Your 2020 Horoscope Is Bringing Sweeping Changes All Year Long

Your 2020 Horoscope Is Bringing Sweeping Changes All Year Long

If 2020 could be summarized, this would be the year that we’re called to tear down the things in our lives that are no longer working, while redefining what’s truly important to us—including the way we connect with others, our ambitions, and our markers for success. We can expect to be quite busy this year laying down new foundations for our lives in 2020 and the years to come. Though to do this work, we’ll need to be ready to join forces with others, learn new things, and break free of dull routines.

Work: You can make some major strides with your goals and career this year, but ambition alone won’t be enough to get you by. Practicing patience, honoring your intuitive wisdom, and honing new skills will be the keys to your success.

Money: You’ll need to temper your need for instant gratification and think more in terms of long-term stability. You’re in the process of redefining what you value and that means approaching your worth and your cash with an older and wiser attitude.

Love: Family and friendships are where you’ll experience the most growth this year. Yes, you’re independent, but you’re reminded that you can’t always go it alone. That said, it may be time to bid adieu to some fair-weather folks.

Work: This year, you’ll begin to find out where your heart truly lies with respect to your career. 2020 will be about hard work, dedication, and making your way to the top. However, know that your career path says a lot about you and your core values. What do you want it to say?

Money: Financial advancement is possible, but you’ll need to reevaluate what’s important to you and if you’ve been getting your due or your fair share. If you’re not happy, steep changes need to be made. Bottom line: You are an investment.

Love: It may be time for you to show up more for yourself than others now, especially if you’ve been trying to hold on to a relationship, intimate or otherwise, that’s become obsessive or unhealthy. Embrace your worth and others will do the same.

Work: You can take yourself and your career to new heights by making the commitment to invest in yourself, your education, and the knowledge you have to share with the world. This includes shattering old, self-limiting beliefs while narrowing down your focus or vision to smaller, doable steps.

Money: Money is best spent this year on training, education, or experiences that can boost your marketability, expertise, and confidence; thereby boosting your paycheck. However, what’s in your bank account (or not) doesn’t define you; you do.

Love: Relationships may shift as you get more comfortable in your skin and take the reigns in your professional and personal lives. You’ll be less concerned with making others happy and paying more attention to whether you’re happy in your connections.

Work: If things haven’t been going the way you want them to go in your career, this is your year to take charge and change that. The hard work you put in could lead to a stellar reputation, more confidence in yourself, and the chance to fulfill some big goals.

Money: You’re called to take a realistic look and approach to your debts and financial obligations, which may mean being savvier with how you manage and share your resources (“neither a borrower nor a lender be”).

Love: Love can deepen for you, but it’s important for you to go slowly and get clear on what you really want versus holding onto relationships out of fear. With self-empowerment being a focus, you can’t afford to get sidelined by detractors or distractions.

Work: Expect to be pretty busy this year. But in order to succeed, you’ll need to be discerning in terms of how much you take on, focusing on slow and steady strides rather than trying to do everything all at once. Dreams come true through focus and purpose.

Money: Some accounting and follow-up may be in order when it comes to your financial obligations. A rainy-day fund can help you avoid getting stuck in a jam. Negotiate contracts carefully.

Love: Relationships take on a serious tone this year and you’ll be looking to keep company with those that are tried and true while learning to keep those that aren’t at arm’s length. True partnership means a willingness to work on the relationship and oneself.

Work: You’re due some major shine in your career and amongst your peers this year thanks to your creative gifts. Or, you could decide to switch gears and go for something more purposeful. Nurture your well-being and start scaling back on overextending yourself to others.

Money: You’ll need to pay extra attention to your resources this year, setting aside something for emergencies or sudden expenses. Also, be mindful of racking up credit card debt or loans. If money has been a sore spot, you’re called to face your fears and address it.

Love: You get lucky in love this year when you remember that you are the prize. Knowing this can help you attract people that recognize how much of a gift you are, and thus want to be a gift to you.

Work: You could have a chance to seriously level-up in your career but the only way in which you can do this is by believing in your ability to do so. This may mean cutting the naysayers out of your life and creating a home-base that’s more conducive to your growth.

Money: As your tastes and attitude change this year, so will the things you spend your money on. You’re out to be more mature with your cash, which means money is best saved or invested in a serious creative project or becoming debt-free.

Love: People might try your patience and your kindness more than they ever have in a while, which will teach you the necessity of employing boundaries and connections that possess more substance and depth.

Work: You’re one of the powerhouses of the zodiac, but instead of packing your schedule to the gills, you’re called to take a closer look at the work you’re doing and how much you’re putting into said work. Think quality over quantity.

Money: The devil is in the details when it comes to any financial contract, agreement, or partnership made this year, so make sure you’re not trading off your peace of mind for the sake of keeping someone close or needing to prove a point.

Love: Relationships are put to the test this year, pushing you to either release an unhealthy attachment or deepen a bond that you share with another. Either way, remember that you are worthy and deserving of love.

Work: Less is more is the motto for you this year when it comes to your career and your goals. You can get further by being intentional with your time and energy and cutting down the distractions. Teaming up with others rather than going it alone can also bring success.

Money: Your coins can multiply this year, but the growth comes by being wise with your cash and only committing to or working toward things that you truly believe and are invested in. Don’t gamble with your security.

Love: Things could get a bit wonky if you’re not able to learn from your past and employ those lessons to your future. There’s an opportunity for you to open a new chapter in your love life, but doing so means looking at the ways you block true love and intimacy.

Work: You give new meaning the term “self-made” this year as the hard work and self-control you’ve been putting in take you to new heights. However, if your heart isn’t in what you’re doing, the victory you score will feel hollow.

Money: Your finances can majorly improve, either by way of an impressive job opportunity or salary increase, or by you being pushed to work hard on getting your books in order. No matter which way you go, knowing your worth (with or without money) will make an impact.

Love: Don’t shy away from your feelings as more than likely you’re going to need to discuss them with someone, whether it’s an ex, a potential partner, or someone you share space or DNA with. Know that the key to healthier relationships and a healthier you will be communicating what’s in your heart.

Work: If you’ve been slaving away at a job or on projects that only offer burnout or very little in return, you’re going to find yourself ready to make an exit in search of your true purpose and calling. You might not have every step figured out and that’s OK, you need to reconnect with the you that you’ve lost.

Money: If money has been funny, you have an opportunity to get on track. But first, it requires that you examine where you may be giving too much of yourself for too little. Time to be more confident (and at times demanding) in getting what you want.

Love: You could have the chance to rekindle the magic with a long lost love or friend. Though, if your relationship history has had more troubles than joys, now’s the time for working on your confidence and ramping up your joy so you no longer have to settle.

Work: Now that you’ve built yourself quite a reputation, it’s time to start capitalizing on the buzz that you’ve generated and claim your place amongst the elite. If you don’t yet see yourself as a force to be reckoned with, you will soon enough.

Money: There will be plenty of opportunities to boost your income this year and you’re more than ready and willing to dig in and work and show off your talents. However, take care you’re not looking outside of yourself for validation. And don’t burn through your cash as fast as you make it.

Love: You may need to redefine what family, community, and belonging mean to you. Hint: It might not be the conventional or traditional definition. Overall, expect to receive lessons and experiences that aim to push you to seek a home within.