7 Chrome Extensions That Could Make You Miles More Productive Today

7 Chrome Extensions That Could Make You Miles More Productive Today

The internet is a minefield. And by minefield, we mean there are so many ways we can lose track of our time online via unnecessary or irrelevant content. The internet, though, should be a means toward an end.

When you’re busy at work and need to focus, sometimes that means blocking out unnecessary noise like intrusive pop-up ads or auto-play videos. It means managing the infinite number of tabs that crowd your workspace. It means not losing links when you most need them. Thankfully, some of the best Google Chrome extensions out there are designed specifically to boost your productivity online.

Here are some of our favorite Chrome extensions for productivity.

Honey, for your shopping needs

If you do a lot of shopping online, consider using the Honey Chrome extension. When you go to checkout for your order, Honey will check the web for any applicable coupons or codes to help you save funds. If you’re a big Amazon user, it will also help you identify pricing trends and suggest when you should purchase an item.

Evernote, for organizing your notes

If you conduct a lot of research on the internet, consider using the Evernote Web Clipper extension. You’ll avoid having too many bookmarks on your browser. Clip any articles, email attachments, or highlighted text from articles you want to reference later. You can then store them in digital “notebooks.” For further organization, add tags to make searching your notes easier.

AdBlock, for turning off unwanted ads

AdBlock is the #1 ad blocker and it works by obscuring those pesky ads on YouTube videos, Facebook and ads on other sites. While it’s a popular ad blocker, some users complain about certain ads slipping through and remaining visible.

Forest, for motivating you to stay off certain sites

If you find yourself wasting time on certain websites (cough, Facebook, cough), the Forest extension could motivate you to stop. It works by planting a digital “seed” that grows into a tree during every 30 minute block of time you’re not on one of your blacklisted sites. If you give in and visit a site on your no-visit list, the tree withers and dies.

OneTab, for organizing your open tabs

If you’re someone who continuously has multiple tabs open on their computer, this one is for you. OneTab works by converting all your open tabs into a list so you can free up memory space. Need to reference a tab later? You can reopen all the tabs at once or click on a single one to reopen on your browser.

Tab Snooze, for saving tabs for later in the day

If you’re a fan of the snooze functionality in Google Inbox, Tab Snooze is a great alternative for tabs. The extension allows you to snooze a tab until a particular time in the day so you can focus on only what you need to do. It can help boost your productivity by reminding you to tackle certain tasks/browse certain webpages during particular timeframes.

Pocket, for organizing your article reading list

If you’re continuously telling yourself you will read something on the internet at a later date, this is for you. The Pocket extension works by saving any articles or pages online for a later reading date. It then syncs your personal library of articles to your smartphone or tablet so you can read them without having an internet connection. It also simplifies the article formats for easier reading.