The Coolest Coworker-Friendly Holiday Gifts That Won’t Send You Broke

The Coolest Coworker-Friendly Holiday Gifts That Won’t Send You Broke

When the holidays roll around, fighting the general spirit of merry-making in the air is futile. Can you—or, do you even want to—ignore Mariah Carey’s voice blaring from every sound system? Do you really want to be known as the office Grinch?

No, you do not. Which means one thing: It’s time to figure out what to gift your coworker/s this holiday season. But determining exactly whatgifts toe the line between perfectly acceptable and not-acceptable can be difficult. Is a coffee mug too simple? Just right? Almost right?

Oh, and on top of all that, you don’t want to break your holiday budget shopping for coworkers. (You’re not about to gift a new parka to your coworker, now are you?) Let’s face it. Trying to find the best gifts for coworkers that show the right amount of care and holiday cheer is anything but easy. That’s why we did the legwork for you.

Turns out it’s easy to score points with your office buds when you know just what to gift.

20 Of The Best gifts For Coworkers

A travel-size skincare set

When the weather is dry and frightful, what’s better than a pick-me-up for your skin? A travel-size kit from the skincare cult-fave line Mario Badescu. This Winter Edition set includes a body lotion, facial spray, lip balm, and hand cream.

A reusable coffee cup for the AM

Do you have a coworker who absolutely loves coffee? As in, her morning is never complete without a stop to the local coffee shop? Consider this 8oz reusable coffee cup from KeepCup. Perfect for the morning cappuccino.

An encouraging desk calendar

When shopping for the best gifts for coworkers, you can never go wrong with cute desk accessories. This desk calendar from adds just the right pop of color with an uplifting message for each month.

A coffee with the right message

What’s better than a cute coffee mug? One that conveys just the right message every time you reach for it. As in, this not-subtle reminder to “do your own thing.”

A weekend treat for skincare enthusiasts

Do you have a coworker whose skincare knowledge is encyclopedic? Then this Perfect Weekend FlashMasque Trio from Patchology will give your coworker the perfect excuse for a little weekend TLC for their skin.

A practical but stylish lunch bag

Know that coworker who always meal preps and is trying new recipes from Pinterest? This Thermos lunch bag will turn their work lunch into a cute accessory.

A faux fur jacket for the fashionista

Most of the best gifts for coworkers won’t run up a bill for you, but you might switch things up for your work wife. (Not all coworkers are created equal!) Consider this New Look Teddy Faux Fur Jacket for your stylish work BFF.

A mini humidifier for the right climate

This portable mini humidifier is just the right size for a desk or bedroom. Your coworker who has been complaining about the dry climate will thank you.

An affordable French press

At some point in life, everyone should own a French press coffee maker. This one brews 8 cups in about four minutes, making it just the right size for a few cups of jo in the AM.

A stylish and discreet soy candle

If you’ve been looking for a candle that doesn’t look…exactly like a candle, consider this square jar candle from The Collection by Chesapeake Bay Candle. Aside from the unique shape, it comes with a lid so it can blend in along with other chic desk accessories.

A candle infused with crystals and intentions

Have a coworker who is a little into woo-woo stuff? Then consider a candle from House of Intuition. This Success Candle is programmed with intentions, magic, and dressed with crystals inside.

A goal planning starter-kit

Looking for something a smaller gift? These printable sheets from Hustler’s Agenda have prompts to kick start that end-of-year reflection and goal-setting process.

A deck of cards featuring kickass women

Sure, you could just gift your coworker a nice set of playing cards. But why not take it one step further? This Girl Power deck is the latest iteration of “The Woman Cards.” Each one features hand-drawn illustrations of women game-changers like Malala Yousafzai.

An enamel pin that says it all

Want something cute and small? This “Feminist with a to-do list” enamel pin is perfect for the gender rights advocate in your circle. (Which is all of us.)

A tee with iconic faces

This “Famous Witches Tee” features plenty of familiar faces, like: Frida, Cher, and Marsha P. Johnson. It’s a great conversation piece for your witchy, feminist coworker.

A mechanical pencil set you’ll want to use

Remember when mechanical pencils were our go-to’s in high school? Somewhere on the path along to adulthood, most of us gave up on them. This cute set from will ease the transition back to using them daily.

A keyring dishing the truth

Rayo & Honey is a WoC-owned company known for its canvas wall decor with motivational messages. This “Schemin’ & Dreamin‘” keyring, achieves the same goal on a smaller scale that’s perfect for a coworker.

A gift card for the gym regulars

Do you have a coworker whose love of fitness is well-known around the office? If so, then consider a Classpass gift card so they can try out all the local gym spots.

A corkscrew that doubles as a desk accessory

Want a gift that’s perfect for most anyone on any list? This Kikkerland corkscrew in the shape of an elephant doubles as a cute desk accessory or kitchen accent. Love of wine is totally optional.

A statement-making wall decal

Help your coworker convey the message they wish everyone understood: They’re busy, people. This “Forever Busy” wall decal from does just that.