What Your OOO Emails Say About Your Zodiac Sign

What Your OOO Emails Say About Your Zodiac Sign

The last days of Summer are upon us. That means going on vacation through Labor Day. But as we take a furlough from our daily routines, slipping into our Summer getaway mode, we should probably be careful to set our “out of office” work emails up correctly—alerting colleagues and associates of our absence.

But did you know that even the most basic and overused OOO messages are a window into the zodiac? We like to think so anyway (because it’s fun, hello!) That said, here’s a cheeky guide to what your OOO says about you—your sun sign’s most stereotypical (but no less true, we dare say) attributes.


Impulsivity defines the sparky communication style of Aries. Honest to a fault, the ram notoriously defends itself and has no filter while communicating, making the following OOO response quite fitting.

“I am currently away on holiday. HMU @youreinterruptingmyvacation on ALL social media.”


Being earthy, industrious, and driven by nature, allows minimal down time for dear Taurus. When Tauruses finally take time off from work, to enjoy themselves, expect the bull to luxuriate on the beach, taking their time to respond to work emails, as they enjoy the high life—using their Venusian pursuits to reflect their OOO message.

“I am too busy enjoying my fifth margarita and gourmet lunch on the beautiful sunny beach, to be bothered to respond to your email right now. I will be back to my usual routine of drinking day old coffee and eating stale pastries at the office next week, which is when I will get back to you.”


Ruled by Mercury, Gemini’s are masters of words. Using a humorous poetic approach to craft an OOO message will serve as a creative, spunky, and inspiring way to liven up any inbox.

“I hate to say it, but it’s seemingly trueI went away on vacation, but don’t feel blue!Please contact my colleague who will have lots to say,And, I hope you have a v. v. v. lovely day!”


While Cancers are very agile workers, they communicate with others through emotions, rather than words. The crab is primarily a nonverbal communicator, expressing themselves with sentiments deep from underneath their hard, protective shell, which makes the following away message perfect for their emotional needs.

“You are receiving this email because I am out of the office. Chances are, if I was at the office, you wouldn’t have received anything at all.”


Leos are known to soak up attention and love to be front and center on social media. Those who awaken the Queen of the jungle from her time off, are in for a treat, as the unruly lion loves the insta-fame of social media, making that the focal part of their OOO message.

“I do not have access to my work email, as I am currently on vacation. However, if it’s an emergency, please follow me on social media for immediate updates, photos, and videos of my awesome trip. Feel free to comment and hashtag my name for more views. Like for like. Thanks!”


Virgos may take the simplest approach to the OOO message, using their direct analytical skills to let the recipient know they are not leaving their hard efforts to chance with colleagues.

“You might want to wait until I’m back in office because I’m the only person who will be able to get the details you’re asking about correct.”


Ruled by Venus, Goddess of love and money, Libras love to both impress others, as well as enjoying the finer things in life. Their OOO message indulges their desire for airy amusements, fairness, desire, and decadence.

“I am currently out of the office. I will return to the office ONLY if I don’t win the lottery.”


Scorpio is one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac, often pushing the envelope in how they communicate with others. Using their seductive charm, Scorpios mix business and pleasure, in a humorous and risky way.

“Away on vacation until the end of the week. I will have limited internet and availability to respond. Please read the next sentence carefully for directions on how to get in touch with me quickly.
Please send nood photos to me via my DM inbox on Instagram or Twitter to alert me of your email. This is very important. Do you accept the challenge? ***Nood photos are photos of noodles.”


The archer has a blunt communication style, due to their fast moving energy, resulting in them often putting their foot in their mouth. Their away message should reflect their honest nature, which sometimes causes communication blunders for fiery Sag.

“I will be away for the next week. I will have total and complete access to WiFi, my work email, computer, and phone—but I assure you, I only be using my electronics and the internet to post selfies on Instagram and gossip with colleagues.”


Capricorns are notorious for their dedication and hard work. They also value their downtime, like no other. The no nonsense sea goat is known for their concise, no frills, straight to the point sarcastic communication, which makes them the perfect candidate for the “sorry, not sorry” approach.

“Sorry if this automated away message gave you false hope I am responding IRL in a timely manner. I shall respond with more enthusiasm when I return to the office.”


The cupbearer tends to have a scientific approach to live, using calculated reasoning to express themselves, while supplementing conservatism with progressive thinking. That said, Aquarius’s OOO message should reflect their personal mindset, opting to use a precise and methodical outlook.

“I am currently away on vacation, which may delay my response to you, due to the curvature of the Earth and everything. I will respond when the sun’s rotation permits, allowing us to be in the same time zone. Cheers!”


Known to see the world from their unique lens, Pisces communicate through their emotions and artistic sensibilities. What better way for creative Pisces to message others, than with emojis! Take a 👀 at the perfect OOO away message for the dreamy sea dweller.

“💻🚫📵✈️🗺 👙👓🏖🤡🍹‼️🕰⏳🆘🚨🌬🏓⚖️💡👂🤙🙏”

Translation: “I do not currently have access to my email or iPhone, as I am on vacation having fun! If this is a timely matter or emergency, please contact my colleague, who can assist you ASAP. Catch you on the flip side, dude. Thank you!”