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Intuition Incubator Deck

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A deck of 100 powerful questions, prompts and remembrances to help you tap deeper into your intuition.

Use For:

  • Morning routine
  • Journal prompts
  • Facilitate deep conversations
  • Self-coaching practice
Product Details
Shipping & Returns
  • 51 cards per deck (double sided)
  • A welcome card
  • 50 prompts + questions (front of each card)
  • 50 quotes, reminders + affirmations (back of each card)
  • Each card measures approx. 2.75″ x 4.75″
  • 330 gsm stock
  • Aqueous coating for ease of shuffling
  • Ideated, designed, and printed with love in the USA

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Why We Love it

This deck, inspired by the notion that success can only come after self-reflection, asks powerful questions and works with you to undo old mindsets so that you can tap back into your gut instincts. Each card is double sided, featuring a powerful question on one side, and an affirmation on the other. Each of the 100 unique questions and affirmations are gems, mined from deep coaching sessions with ambitious women.

Meet The Founder


Sam Cartagena was working in the New York corporate world—one where she made many sacrifices in the name of “success.” Then, she got unexpectedly laid off. “I lost everything I'd worked so hard for, and realized that the biggest sacrifice I'd made was losing touch with myself. I decided then to stop chasing others' definition of success, and begin creating my own.”
That's where Ambition + Mischief was born—as a space where success comes from doing the inner work first. Cartagena’s first product was the Intuition Incubator—a deck that asks powerful questions to invite powerful answers.

“I’m proudest of the women I work with who’ve inspired the Intuition Incubator deck. Against all odds, they continue to show up for themselves. Despite what they’ve been told is possible, they’re committed to bringing their inner visions to life. These women are doing the inner work to create their own definition of success, tap back into their intuition, and build a life and business on their own terms.”