Do These 5 Things To Make ALL The Networking Matches On Bumble Bizz

Do These 5 Things To Make ALL The Networking Matches On Bumble Bizz

The networking platform brings all the ease and comfort of the Bumble app to a networking setting.

At the recent Girlboss Rally in NYC, more than 600 women and 30 industry luminaries came together for an electric day of talks with supermodel Ashley Graham, Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth, Bumble CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe-Herd, and Manrepeller founder Leandra Medine, among others. Attendees were treated to a day of workshops and immersive, thought-provoking conversations about what it means to find our own definitions of “success” when it comes to our careers, relationships, money and personal wellness.

But all that candid-real talk wasn’t the only thing creating some major buzz that day; event-goers were surrounded by likeminded hustlers and go-getters, and with the newly launched Bumble Bizz as the official networking app of the Rally, women were making valuable connections with their fellow Rally attendees with a simple swipe on their smartphones.

Bumble Bizz works exactly like Bumble; all it takes is a simple opt-in within the same app. After that, you just swipe when you’re interested in making a professional connection.  you make a match, you have 24 hours to start a networking conversation. The person with whom you matched also has 24 hours to respond. And just like Bumble for dating, women still make the first move.

Whether you were able to give it a run at the Rally or not, Bumble Bizz is the tool for taking the stiffness — and hey, let’s be honest, the occasional creepiness — out of networking.

Below, catch some hot tips on how to ensure your Bumble Bizz profile is perfectly setup to make all the matches and connect you with mentors, peers, and co-conspirators that will be game-changers for your career.

Make sure you’ve got a photo that fits the bill. Rally attendees had access to the Boss Shots headshot studio, where a pro photog captured them at their bossiest. And while you certainly don’t need professional headshots, this is a scenario where you’ll want to use more polished photos of yourself (i.e. save the shot of you doing a chambong for your dating profile).

Cover your career highlights in a way that’s snappy and engaging. This isn’t necessarily the platform for in-depth explanations of how you killed it on the sales floor; boil your biggest accomplishments down to their essence and showcase them in a way that’s going to pique curiosity.

Create a mini portfolio. If you’re a creative, use this opportunity to showcase some of your best, most eye-catching work—i.e., if you’re a designer, upload some of you favorite logos or website designs that you’ve done; if you’re a writer, screenshot some of your favorite bylines.

Show off your work style. Include a picture of your workspace to convey a sense of how you can be at your most productive. Remember that this is all still ultimately an expression of you as a person, so don’t be afraid to show some personality!

Paint the full picture. As with the above, not many people are interested in connecting with an automaton. Fill in some of your profile with details on what your interests and passions are outside of work (and obviously, if you’re the proud owner of the world’s cutest dog, that won’t hurt either).

Got all that? Download the Bumble app and activate Bumble Bizz here, and start making those game-changing connections.