Here’s Your New Moon Mantra For Each Zodiac Sign

Here’s Your New Moon Mantra For Each Zodiac Sign

New moons may be invisible to the naked eye, but in astrology, they’re significant AF.

Think of a new moon as your opportunity to reboot, spiritually. Hitting refresh on your desires and making plans to manifest your dreams are what moon-devotees consider the new moon to be all about—harnessing its powerful emotional energy to reflect on old personal goals (and create some new ones.)

Here’s how you can do the same this weekend, while the moon is new, care of The Numinous.

Sparkle, shine, and buff those moon booties to a high gloss. This Sunday’s new moon in Leo (2:45 a.m. PST) asks us to transform the boardroom into a disco, step fully into the innocent belief that all we have to do is show up as our truest selves, and trust so deeply in our own heat that there’s nothing more to prove. It’s a moon for warming ourselves by our own fire, and letting whatever ignites our hearts inform our expressive actions in the world. What a lovely way to burn!

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: My eternal flame burns brightest when I simply let it all be.

At work: Take a step away from the battlefield this month, little lamb, and rest on your sweet laurels. Let someone else take the lead on a project. Hold your tongue in a meeting—not as an act of repression, but as a way to celebrate the sense that it doesn’t have to all be up to you. There will be plenty of time to muscle your way through; for now, let your heroism take a hiatus. Get perfectly tiny and delight in the sweet sensations of letting the world have a say in things.

Out of office: Experiment with dialing back the full saturation just a little bit and delighting in what happens when you open your palms to things as they are. Freshen it up and lighten your backpack. Think coral polish instead of fire-engine red, kitten heels instead of stilettos, subtly spiced Indian food that’s earthily fortifying, and solo date nights wrapped in fluffy blankets, binging on Wonder Woman-style action flicks.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: All of my treasures are buried deep inside, and I trust into the resources I already have on hand.

At work: It’s a moon for working your mojo with what you’ve already got, earth girl. Look around you at all the ripe blooms you’ve cultivated and start making perfume from those luscious flowers. Start exactly where you stand. Dig your hands into the pots of gold that are resting right at your fingertips. Let the liquid diamond goodness flow from there.

Out of office: Dive into your closet and refashion a new look from existing pieces. Cook up a feast with what’s in the fridge. Build a home altar of prized objects you’ve loved for long time. Bow down at the altar of your own body and honor what it can do. Step into the center of your history like a Hollywood starlet—gather your old love letters and stories around you and use these to fluff yourself up. Make it sumptuous. Venerate your own legacy.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: When I take a pause from receiving multiple messages, I can hear my own sweet song.

At work: Shut off the technology and shut down the newsfeeds this week. Resist the urge to endlessly scroll through what’s happening in the world “out there.” Trust that you can fashion a distinctive approach to your work in the world when you get curious about mining the inner contents. Notice the moments when you stifle your voice and when its sweet sound wants to slip out through the cracks. Let it burst into being.

Out of office: Soothe your nervous system with deliciously creamy desserts. Soften your palette and embrace cool, shifting pastels. Lie on the floor and let music wash over you until you find your theme song—your personal narrative. And then, write it down. Karaoke it. Shout it out into the streets.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: I believe in my own birthing process, and can start sharing my loony inner vision with the world.

At work: It’s a solid gold week for you, magic mermaid, and high time to get real about what you’re bringing to the table. Celebrate your unshakeable valuable. Raise the bets on yourself. Feel into the succulently stabilizing sensations of really believing that you’re worth it. Let your security spring from the inside out.

Out of office: Embrace the seemingly superficial this week and let your pleasure center become your power center. Ditch any dietary regimes. Want what feels good to want. Get a little bit luxe with it. Crystal cut decanters. Bunches of grapes. Surround yourself with the feast and trust that the courses will be endless.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: I generously share my red-hot aliveness, and don’t need to worry about how it’s received.

At work: While you sometimes feel like you need a hook for your glow, this moon’s all about generously giving of your own heat to light the world’s fire without a second thought about reception or adoration. Trust so deeply into your creative power that you can give it away without losing a thing. Share what brings your heart alive with the whole wide world. Practice not penning your name to a project. Get behind the scenes. 

Out of office: Make simple acts feel like gifts. Host a yard sale and share some of your prized objects with the world. Engage in performative acts with no end game. Rollerskate. Dance it out. Write love letters to everyone you value and stuff the envelopes with glitter. Whatever you do, don’t be stingy. We need your sparkles. Let them spill into the world. Leave a trail of confetti.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: Now is the moment to step out from behind the velvet curtains and trust in claiming my right to the credit.

