What The Autumn Equinox Means For You And Your Finances, Based On Your Horoscope

What The Autumn Equinox Means For You And Your Finances, Based On Your Horoscope

The autumnal equinox marks the start of a new season. With the solar shift into Libra (on September 23), we can all expect major changes to commence in our lives—in particular, our relationship with money will transform over the next several months. Knowing who and what to invest in is important, especially since we have Venus on our side, to start to balancing out money problems and creating new ways to manifest prosperity.

Read on to find out how your attitude towards money will shift this fall and where you need to save, invest, and spend.


Embrace your best asset this season—that being your personality. You can charm anyone you want into investing in your company, ideas, or brand. You can create capital for your business if you gracefully and beautifully present your project to potential investors, both big and small. Your intellect and good judgment will allow others to feel 100% secure betting on you. Now is a good time to prepare your elevator pitch, you never know when you might need it!


In order to make money, sometimes you have to spend it. This motto applies to you right now, as a major professional opportunity is coming your way. Carefully sus out the investment before diving in headfirst because you may have some amendments to the project. It’s better to know what you’re getting yourself into.


Your gambling nature allows you to take financial risks. But, now’s not the time to be speculative with your finances. Your recent monetary slump won’t allow it. Don’t play the slots this season with your paycheck. Take half of your paycheck and deposit it in a savings account that yields a high interest rate. Being free-spirited doesn’t mean you should risk being financially unstable.


You’re due for a raise this season. Luckily for you, your practical nature won’t allow any frivolous spending. But, the best way to hold on to your financial vitality is to invest the money back into your work. Revise and update your website. Investing in yourself will only add to your bank account, not diminish it.


Taking an online seminar or even watching YouTube tutorials about saving and investing will give you the motivation to commit to getting your finances in order for a dream trip you have in mind. Learn some new life hacks to save up for that much-needed vacation—but don’t neglect paying off debt or contributing to your emergency fund along the way.


Consulting a financial advisor will prove beneficial during the fall equinox, whether that means hiring a professional or asking someone in your family who is a numbers whiz. Be sure to take notes and ask a ton of questions! They’ll give you fresh tips on how to invest your finances and manifest money for years to come. Use their knowledge and insights to help guide you toward financial freedom this season (which is your ultimate dream).


Fortunately for you, the autumnal equinox will make you have an a-ha moment about your spending habits. You’ll find yourself pausing before impulsively buying items and dropping more money into your savings account than usual, which will help you get that much closer to your financial goals! It’s not just about being able to afford nicer things in the long run, it’s about preparing for the kind of life you see yourself living. What would that look like to have no financial constraints?


Buy a yoga membership or book a solo weekend trip during the autumn equinox to help center yourself. Not only will this help you feel re-centered, but it will also give you more confidence at work to ask for a raise or some much-needed extra help. Acknowledge your stress, make a plan to ease it, and come out the other side feeling brand new.


Throwing parties and bringing groups together is kind of your specialty. Use your finely-tuned Mercurial skills to invite all your pals to the bash of the season (a pre-party to Halloween, maybe?) and flex your Type-A-meets-social-butterfly status. Who knows? This could lead to a career change that focuses on your best attributes, like a professional party planner.


Lately, you’re really invested in making your home feel like, well, home. While it definitely feels good to end a hard day in your dreamy sanctuary, decorating doesn’t come without a hefty price tag. But you can do simple things to spruce up and increase the value of your home, that won’t totally blow your budget. Getting thrifty isn’t usually your thing, but it’s time to try something new!


Don’t just talk about your visions—put them into reality. Let your dreams become big and beautiful and tangible. It’s time you took some of your savings and begin working on the creative project you’ve been discussing for months. The autumnal equinox is the perfect time to take action around harvesting your lofty goals in the material world. There’s no time like the present.


It’s the time of the season for you to start fresh. This means taking stock of your financial portfolio and creating new spreadsheets for your budget. Use your analytical skills to find companies and projects that are worth your time. Keep in mind that you need to look at the bigger picture to gain insight and incentive.