This App Is A Must-Have If You’re Constantly Texting People

This App Is A Must-Have If You’re Constantly Texting People

Sometimes words just aren’t enough. Build up your GIF vocabulary with our endlessly-fun “App of The Week,” Popkey.

Every group chat needs a little bit more Leslie Knope, right? If you’re on the same page on this one, then you should most definitely check out Popkey.

Basically, Popkeyis an upgraded version of the provided GIF keyboards on Facebook and iMessage, only much, much better. The appcan be added to your phone keyboard to totally up your texting game. Or Slack game. (We know you bring those stellar GIF-curation skills to the workplace, too.)

First of all, Popkey is much more searchable than other GIF apps. I literally typed “garbage” on my phone and was able to find my favorite April Ludgate GIF immediately (can you tell I’m into Parks & Rec?).


April Ludgate GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Discover & share this April Ludgate GIF with everyone you know. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs.



Second, you can favorite the GIFs that you use most—you know, those ones that just seem to be applicable for every situation. (We’re looking at you, shimmying Shaq). Well, you can double-click them and they’re instantly added to your favorites list. Pretty brilliant, huh?

Third—and best of all—Popkey is available as a keyboard. Literally, you can add it as a language. So while you’re texting, all you have to do is scroll to Popkey and the whole app is available right in your messages. All the same functions of the stand-alone Popkeyapp, like searching and favoriting, are right there.

The app also features trending and popular GIFs, searchable themes (hungry, excited, etc.), and an upload function if you want to use your own. Popkey is free and available in the App Store.

Words: Eva Grant
Photo: Courtesy