At work: Enough with the behind-the-scenes laboring, self-contained Virgo queen! This moon is your moment to announce your name, to claim your credit, and to step fully into your expertise without having to tweak or refine anything at all. Even if it just starts with one teeny email or statement in a meeting when you feel yourself holding back. Confront the past pain of “not good enough.” Look it straight in the eye. Invite it to a dinner party. Fill it up with all sorts of deliciousness and then tell it the party’s over and it’s high time to leave.

Out of office: Dissolve the hard edges and soften your lighting. Imagine the life you don’t think you can have but desperately want. Moodboard it. Plaster your walls with expansive images. Get corny with it. Scatter rose petals on your way to bed. Light vanilla scented candles and crank up the Enya. Fête yourself fully.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: My wildest ideals can bring heaven to earth.

At work: Get freaky with it, Libran queen. Go all the way “out there” and then out beyond. It’s a week for radical entrepreneurialism and grand sweeping visions. The more eccentric your approach, the more likely you are to assemble your true tribe. Blow the status quo out of the water. Dissolve the boundaries. Delight in the biggest picture possible and then journey out past the mapped territories.

Out of office: Spritz on deliriously unfamiliar scents. Completely renovate your look. Up your futuristic game with metallics. Let your body get a little bit wild. Dance to some live drumming. Travel to a brand new neighborhood and snack on some street food. Add some spice to your sugar. Some cardamom to your milk. And then lap it on up.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: When I sink my teeth fully into my own intensity, my powers feel juicy and delicious.

At work: Work it this week, Mother of Dragons. Step fully into the eye of the storm in boots that were made for walking. Notice that invigorating electrical energy that seizes your body before you make a professional leap and then step into the center of that potential. Go full-throttle. Claim your right to take up as much space as possible. Inhabit the room fully.

Out of office: Big it up, Scorpio. Think Dallas-sized hair. Fashion yourself after Dolly or Cher or Beyoncé. Bring on the gold bangles. Paint your lips cherry red. Take style cues from the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Envision yourself as larger than life. Laugh louder. Declare more.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: Being willing to change course bolsters my faith in future unfolding.

At work: Unsaddle your ride, wild pony, and rest into the “this-ness” of what’s unfolding in front of you for a moment. Pay attention to feedback. Look around you and gather the facts about a project. Get prismatic with your perspective. Crack yourself open to the all the possible pathways without having to choose. Celebrate an unwritten ending.

Out of office: Hole up with some documentaries and choose-your-own adventures. Google Map places you’ve never even heard of. Expose yourself to new languages without using subtitles. Just delight in not having to understand.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: Letting things come undone returns me to powerful innocence.

At work: Become intrigued by the down and dirty places this week, mountain goat—the soft spots where you’re desperately trying to seize control and where the attempted maintenance feels more frightening than the undoing. Once you’ve dug in deep, let yourself tunnel down to the other side of the world, playground style. When we play without agenda or strategy, we’re developing a radical trust in life. There are no defenses. There’s nothing blocking our bare skin from the sun-scorched solar power of a new day. Turn over rocks Capricorn. Become fascinated by what you find. Swing up all the way over the bar.

Out of office: Get loose with equal parts primitivism and playfulness. Let your locks hang wildly. Celebrate your bare skin with low necklines and glowy highlighters. Do the tango. Chase down an ice cream truck. Make it feel both badass and wide-eyed at the same time.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: When I infuse mental gymnastics with heart knowledge, I uncover brand new ways of being.

At work: You’re the queen of the panned out perspective, audacious astronaut. But this week, how could you let what’s in your heart steer the rocket ship? Drop down into a passion project that ignites actual heat in your body. Notice when you respond from a cooler mind and where you get fired up and go there. Practice getting personal and starting professional statements with “I feel.”

Out of office: Let the edges of things feel irrationally alive. Infuse your usual clear-headed minimalism with some maximum glamour. Wear a ring on every finger. Sample Valentine’s shades and make absolutely no apologies for it. Notice where something you love feels slightly embarrassing and then wear that, honor that, taste that with no shame in your game.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: Stepping out into my specialness doesn’t need to feel like exile.

At work: The urge to merge is a powerful one for you, mystical fishie. Yet this moon presents you with the challenge of sometimes standing alone and apart, and letting this process power you up for a kind of merging that doesn’t have to feel like losing yourself completely. Take the lead on a project. Physically stand up to speak in a meeting. Sign your name to documents with flair. Introduce yourself to a new team member. Strike out solo with a side hustle.

Out of office: Engage boundaries playfully. Set up little areas of your apartment for different functions. Create a capsule wardrobe of key pieces. Strip things down. Develop a signature scent or silhouette. Construct a personal soundtrack and then crank it as you strut down the streets. Imagine yourself as the lead actor in your own personal drama and let those opening credits roll.

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Words: The Numinous