5 Astrologers Explain What To Expect During This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

5 Astrologers Explain What To Expect During This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

It would be an understatement to say there’s something going on in the cosmos this Friday, July 27, 2018. Today marks both the full moon and total lunar eclipse in July. It will be visible as a “blood moon” in certain parts of the world (just not to those of us in North America). Oh, and this lunar eclipse will also be the longest total lunar eclipse of the century! The total phase of the phenomena will last one hour and 43 minutes, while the event will last about four hours from start to finish, according to Space.com.

During this lunar eclipse, we’ll all feel a little on edge. Full moons are always a time when people feel particularly emotional, and the fact that this one is happening in Aquarius means our analytical, eccentric, and humanitarian tendencies will come out, according to Jerico Mandybur, host of the podcast Self Service.

Oh, by the way, did we mention that Mercury retrograde began on Thursday and Mars retrograde began on June 26 and will continue till August 27? To learn more about what this all means, we asked four astrologers to break it down for us.

Here’s what they said:

Firstly, don’t forget that there are two planets in retrograde AND it’s the longest eclipse this century

“This ‘blood moon eclipse’ is going to be a doozy—if we use the negative energy of Mars retrograde. If we try to use it inwardly and heal ourselves internally, we can all manifest our truest desires and dreams. However, we will have the opportunity to revise by the end of the summer when Mercury (which starts its retrograde motion the day before the eclipse) and Mars (which has been retrograde since June 26) turn direct at the end of the month.’

If you fight with others, during the longest eclipse of the decade, you will have the chance to kiss and make up. Breathe through your feelings and try to express yourself calmly—and if your blood starts to boil, give yourself a moment to cool down. Most importantly, give yourself a break and let go gracefully. This cosmic wake-up call will make a splash in your life. Embrace growth and transformation. Be a lover, not a fighter.”

Lisa Stardust, astrologer

This July lunar eclipse is planting a seed for the next six months

“This eclipse is sandwiched between two others. What comes up now is wildly important for you, me, and everyone else. The events that unfold now plant a seed, and that seed will grow over the next six+ months. This isn’t to be feared, but to be embraced.

You may feel bad or you may feel magnificent; the key is to not to judge or attach to your feels in either case. Be present for your emotions. And then, act in ways that reflect your integrity—not your situation, my loves.”

Jessica Lanyadoo, astrologer

It’s an emotional time ripe for some personal reflection

“Many of us will deal with the loss of relationships to people or groups during this eclipse. ‘Playing it cool’ is a defense mechanism that might not cut it during the emotional intensity of this eclipse. Make space for yourself to sit and think—and take action.

Amazing shifts around relationships may take place now as so much of the past is being processed and released!”

Annabel Gat, astrologer

Note that the Blood Moon is happening in Aquarius

“Eclipses in Aquarius can leave us feeling a bit shell-shocked or caught off guard, because Aquarius is a sign that’s known for being unconventional and unexpected. Lunar eclipses are essentially turbo-charged full moons and full moons tend to bring things to a head or to a close.

Something may be ‘eclipsed out’ of our lives within the next six months, thanks to the lunar eclipse in Aquarius on July 27. But it’s important to note that it will most likely be for the best. While we won’t be able to avoid the eclipse, we can expect it to bring to our attention some things that need to be addressed. My advice is for people to try and take it easy this week as we’ll all be on edge.”

Mecca Woods, astrologer

“Eclipses propel change. This Friday, the lunar eclipse in Aquarius will encourage you to purge whatever is no longer serving your soul—stale perspectives, toxic relationships, or even unfulfilling jobs. Eclipses are dramatic: The effects of this celestial phenomena can often feel sudden or unexpected. Accordingly, it’s important to remember that eclipses merely speed up the inevitable. During an eclipse, whatever is released was ultimately never meant to last. The best way to prepare for an eclipse is to simply buckle up—the ride may be bumpy, but the destination is always worthwhile. ”

Aliza Kelly, astrologer and author of The Mixology of Astrology: Cosmic Cocktail Recipes For Every Sign