Do Your Friends Make More Money Than You? Here’s How To Deal
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Do Your Friends Make More Money Than You? Here’s How To Deal

In a perfect world, our social relationships aren’t impacted by how much money one person does (or doesn’t make). Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. So, how do you deal when ~life~ happens and you and your friends are in different income brackets? Perhaps you’re just starting out in your career and earning little pay. Or you are making some bank at a well-paying gig but you’re still crushed with student loans. How do you champion your love of 40s from the bodega without seeming like that one “perpetually broke friend”?

Here’s our advice on how to deal when friends make more money than you.
When exchanging gifts with your flush friends…

If your friends make more cash than you, they might not blink an eye at spending $150 on a bracelet for you—or $200 on a pair of sunglasses you’ve been eyeing. You, meanwhile, might realize you only have a $25 budget to work with. When you go to exchange goodies, you might feel embarrassed or ashamed at how your gift stacks up to theirs.

Here’s how to avoid the situation:
When making dinner plans with a group…

There’s nothing better than good food + good company. But, when it comes to eating out with friends, an otherwise simple, bare-bones meal can easily take a giant bite out of your budget. If you factor in drinks, suddenly your $12 lunch+drink+tax+tip can creep into $25 or more. And don’t even get me started about splitting the tab during birthday situations when you only ordered a side salad…

Here’s how to avoid the situation:
When buying rounds on a night out…

Cocktails and drinks during a night out can easily eat up your paycheck. When you’re in a group it’s tempting to order everyone a round to keep the party going.

How to avoid the situation:
When your friends want to take a vacation…

Managing your budget on a day-to-day with friends who make more money than you often comes down to assessing how you can deal with the here and now. But, what about those situations where your friends want to splurge on a rad getaway vacation? Sure, they might be able to book a $400 airfare and hotel, plus money for food, and zip-lining or whatever. You? Not so much. The key to preventing this situation is in being as honest as you can with your friends while using time to your advantage. You might not be able to book something pricey on the fly, but with some planning, you can likely meet your friends halfway.

Here’s how to avoid the situation: