How to Get Paid

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Think about how you tend to go into a salary negotiation.

Are you dreading it? Winging it and hoping for the best? Or are you avoiding it altogether, even as life keeps getting more expensive?

No one is born knowing how to negotiate. But you can get better at it through practice, self- awareness and a little confidence. To help, we’ve asked the experts to equip you for every possible negotiation scenario. 

You’re about to get a lot closer to the raise you want—and deserve.

What's in the Guide

✅ What to do before the negotiation begins

✅ You found out a colleague makes more than you, what now?

✅ A script for common negotiation scenarios

✅ Next steps when it's a "no"

✅ The most common negotiation misconceptions

Hot Takes

Only relevant, useful advice and absolutely zero sugar-coating. 

🔥It’s not enough to just say “I feel underpaid.” What to say instead for a compelling case.

🔥Don’t ask “yes” or “no” questions. Then you make it really easy for someone to say no. How to frame your request to get what you want.

🔥Avoid using “cost of living” as your reason for a salary bump. What to really say to get them to sympathize.

"I want you to ask for the highest number within your salary range that you can speak with a straight face."

Finally, an email you’ll actually look forward to.

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