The Wolf Lunar Eclipse Will Sprinkle A Little Drama On Everything

The Wolf Lunar Eclipse Will Sprinkle A Little Drama On Everything

January 10 brings last eclipse of the season! Hold on tight, because it’ll add a dash of drama to just about every aspect of your life. Trickster Mercury, authoritative Saturn, and transformative Pluto will oppose the lunar eclipse degrees, meaning that we can all expect to emotionally, mentally, and physically be pushed to the limit. Illusive Neptune will also splash its waves on the eclipse point, allowing paranoia and confusion to consume our minds. This may cause us to stand still in implementing personal and professional choices. With the lunar eclipse occurring in Cancer, there will be no separation between emotion and logic. This is a wonderful opportunity for us all to take back our power from those who aim to hold us back from success. Word of advice: Don’t be afraid of being your own biggest defender! Stand tall and proud!


This eclipse will be extremely transformative for your personal life—if you sit out from the drama that’s about to unfold at work and focus on yourself, that is. As a result, you may decide to switch careers or roles at the office, due to your newly found interests and goals.


Taking the high road may prove challenging, especially when an opportunity presents itself at work which may be less than scrupulous, but beneficial to your career. You may be tempted to surrender your morals—however, in the end you’ll choose to walk the noble path because you’re not a sellout.


Never one to focus on finances before happiness, this eclipse is urging you to take a deeper look at your cash flow. Learning to save a dollar or two for a rainy day will prove to be challenging, but with the right savings plan your bank account will grow swiftly.


JSYK this eclipse will bring peak emotional drama your way, which may complicate your professional relationships. It will be important for you to separate from your feelings and sentimental side at the office when making decisions in order to avoid temperamental confrontations that have very little to do with work.


You may feel like there’s tensions brewing behind the scenes at the office (you know, the typical office gossip). Before you confront the source, make sure that they are indeed the one who’s telling tales about you at the water cooler. If you feel uncomfortable, discuss the matter your supervisors.


An acquaintance may decide to meddle into your personal financial affairs and tell you how to invest your money. While you’ll appreciate the advice at first, you’ll shortly come to see that you need to create major boundaries with them because they are giving you too much unsolicited financial advice.


Work has been off the walls crazy. This eclipse will prove to be no different, except that certain professional endeavors are coming to an end. Don’t worry, bb! A new project will appear in its place. Just make sure that this venture won’t make you constantly burn the midnight oil.


You’ve been biting your tongue and trying to avoid confrontation with a colleague. You’ll be pushed to call out a coworker who isn’t doing their share of the work for your team to succeed. Before you discuss this matter with them directly, ask HR to step in, to create neutrality.


This eclipse is an ideal time to negotiate a payment plan with your credit card company or student loans. You’ll be surprised how gracious they will be with helping you find a plan that works for you — which will prove to be beneficial to you in the long run.


Making compromises with clients or business associates seems endless at times. But, you are finally putting your foot down in negotiations with others. Do not sign a contract if you don’t agree with the terms. Always put your interests first and then find a middle ground. Trust your professional instincts!


You’ve recently put in the extra hours at work to prove you’re a top employee. Now, you’re physically exhausted from all the early mornings and late nights working non stop at the office. Treat yourself to some much needed R&R for your hard efforts. You’ve certainly earned it!


Your artistic vibe is on the rise, which is making you want to take your creative  side hustle mainstream. The only caveat is that fear is holding you back from succeeding at your artistic venture. Be proud of your creations and show them off to the world. You got this!