Self-Care Astrology: How To De-Stress, According To Your Sign

Self-Care Astrology: How To De-Stress, According To Your Sign

No one really acknowledges how rough the month of January can be. You start the new year, guns blazing, ready to smash your resolutions and kick all the goals. Then, reality sets in. You’re busy. You’re tired. You’re old coping strategies creep back into your life ’cause you’re stressed (oh hi, Netflix binging shows I don’t even like.) That’s when you know you need some new self-care rituals.

There’s the basic checklist, sure, but you also want something more novel. Something that’ll spark joy—suspend disbelief, even. Something astrological! January may be over, but this writer’s obsession with astrology will never die. Thus, we bring you: The best self-care rituals, catered to your zodiac sign.

Aries:People with their sun in Aries are fiery, energetic and bursting with “get up and go.” It makes them great allies (in life and work) but sometimes, they might have a hard time slowing down. Aries would do well to self-care by engaging in an activity that helps them release their energy, but something that’s good for the mind, too.

Taurus:Ruled by Venus, Taureans are sweet, sensual and (we say this with only a lil’ wink) they usually have great skin. After a long day’s work—and you know they’ll stay back late to finish that project—these guys could do with a good dose of self-care via skincare.

Gemini:The most competitive of Air signs, Geminis are in their prime when they’re using their mind to outwit, or at least charm, the people around them. So despite never really “switching off,” downtime or self-care for a Gemini might mean simply indulging in a hilarious game of Scrabble with pals.

Cancer:The ultimate homebodies. If you’re a Cancer, you know as well as we do that you simply live for relaxing at home. You also get off on taking care of people, so when it comes to self-care, your crabby emo heart might have to really ponder what “sparks joy” for you. Why not try to look after yourself the way you’d look after a friend—via food? Cook a meal (and don’t share it).

Leo:Leos take a lot of pride in their accomplishments, and their own image. The Stone Roses put it best when they said “I wanna be adored.” While a little introspection never goes astray for the crowd-pleasing sign, self-care could equally mean Leos lean into their big-hearted, social nature and go out dancing, just for the joy of it.

Virgo:Ever the helpful, analytical Earth sign, Virgos want nothing more than to serve. To them, self-care works best when it’s in the best interests of the people around them as well as themselves. And since they love gathering data and weighing up facts, writing lists is the perfect balance of control and catharsis required to really thrive.

Libra:Libra seeks balance, always. But you know scales; they tip one way and then the next. Perfect equilibrium requires another, so when it comes to self-care, doing yoga with their like-minded best friend could be a Librans idea of heaven. And a chance to get out of one’s own head and really breath.

Scorpio:Speaking of catharsis, self-care may not always come easily to the sun sign that’s known to sting itself with its own tail—it’s all about the way you do it. Releasing all the pent up, watery emotional tension should be the goal for Scorpios. And because they’re comfortable alone, a super-emo playlist they can blast from the comfort of their own bedroom could be just the thing.

Sagittarius:If there was ever a sign that personified not being able to sit still, you’re looking at it. Travel fiends and thrill-seekers, Sags might find they have a hard time chilling out, let alone looking inward. Diving into the discomfort of being alone with their own thoughts via meditation is just the kind of self-care activity to challenge a Sag. And they love a challenge.

Capricorn:There’s a reason Capricorns are compared to mountain goats. They’re determined AF and they won’t stop until they’re goals are realized. They thrive when asked to exercise an ambition, or an element of self-control. They’re also incredibly down to earth, so make it literal: Exercise in the great outdoors.

Aquarius:The intelligent, socially independent gals with their sun in Aquarius might find that they usually self-care alone. Which makes total sense; they’re eccentric, rebellious and love absorbing new information more than anything. Making new friends? Not so much. So for the good of your heart, we dare you, Aquarius. Make a new buddy you trust, and see how your world opens up.

Pisces:Dreamy, compassionate cry babies. Just kidding on that last one! Well, kind of. Pisces do love a good cry, and why not? They’re vast oceans. They have a capacity to feel emotions in an almost mystical way, and that’s a gift. Why not use it to process whatever it is you’re going through? When it comes to self-care, you’ve got the gift of emotional release and healing; may as well use it.

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