What Does “Feminine Leadership” Look Like?
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What Does “Feminine Leadership” Look Like?

A new paradigm for women is being born and each of us are a part of it. Women are rising into new places of power, recognition, and leadership. After hundreds of years of patriarchy on Planet Earth, the shift is truly speeding up toward a sense of balance.

Can you imagine boardrooms, invention think tanks, and cancer research facilities full of women, infusing femininity into spaces that have been traditionally masculine for many, many years? (Note that we’re talking about archetypal “feminine” and “masculine” energies, rather than associated genders, as all humans can benefit from a resurgence of this particular energy. When we look to this archetypal “feminine” vibe, we are talking about qualities such as intuitive decision-making, compassion, empathy, nurturing, and a fierce, protective heart.)

What would this look like? Would women simply replace the men, wearing the same power suits, holding coffee, pointing to PP presentations? Or would we do it our own way?

When I think about how women can embody power and strength, I think of Renaissance paintings. They show women in positions that are soft, welcoming, and free. Though it is through a male gaze, all the paintings at the time depict a similar woman. Relaxed and round. Surrounded by assistants and servants and lovers.

Aphrodite calls in what she wants from her clamshell instead of adopting an intimidating stance over her followers. Okay, sure she is nude, and I am not saying go into the workplace nakie—but I see a graceful Goddess in repose, instead of with a hunter’s spirit or a predator’s vibe of “I am gonna KILL it today!” (So old paradigm!)

Another living woman who calls in millions of people from a tiny cushion is the hugging saint Amma. She is an example of embodied magnetism. She doesn’t advertise, she doesn’t stand and give talks, she simply emanates. Radiates. Magnetizes. Love, wisdom, fire. And people go crazy for it.

Can the vibe of the new feminine magnetize instead of dominate? Attract instead of seek? Receive instead of take? This can feel challenging at times, as our whole society is based on going after what you want. We are taught to stand tall and be concise and direct if we want to achieve and succeed.

So how the heck do we go from a “just do it” and “let’s kill it!” mentality (#patriarchy) to a “call it in and attract it” vibe?

For one thing, the woman that magnetizes what she wants has a soft and open belly. Our guts, where our “gut feelings” live, have been offline for too long as we have been tucking in our tummies. When we suck it all in, we get tense and we stop feeling. When we stop feeling, we can’t send out the signals we need to attract what we want. We get into our heads, where the stories of “Am I good enough? Did I do it right?” live. We lose track of the inner guidance system we were born with.

When we drop into our deep bellies with breath, it’s as if we oxygenize our lower halves and our pelvises come alive. From that place, we radiate. We don’t have to move super fast. We don’t have to talk in loud booming voices. It’s a daily practice and an unlearning.

Here are a few simple ways to move from a “just do it” to a “call it in” vibe in your life:

Soften your belly

Spend a day with your belly soft and breathe into it often. See if you feel more. If you have more intuition. If you feel more connected to the world, i.e. the colors seem brighter, food tastes better, you laugh more. Just try it and see.

Get real about shame

One thing we all have to do in current times is get really real about the shame and guilt we are harboring from our families, old religions, society, etc. You can do this in talk therapy, through writing, shamanic ceremony, storytelling, or any healing modality that fits your life. If you are living today, then you have some ancestral shit to clear when it comes to shame and guilt. It starts with awareness and then unravels from there.

Master the art of breathing

One of the most magical ways you can call in what you want is through breath. It seems all too simple, but embodying your feminine essence starts there. When you become tense, you just don’t shine as bright. Practice big sighs between activities to shift your vibe. To let things go a little bit, practice breathing into your hips.

Start a dialogue with your nether regions

In traditional meditation, we focus on the mind, quieting it, learning awareness, and becoming the witness. This is so great. What if you took five minutes after you meditate to listen and breathe into your nether regions? Do it for 10 days and see if things change, you have more ideas, you feel more embodied, or you are a bit more relaxed in the world.

Create a Pinterest board with pictures of your faves

Think: Goddesses, queens, and female leaders. This will provide you with a visual reminder when you feel stuck in “Just do it” mode and you wanna remember what it feels and looks like to have that embodied feminine vibe.

Consider your wardrobe and language

Are you supporting yourself into becoming a radiant magnetic Goddess with the way you dress? The songs you sing?

If we live this new way (or ancient way!) of embodying radiance, magnetism, and femininity, we have the power to make big waves on the planet. In “just do it” mode, we often don’t consider others, our environment, or take care with our decisions. We don’t have time for that anymore. Instead, we can move from grace, from empathy, from compassion, and from a deep inner listening. We can create a new paradigm from there.

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