We Tried It: A New Kind of Period Symptom Relief

We Tried It: A New Kind of Period Symptom Relief

This content was created by Girlboss in partnership with De Lune.

Here at Girlboss—and at offices and workplaces everywhere—it’s not exactly uncommon for a colleague to sit out an afternoon or set their Slack to “Do Not Disturb” while dealing with painful or debilitating menstrual symptoms. (That’s why we’re so glad to have paid menstrual leave around here). 

Enter De Lune, the menstrual wellness brand that offers innovative, all-natural relief supplements for period pain and other PMS symptoms. They offered to send us over some of their best-selling Cramp Aid and Steady Mood products, and we knew we had to get some Girlboss’ staffers opinions. 

Here, their reviews! 

Vita, brand partnerships manager

Symptoms: Painful cramps, sugar cravings and irritability
Products Tried: De Lune Cramp Aid and Steady Mood

“The week prior to my period, I usually crave carbs and sugar (best if I can consume them at the same time), as well as deal with restless legs. On my first two days, I get painful cramps with some cycles being worse than others. The cramps can be so debilitating that it makes it hard to do anything.

I try my best to just get through it with hot showers and heating pads and try to avoid using painkillers. Though honestly, on most cycles, I do end up using painkillers because I need to get through the day.

The relief from Cramp Aid has been so helpful. I thought I'd need to take it a couple more times, but I did notice the relief about 30 minutes after taking two and that was all I needed for that period cycle.

I am grateful to have discovered De Lune's Cramp Aid because I no longer have to fight that battle of whether or not to take painkillers. I especially don't have to make that decision during a time when I feel the most stressed and uncomfortable, which is amazing.

I've also noticed patterns in my moods across the month. There are times during the month where I feel more down, and other periods where I'm more irritated. With Steady Mood, I just felt, well, steady (hah!) overall, with less up-and-downs. That’s enabled me to show up to my life more consistently.”

De Lune Cramp Aid and Steady Mood

Jules, senior designer 

Symptoms: Painful cramps, loss of appetite and mood swings
Products Tried: De Lune Cramp Aid and Steady Mood

“My PMS/menstrual symptoms are typically mood swings and cravings a week out, with painful cramps the first one to two days. Painful to the point I can't get up and walk my dog, and lose my appetite.

I’ve used Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, as well as natural remedies like Arnica Montana—but when it's TOO intense I've leaned on Midol. I had access to Cramp Aid on the first day of my cycle, and it helped within the day to soothe my pain.

My period also definitely has an effect on my mood. Sometimes it can be a mix of work stress and cycle moods—I've been taking Steady Mood regularly and have noticed I haven't been feeling anything too intense. At the same time, I have been making more of an effort to stop and take care of myself and step away when I'm feeling extremely stressed out or overwhelmed.

I'm all about natural and alternatives to painkillers, I'm fortunate to have a sister and other family members who studied naturopathic medicine and have introduced other ways to manage my cycle. There should be more awareness about alternatives out there, so I'm glad there is a new product in my toolkit!”

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