10 Powerful Life Lessons From Female Entrepreneurs And Hustlers

10 Powerful Life Lessons From Female Entrepreneurs And Hustlers

Remember when Sheryl Crow was like, “Every day is a winding roooaad?” So true. You can’t really be reminded enough that everyone’s path to “success” looks different.

By way of reminder of how unique everyone’s journey looks, as well as what it really takes to “keep at it” every day, we pulled together 10 inspiring quotes from speakers at the GirlbossRally back in March, ahead of the next GirlbossRally taking place this fall.

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“If you really want something, go ahead—put all your eggs in one basket. But make sure those eggs are golden.”

YouTube superstar Lilly Singh expounded on her choice to pursue her dream of performing and to go “all in,” despite pressure from her parents to pursue a safer path.

“I hate asking for permission. Nothing makes me more mad than someone telling me ‘no.’”

In a discussion about creativity, illustrator and entrepreneur Tuesday Bassen discussed what it means to trust your instincts and taking inspiration from skeptics.

“The multiplicity of women has to happen. It cannot be just one version of us.”

In a panel discussion about creativity, Amel Monsur, executive creative director at VICE Media, discussed the importance of diversity and placing women with different perspectives in positions of leadership.

“The sooner we love ourselves for our differences, the better off we’ll be.”

Equinox campaign model Samantha Paige joined creative director Elizabeth Nolan in an emotional discussion about body image after undergoing a preemptive double mastectomy.

Paige had already been diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the time she discovered she had a gene mutation that put her at high risk for breast cancer.

“I got really tired of pretending I knew who I was, instead of figuring out who I really was.”

Comedian Whitney Cummings brought her signature real talk when it came to discussing coping with the pressures of your professional and personal life.

“If you’re building something that’s never been built before, no one knows the answer.”

Glossier founder and CEO, Emily Weiss discussed the process of disrupting and reinventing the cosmetic industry and the process she went through in establishing her coveted brand.

“Don’t be intimated by things you don’t know.”

Kelly Sawdon, executive vice president of the Ace Hotel Group, encouraged the audience to embrace their sense of curiosity and stay hungry for knowledge.

“Women need to reach for it and be unapologetically ambitious.”

Moj Madhara, CEO and co-founder of BeautyCon, waxed passionately about women speaking up and claiming the conversations that are theirs, now more than ever.

“You can lose everything, but one thing you cannot afford to lose is your fearless mindset.”

Entrepreneur and author Arian Simone relayed the story of how she went from living out of her car for a year to founding a successful PR and marketing firm in Los Angeles.

“Follow your intuition. Don’t feel guilty for doing what you want.”

Writer and Twitter queen Kelly Oxford relayed the urgency of allowing yourself to pursue your dreams relentlessly and without shame, in a discussion about what it means to express yourself in the era of viral social media posts.

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