5 Powerful Women Share What Finding Their Path Meant To Them

5 Powerful Women Share What Finding Their Path Meant To Them

Your Girlboss Radio roundup is here, with some beautiful perspectives on finding your path.

But don’t worry, here’s a roundup of 5 unstoppable guest’s perspectives on what it means to truly find your path.

The 5 incredible women below–sexual assault whistleblower Gretchen Carlson; founder of the cult-favorite Man Repeller Leandra Medine; co-editor of Fortune’s massively popular newsletter “The Broadsheet,” Kristen Bellstrom;  founder of Brother Vellies shoe brand Aurora James; powerful literary agent Jennifer Rudolph Walsh–have very diverse perspectives on what it actually takes to find where you need to go in life.

These women were open to providing some stellar advice on everything from taking risks to making time for yourself–all in the pursuit of finding your path.

You can check out their ideas below, and and even listen to each episode in its entirety.

Gretchen Carlson

“It’s incredibly important to spend that alone time with yourself—to see yourself in a positive light and actually achieving the goal that’s in front of you.”

“Take risks. It’s really important to not always [try to] be perfect, and one of the ways in which you do that is to just take little mini risks every single day. Go out of your comfort zone. Once you do that, you realize, ‘Wow, that wasn’t so bad.’”

Leandra Medine Cohen

“The art of failing and failing fast, and being told ‘no,’ is really important.”

Aurora James

“No matter what, I’m still going to be me and do me, even if everyone else is telling me not to.”

Kristen Bellstrom

Figure out what you’re good at and lean into that.”

“Building your career on something that feels like a real talent gives you confidence to stretch.”

“If you don’t see the type of job you want, create it for yourself.”

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh

“The people that are resonating on a cultural, national and international level are people who are really living their purpose.

“They are who they say they are, and they do what they say they’ll do. It’s powerful, and it’s contagious.”