Dogs Are The New Beauty Influencers And They Make More Money Than You
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Dogs Are The New Beauty Influencers And They Make More Money Than You

History has shown that no person is immune to an adorable pupper doing something random online. In the eyes of beauty brands however, doggos with robust followings are less about heart-warming moments than revenue-raising product placement.

And judging by the increased popularity of the posts, it’s a strategy that’s raising serious bank for these four-legged fur babies (and their owners.)

According to Business Insider, beauty brands as diverse as Urban Decay, The Body Shop, Too Face, Nyx and Smashbox have put their product where the pooches are—partnering with pets instead of humans to be their brand ambassadors. With arguably adorable results.

Loni Edwards, head of NYC-based pet talent management group The Dog Agency, writes “We handpick and cultivate the best talent to create premium content that appeals to fans and brands alike, as well as strategically connect the dots and streamline the collaboration process between our celebrity animal clients, brands, and media.” And as the owner of Chloe the Mini French, Edwards has first hand experience in the art of dog-pimping.

So how much cash can a pupper (and their ambitious owner) actually make through shout outs and product placement? A lot, according to MarketWatch. A doggie with between 150,000 to 250,000 Instagram followers can make $3,000 per post, while a dog who has over one million followers can make $10,000. For a single photo.

Considering a 2016 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics put the median weekly salary of women between 25 to 34 at $690 per week, that’s quite a spicy figure.

So not only are these dogs legit beauty influencers now, they’re also loaded. What a time to be alive. No shade, but are these animals happy?

They’re obviously being taken care of very well, but if I was a doggo, I’d probably be just as happy rolling in some dirt and sniffing butts. Each to their own.