This Cannabis Entrepreneur’s Multi-Tasking Methods Will Leave You Buzzing

This Cannabis Entrepreneur’s Multi-Tasking Methods Will Leave You Buzzing

Chrissy Bellman founded LEVO in 2016 after watching friends attempt to do cannabis oil infusion at home—it was messy, smelly, and took up too much time. This inspired her to simplify and automate the process, and she created a sleekly designed Bed Bath & Beyond-worthy device for infusing oil and butter that is almost as easy as making a cup of coffee. LEVO can help you make THC-oil topicals and edibles (where you have much more control over the amount of THC in your goodies), plus things like lavender-infused coconut oil scrub or homemade lip balm. Bellman has said that the idea behind LEVO is to bridge the gap between mainstream alternative wellness and cannabis. Or what we in California call living your best life.

This fall, Bellman is launching LEVO II. This new nifty machine allow users to dry, activate, and infuse herbs all in one machine. It pairs with a LEVO app, allowing users to control the device remotely, access a bank of recipes, and join a community of other users sharing their creations, whether its making beauty scrubs or cannabutter pancakes (a.k.a. every stoner’s dream). Ahead of the LEVO II launch, we talked to Bellman about her favorite things and her tips for staying cool, calm, and collected.

Power Mantra

I have a few mantras that keep me motivated and moving forward:

If there’s a will, there’s a way.The answer is always “yes.”Nothing is certain; all things are possible.Do all things with love and it’ll be okay.

Skincare Essential

I absolutely love good, homemade face and body scrubs. The mom of a close friend taught me how to make them many years ago, and I’ll never go back to store-bought. Making scrubs at home not only saves money, but you get to have fun with what ingredients you decide to include.

Can’t Miss Podcast

Anything by NPR, Radiolab, or spoon fed to me by a friend. I’m admittedly terrible at content discovery, but a sponge once I’m listening.

I’ve always been fascinated by philosophy, so I love listening to podcasts about quantum mechanics.

Happy Place Outfit

I dream of all linen, all the time, but I can get by with high waisted bottoms and tops that are flowy, soft, and probably too heavy for whatever the temperature is.

Currently Reading + Listening

I am definitely behind on my reading list…but am committed to getting through Simon Sinek’s Start with Why and The Infinite Game ASAP.

I go through phases with music. There was a period where I only listened to grunge rock like Pearl Jam and Nirvana and another period (after a very, obviously awkward transition out of my pre-teens…) where I stuck to divas like Whitney and Cher. Lately I’ve really been digging the new Michelle Branch album.

Productivity Hack

I will seize any opportunity to multitask; nothing frustrates me more than wasted time. (Although I’m sure I look like a crazy person to others who see me working on many things very quickly…). It’s also critically important to recognize that you can’t and shouldn’t always be multitasking. I make sure in-person meetings include no distractions, and generally try to curb my temptation to multitask things that need my full attention.

Most-Opened App

Constantly sending out iMessages. That counts, right?

Good Hair Secret Weapon

I’ve used the exact same set of Conair jumbo hot rollers, since the 8th grade!

Flats, Heels or Sneakers

My go-to has always been a low heel that never sacrifices comfort or style.

Self-care Method of Choice

Hosting others brings me joy and fills my cup… and no good party is complete without a Costco run. I love treating loved ones, whether to a fun night out, handwritten note, or thoughtful gift.


Grace & Frankie is my favorite show (hands down), so the obvious choice is: