Digital Nomad Diaries: The PR Pro Who's Always Topping Up Her Phone Plan

Digital Nomad Diaries: The PR Pro Who's Always Topping Up Her Phone Plan

What really happens when wanderlust meets work? Welcome to Digital Nomad Diaries, where we ask women to get real about the joys and challenges of remote work. Because even though this lifestyle is definitely a privilege, that doesn't mean it's not without its challenges and trade-offs.  

Name: Francesca Morfini
Industry: Marketing & PR 
Countries/Cities You've Worked From: Italy, Greece, Jordan, Sarasota, FL, Mexico City, Morocco, Austria and Vancouver, Canada.

Francesca Morfini

When did you first start working remotely? Did the pandemic make this possible for you or were you way ahead of the game? 

I’ve been gradually going more and more remote since I became self-employed, but it wasn’t until 2021 that I went fully remote. My whole family is based between Greece and Italy, so it was important to figure out how to spend a few months of the year with them.

By working with brands as an external partner or consultant rather than an employee, I have more say in things like location. That said, pre-pandemic, I was worried that by not being in the same city, I would miss out on projects which, at the time, relied heavily on offline meetings and events. So I never spent more than four or five weeks away.

The pandemic definitely made working remotely easier. Everyone is more set up for it and generally, a lot of marketing and PR is happening online. It’s just a different mindset, from both companies and the people you’re trying to target (customers, media, influencers, etc.).

What were the practical considerations of remote work? (Did you sublet your place, have to find a pet-sitter, make any arrangements with your workplace?)

My first longer remote trip was in the spring of 2021, when I spent two months in Vancouver. It came together within 10 days of my flight out, so it was too short notice to find a subletter. I had just joined a fully remote company, where my CEO happened to be based in Vancouver. I was already planning on going for a shoot that month, so it ended up working out perfectly. Thankfully, I also had a really chill roommate who helped with incoming mail and other adult stuff at the condo back home.

Ahead of a trip, I made a list of all the stuff that needed to get done and planned out mini deadlines for each piece. That way it didn’t feel like one big project, but rather daily, smaller tasks that amounted to a larger goal.