4 Quick Tips to Rescue Your Skin in 2017

4 Quick Tips to Rescue Your Skin in 2017

Last week, we profiled Mia Belle, the paramedical aesthetician that’s revolutionizing L.A.’s skincare industry by taking a holistic, individualized approach to skincare. Rather than rely on quick fixes with injections and lasers per the industry norm, Mia advocates for paying careful attention to not only what you put on your skin, but what you put in your body. Check out how her honest approach and dedication to building strong, individual relationships with her clients has translated into super devout customer base; below, Mia shares four quick tips to keep in mind as you set out to refresh and renew in 2017.

Beauty sleep

Sleep is so important for achieving true vitality and supporting your skin. It helps to keep your hormones and stress levels balanced, and it’s when your body repairs and rebuilds itself. Have an air filter running and a small aromatherapy humidifier by the bed; make sure the room is dark and a bit cooler than what’s comfortable to create a beautifying rest.

Your skin needs support from the inside.

Create a healthy climate for your skin internally. Feed it high quality omegas and antioxidants. This mix will help maintain a healthy amount of lipids for the skin. This is a far superior way to maintain the correct amount of healthy lipid content for your skin versus applying oils that can be unstable and won’t truly change how the skin functions. When you get a blend of omegas and antioxidants that are potent and synergistically blended, you can also up your body’s own defense mechanisms against UV rays, sometimes achieving the equivalent to a 20 SPF!  You will also achieve a stronger defense mechanism against other environmental stresses.

Know your ABCs

Your skin needs it’s daily vitamins! Vitamin A is essential to have in your skincare routine. It helps strengthen your skin by keeping up your collagen production and a proper rate of cell turn over. This helps to reverse and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin B3 hasn’t been offered in high dosages in a retail-friendly format until recently. I found a great product out of Australia that just launched here in the states this month. It’s amazing for acne, rosacea, and impaired skin, including scars. As that barrier is strengthened with daily use, the skin is better able to keep moisture in and irritants out. It helps with blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin, and creating an amazing complexion.

Vitamin C is known to promote collagen production and to help against sun damage and other environmental stressors. But I love it because it’s also stellar with pigment balancing. It will take a longer time to see results with vitamin C versus a bleaching agent, but the C will truly balance the pigment, retraining the skin. It’s also taking care of damage below the surface.


You need to keep hydrated internally and externally. Help against water loss by using an effective hyaluronic acid topically. The omegas you take and the B vitamins will also help against water loss. Try and stay away from steam, especially in facial treatments. Infrared saunas are much more beneficial for you and your skin than traditional steam baths and saunas. While in any sauna, it’s a great time to apply a sheet mask and relax. That way, you can get a good detox and treat the face to some extra love. As far as drinking water, there are many theories as to which type of waters is best for skin, whether it’s enzyme, alkaline, mineral, etc. I found that adding foods to your diet that are high in water content and lower in sodium can be the best way keep the skin hydrated. Watercress, cucumbers, celery and zucchini are great choices.

Lastly, keep in mind that skin fitness is similar to body fitness. It’s a lifestyle. Making simple changes to your daily routines can really change your complexion. You just need some patience and enough self-love to spend the time to care for yourself!