervisory roles or careers that require an artistic acumen, like acting, DJ’ing, or designing fashion. Whatever you choose to do for a living, it has to feed your passion and give you the space to shine.


Ruling the part of the zodiac that involves work, health, and routine, you are drawn to professions that allow you to improve the lives of others. You also push yourself to hone your skills, putting you at the top of your game. These jobs include health-related fields like personal training, physical therapy, nutrition, and surgical medicine.

Since you are ruled by Mercury, the planet in charge of communication and discernment, industries associated with writing, journalism, math, and science are also a great fit. Overall, whatever you choose to do, you need a professional life that offers you room for learning and for showing off what you know.


Being true to yourself and your needs isn’t only for love and relationships, it applies to your career aspirations too. As the sign ruled by Venus (the planet of pleasure, art, and beauty), it’s no surprise that you are drawn to creative fields like the visual and performing arts, fashion, and design. You have a knack for hitting your audience in just the right spot, creating an emotional and inspiring connection to your work.

Since Libra also represents fairness and justice, you may also find yourself within the legal system. Not only do you need a job that provides you with a creative outlet, but you also need a job that provides you with a sense of fulfillment in helping others and making the world a happier place.


Not one for making moves without a strategy, your powerful instincts, laser-like focus, and secret-agent approach help you get rid of the competition before they even know what hit them. You rarely, if ever, do anything half-heartedly, which means that your career path must be something that you can pursue with everything you’ve got, providing you the opportunity to push your limits, either physically or mentally.

Your ability to heal others also draws you to fields that deal with psychology and counseling or rehabilitation. Since Scorpio is a sign that also handles other people’s resources, financial advising is a common job choice as well.


You do need a job that either allows you to travel, or work, on your own schedule or provides you with the right amount of variety and room to grow. You certainly don’t want a micromanaging boss breathing down your neck either. When you do believe in what you do, you are one of the most dedicated and passionate professionals around, coming up with brilliant new ideas that positively impact and inspire others.

Possessing the endearing goofiness, confidence, and goodwill to win people over, your influence on others extends far and wide. Plus, with your ability to throw caution to the wind, you don’t mind taking a few risks to get where you want to go.


Capricorn is the sign of success. This is why you’ve earned the reputation of being a hardworking, business-savvy money magnet. With no-nonsense Saturn on your side, you pursue your career goals with shrewd thinking and a dogged determination. Thanks to natural-born leadership skills that stem from your self-starting nature and need to create and uphold the rules, you are drawn to roles in government and administration, law enforcement, and business management.

Many a Capricorn have made history by starting small and climbing through the ranks to the top of their field, due to their ability to see the things in need of improvement and know just how to fix them.


As the zodiac’s resident rule breaker, you gravitate to jobs and professions that provide you the opportunity to leave your own stamp on the world. Careers that you may be drawn to include political activism, government administration, social services, and the nonprofit field. One to clash with your superiors because of your need to question authority and to ask the tough questions, you are also drawn to jobs that allow you to work alone or unsupervised.

Careers like this include start-up founder, app developer, scientist, graphic designer, or even indie filmmaker. Due to your taste for the weird and unconventional, you might also pursue careers that are off the beaten path.


Creative and soulful, you are drawn to fields where you can express your deep well of creativity. Pisces are attracted to creative fields like music, beauty, and entertainment because of their penchant for creating rich fantasies—fantasies that provide a form of healing and escape. You are also drawn to fields where you can heal others on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level, such as nursing or spiritual advising.

Because of your introverted personality, you thrive in environments where you either work with few people or have the ability to leave work at work where it belongs. You also thrive in careers where you can set your own hours and even take on more than one role to satisfy your varied interests.

Excerpted from Astrology for Happiness and Success: From Aries to Pisces, Create the Life You Want—Based on Your Astrological Sign! by Mecca Woods Copyright © 2018 Adams Media, a division of Simon and Schuster. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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