3 Resale Apps That Help You Get Rid Of Your Old Stuff
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3 Resale Apps That Help You Get Rid Of Your Old Stuff

I grew up in Los Angeles going to swap meets, those outdoor marketplaces where you can score a a pair of leggings for $10 and some brand-new hair products for about $2 a pop. Part of my childhood also involved getting up early in the morning to scour the latest yard sales in the neighborhood, in the off chance there were some gems to be found. When I needed to raise money for a school trip in middle school, I didn’t do a car wash. Instead, I rallied with other students and families to organize a massive yard sale at the school.

So, yeah, I’m a fan of a good sale, whether I’m buying or selling. These days, though, there are a ton of apps that make it easier for me to score items from the comfort of my living room sofa.

Here are a few to get you started on your own thrifting journey, whether you’re looking to make a few extra bucks or find the latest neighborhood deals.


I knew OfferUp had broken into the resell market when my older brother (who most definitely does not spend his time at yard sales) told me he’d scored some good finds. OfferUp has been around since 2011 and makes it super easy for you to take a picture on the go and write a short headline, list a price, and, if you so desire, write a description. Your post will show up as part of the newest items for sale on the homepage of the app so it gets the attention of eager shoppers.

OfferUp is particularly great for selling furniture, video games, and household items. Because the homepage of the app mixes in all types of items, you don’t have to worry too much about whether you’ve tagged the item correctly for people to find it. The messaging system also makes it easy for you to chat with prospective buyers and to sort out pickup details.


Letgo is a newer app that’s been on the market since 2015. While it works similarly to OfferUp, I’ve noticed users tend to post higher-quality furniture and more expensive items on Letgo. Letgo also makes it easier to sort items by category and sellers get rated by anyone who buys something from you. If we’re going on aesthetics, Letgo is easier on the eyes and it uses photo-recognition technology to help identify what item you’re posting for sale.


5miles bills itself as an app that makes it easier to “become a better neighbor.” That’s because the app searches for local listings that span a long catalogue of items. You can shop for anything from a used car down the block to the auto parts themselves. As a seller, you’re also able to ship your products in case you don’t have time to meet up. You can also choose a “SEAL” (safe exchange area location) to minimize the risk of you meeting with a weirdo. Best of all, you can also choose to “boost” the visibility of your listing free of charge.

Pull those gorgeous, painful shoes out of the back of your closet, dust off the sequin zebra-print pants you wore to that disco party, and yank your tiny old T.V. out from under the bed. Your trash might just be someone else’s treasure—and cash in your pocket.

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