The Best Grab-And-Go Beauty Products To Add To Your Cart On Prime Day

The Best Grab-And-Go Beauty Products To Add To Your Cart On Prime Day

Let’s get one thing straight. Amazon’s Prime Day is a made-up, slightly sinister holiday that uses arguably excellent marketing strategies to convince people to buy stuff they don’t need at a discounted rate.

me 364 days: amazon prime is a capitalist canker sore on the lip of humanityme on prime day: OMG SHOULD I GET A BOCCE BALL SET?!!?!!!!— Jessica Misener (@jessmisener) July 10, 2017

But the retail behemoth is at it again. And despite what we literally just said, we’re here for it. At least in terms of some cheap and easy skincare and take-to-work beauty fixes. Sorry not sorry, etc.

Commence the deals!

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Kids Sunscreen$29.99 (+ 30 percent off at checkout)

Yeah, yeah, it’s technically for kids. But the dermatologist-developed, vitamin E-filled sun protector is lightweight AF and will leave your skin as silky-smooth as a child’s. And it’s SPF 60. We’re in!

Bioderma Sebium H20 Water$12.69

It’s a makeup remover. It’s a cleanser. It’s mostly water (not for drinking). This multi-purpose micellar water bad-boy will purify your facial regions as well as getting rid of any left-over crap from the night before. Handy.

OPI Nail Polish$10.00

“But what of my nails?!” We hear you ask. Don’t worry, the lords of cool nail colors, OPI, are here. We’ve chosen the delightful shade “Samoan Sand” because, derh, it’s a minimal classic. Good for all occasions. You’re welcome.

US Organic Moroccan Argan Oil $12.63

You know what argan oil is good for? Literally everything. Life is argan oil. Argan oil is life. I would drink it if I could. And this brand is 100 percent certified organic. Get it during Prime Day and you’ll save $52.36.

ACURE Dry Shampoo$5.78

Confession: I’ve never used dry shampoo because my hair is too big to assimilate the very powdery “benefits” offered by many (but not all) brands. But damn, this is a good deal and the reviews are promising, so here’s hoping.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb$12.82

You know what they say: Moisture is the essence of wetness. And this moisture is all about long-lasting hydration; 48 hours worth, to be precise. It also apparently helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, but we’re more interested in avoiding dry skin in full-blast zircon office situations.

Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask$9.95

While not strictly beauty-related, this ultimate sunlight-blocker will get rid of all visual stimuli, allowing you to focus on nothing but drifting slowly into bye-bye land. We would give our first born for a completely dark, full night’s sleep, so $9.95 seems truly generous.

Clarisonic Mia1 Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush$83.85

This product needs no introduction, but just in case: It’s a blissful exfoliating machine, you guys. It’ll get in your pores real good. In fact, the company claims it can remove makeup, dirt and oil six times better than using your hands alone. It’ll soften your skin and relax your soul. 10/10. Strongly recommend.